Rare stuff you own

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I think in video game terms, The Second Runner is quite rare. I have a copy of that. That's about it though.

Man am I jealous. That goes for about $200 on e-bay, otherwise I'd have a copy too.

Edit: wait, holy shit, the HD remake pulled the bottom out of the market! I can finally afford a copy, almost 10 years later! Bummer for you, but I'm so happy for me XD


Wait what?
I picked up that game for 20 bucks in a local electronics store. Not even half a year ago. Maybe Germans are weird

OT: Also I have old money from all over the word, and my favourite, although not valuable at all, is a a German Banknote from the great depression with an incredible amount of zeros on it.

also I have a limited copy of Empire Earth, including strategy guide and a historybook-thing

Also a Nokia Communicator 9210 and a 9210i, although I have no idea if they are actually worth anything (the 9210 is broken though, the other one is in a very good condition)

Well, yeah, that's what it was worth on e-bay at one point. Thing is, e-bay /always/ has inflated prices, although usually game stores follow them with games that old. ZoE 2 was one that I'm pretty sure never went over $20 used at Gamestop, but it was next to impossible to find. You pretty much had to ask the clerk which stores had a copy and then make a road trip half way across the state if you wanted to buy one from them.

I have the cutest dog and because he is a mix, you cant reproduce him.
He is my most treasured possession.

Does Banjo-Kazooie count as a "Rare" game?

I have a 1rst edition copy of hitch hikers guide to the galaxy...

How ever it's now pretty destroyed -_- i left it on my coffee table with the window open while i was at work and it pissed down with rain the book is pretty tattered now and most likely worthless.

Oh i guess i have the original PS1 Copy of Grandia mint condition i love that game guess thats kind of rare? oh and i got Chrono Trigger and the box etc etc

A signed copy of Henry Ford's History of Motoring.

I suppose I have a few things that would be considered rare...

- I have quite a few valuable comics including Invincible Iron Man #1 (Not Tales of Suspense, but still cool)
- I have a few old games that are probably worth something including Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. I have a golden cartridge Legend of Zelda for NES also.
- I have a pretty rare MTG card: foil Timeshift Akroma, Angel of Wrath

I'm sure there are things I am forgetting...

I have a handful of Magic cards that are worth upwards of $30 each, plus a few comics that are probably worth $50+ each these days.

Used to have a coin collection with several items worth $30+ each, old American dollar coins, Mercury dimes, buffalo nickels, stuff like that. I haven't seen it in years. I think I lost it in a move, or something.

Something I'd really like to own but don't is a genuine dinosaur egg. I saw them for sale in a museum store once but they were $700 each. Couldn't swing that at the time. Still can't, for what's basically a rock.

I have the first additions of the runebound and runebound midnight board games. The midnight expansion is the rarest of the two as its been out of production for a few years now.

I have a Nagant 1895 Revolver, officer variant made in 1941 in the Tula manufactury after it was moved behind the Ural mountains. Not extraordinarily rare, but Tula made Nagants are a bit hard to find.

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

Oh yeah me too :D

OT: Limited edition Baldur's gate :D

I have a stack of 5 of the discontinued $2 bills. I also have a discontinued Burberry trench-coat that I found at an estate sale for $100. The original going price for it was just under $3,000. Other than that, I have a poster of Joe Satriani autographed by him, and a Primus poster autographed by the band. I also have a few rare Magic: The Gathering cards.

Linkin Park LP by Hybrid Theory. Yes, that's the right way round and that's the point.

Brotherhood of Steel statue that came with my copy of Fallout 3.

I own a piece of skylab, as my grand-uncle helped to design it.

I have around 300 pogs still. In a sealed plastic case. With around 30 slammers. Not sure why i saved em

Also have a hand-folded Ninjato. It cost quite a bit and is worth about double what i paid.

Also have a licensed signed United Cutlery Blade Sword and glaive, both autographed.

And a numbered Twinkle Sword. Its never been out of the sheath or case.

I have pretty much all of those Star Wars action figures they used to sell from my dad who bought them for me. It's a shame that despite my dad knowing full well that they wouldn't go long before being highly collectible, he gave them all to me and told me not to open them (I was about 7 or 8 at the time). You can guess what happened next.

I also have a rather large collection of 'Rock Lords', best described as stoned Transformers. Same story as the Star Wars figures, except these were for my brother when he was about the same age I was when I made my mistake.

It's almost as if it's a family ritual to give each child a set of soon to be rare toys to open before they come of age.

My dad has some Spanish pesos hidden away in some box somewhere. They might go for something with coin collectors in a few years.

And i own the original 60GB PS3, with full backwards compatability, the 4 USB ports on the front, the hidden SD card ports next to the disc slot, and the embossed lettering on the curved topside.

I also have a Sega Master System somewhere but i really dont know where it is. It was in full working condition last time i checked on it.

I have an old watch that my Great Grandfather took off a dead German pilot.

That's pretty rare right?

Maybe some CD's and a few band shirts? Though I'm not sure if 'rare' is really the right term so much as 'in low demand.' XD

My dad got me a Frisbee autographed by Rick Markham, though all I know about him is that he's a drag racer that held a Guinness World Record, I think for longest two-wheeler ride in a drag racer.

I also have a copy of the DVD Scourge of Worlds, which is a D&D esique Choose Your Own Adventure game that few people seem to know about.

If only few of you have ever heard of Rick Markham or Scourge of Worlds, I guess that means I own things that are both rare and obscure.

