So what made you smile today?

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I realised that I had forgotten to go shopping, so I had to cobble together a sandwich for dinner. It turned out to be awesome, because it was:
3 bits of streaky bacon
3 slices of Cheddar cheese
3 slices of Red Leicester cheese
6 fish fingers
4 sliced pepperamis
About a third of a tin of baked beans
Shitloads of barbecue sauce

Seriously, I need my own cookery show. Gordon Ramsay can fuck off.

I literally fell out of my chair because I was laughing so hard, and I was not able to stop laughing(and continue breathing) until about 5 minutes after. I would tell the joke that my friend said to put me in that state, but it is an inside joke and nobody here would understand it at all.

You still want to know, huh?

Okay, the phrase that kept me on the floor laughing for 5 minutes was...


You may begin your confusion.

The new MLP episode. I don't care if at least three people have said it; it was was one of the best episodes in a long time!

On a related note, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! became a meme.

Nothing really. It's Saturday, all my friends are working, and I don't have any money, so I just played video games all day. I also spent a long time looking for my phone, which I lost yesterday. Pretty unproductive, didn't see another human being all day.

I saw Wreck it Ralph today. That made me smile. I also had a good pizza and delicious gin and tonic, both of which also made me smile. It's been a pretty okay day.

My life is nothing but a swirling abyss of bloody melancholy~ :(

But a cute picture of the TF2 Heavy and Medic with a Sandvich made me smile this morning~ :3

I went out to a poetry slam thing with a lady friend whom I like very much. I'm sure I was smiling the whole time.

Also, this article is good for a laugh.

Make sure you read the top comment.

Hehe. Owl shaped...

Been mentioned many times, But the new episode of MLP really made me a happy. Especially a certain scene near the end, really made me laugh.

An European couple came to my country and had their daughters 'show off' their verbal skills in chinese. What made me smile was when the dad was asked if our exam system was easy, the younger kid (5 yrs) immediately said "Say no, daddy"

I'm in res so I don't usually have great food. But today we got a hot plate! :D
I instantly ran to the bus, bought groceries and a pan to make some stir fry.

This cat is the only source of joy and inspiration in my life.


Does MLP pick up? we watched the first couple episodes and it didn't elicit too many laughs, I'd be willing to give a few more episodes a try if it