I have many of the early Bionicles, Lego franchise, which are pretty hard to get nowadays. I'm talking about the very first ones as well, the original Toa's.

I completely forgot I had those.
I don't think I have a complete set though

I have Halo CE GOTY edition.
I just checked and Amazon values that at $3, but if you adjust for inflation it's actually... $2.71

I have a copy of the Alcest/Les Discrets split EP on CD format. Pretty hard to come by, only 1,000 copies were ever made:


I think the rarest thing that I have would be a signed copy of Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe 2 with Joey Jordison's signature on it as well because he was Zombie's drummer for that night after something happened to the original.

Other than that, I have some rare/valuable Magic the Gathering cards, a CD signed by Lamb of God, a CD signed by Korn, a dollar bill signed by Psychostick, some hardcover strategy guides for random games, some collectors edition game boxes, a Nirvana: With the Lights Out collectors set, and some old Magic the Gathering Novels.

I don't know if all of that stuff is really considered rare, but it's what I got.

Uh, don't know what happened here. Double post I guess? I somehow quoted myself :P

Not anything that's amazingly rare I think.

Final Fantasy V, box & manual, for the Super Famicom.
Picture disc copies of VII, VIII & IX.
Chrono Trigger, box & manual, for the Super Famicom.
Streets of Rage, box & manual, for the Mega Drive.

Every LP released by the band Genesis on their original labels with all inserts and covers. If only I had a test pressing of Revelation...

Uhhhhh I got nothing. Unless the limited edition LoL skins I bought counts?

Dat limited edition Headmistress Fiora skin. Best decision ever. Championship Riven can come too. Of course the only proper Halloween skin I bought was the one that isn't Halloween-y at all. What Fiora thought dressing up as a sexy schoolteacher was a good choice for a Halloween theme? Works for me I guess. Replacing her rapier with a 6 inch ruler is pretty damn funny.

Nobody expects the 91 AD at level 1! Nobody! This is the most damaging ruler ever made!

Let's see, I have a black wool hat made from the fleece of black Icelandic sheep! I got that from my dad when he came back from a trip from said country.

I also have a square dance petticoat that's been modified into a hoop skirt with the use of clothes-wire. (It's a leftover from a cosplay (or crossplay hehehe) of my own)

I also have a neat looking carbon steel katana (It's been painted over except for the blade's edge, so I can't tell if it's genuine or not)

I have a set of first edition holographic Pokemon cards from back in the ol' days.
Including a Blastoise, Venusaur, and Charizard (all preserved in plastic cases ... cuz when I was a kid, I was a dork who believed people when they said 'Derp, deez be all valuable in da future.)

Even collected Beanie Babies (and got those plastic tag protectors :p )

I have a bunch of VHS Disney movies in their original cases, including The Little Mermaid with the infamous phallic tower. :3

I've probably got some old, rare Magic: The Gathering cards kicking around, if I could be bothered to keep up with what's rare these days and what isn't.

A few of the things in my video game collection are probably considered hard-to-find, like Koudelka, Parasite Eve, and Jade Cocoon. And others have mentioned Silent Hill, Legend of Dragoon, and Ico; I have copies of those too. *high-five* :D

Oh, and I have this: http://www.amazon.com/Paranoia-Agent-Enter-Slugger-Series/dp/B0002IQHCA/ref=cm_cd_t_pb_t It's just the box, the Volume 1 DVD, and the Maromi plush, but since the creator has kicked the bucket (T_T), I imagine they're pretty rare if Amazon's price is anything to go by. XD; I'd love to own the full set, though; it's one of my favorite anime series EVAR.

Nami nom noms:

I do have a few signed things, the His Dark Materials trilogy

Me too! :D Well, sort of. Only my copy of The Amber Spyglass is signed. ._.

Don't know how rare it is but I have Faith No More's "The Real Thing" on limited edition picture vinyl, signed by all five members of the band.

My family owns a first-print copy of a very old nature book, which is in pretty good condition. My parents SAY it's worth as much as 10,000 dollars. I doubt that very much, personally. I think we'd only get 500 bucks for it. But they seem to think the world of it, and it is a very rare, very old book. Can't remember the title, can't be bothered to go and get it out of its sealed storage to check it. I don't think it's worth that much anyway.

I have a signed copy of thebandwithnoname's albumn "Dying to be there". That's about it for rare stuff...

Actually, I have some old books. Like a copy of Pilgrim's Progress from 1860ish. Not sure how rare those are, but eh.

I like this thread. According to everyone else's posts it seems the Lego Toas I have sitting around somewhere are rare, so that's pretty cool. Apart from that I collect special editions of albums, but I doubt any of them are rare, although Opeth's Watershed and Ghost Reveries special editions were a bitch to track down, so maybe they are kind of rare. And the DE: Human Revolution Augmented Edition, but I expect there's loads of copies of that. In conclusion, the only properly rare thing I own is a signed Devin Townsend acoustic CD.

Well, I only have a Donkey Kong 64 right now but I am looking to expand my collection.

I don't really have anything too rare just old and obscure video games lying around.


I have an antique indian katara forged from a single piece of damascus steel and dates back to the 1700s.

I have two swedish m/1914 bayonets (unissued) for the m/94 swedish cavalry mauser carbine.

I have an asian (either chinese or japanese) broadsword/saber that dates back to the second sino-japanese war (1937-1945), possibly older.

bit of an affinity for sharp objects...

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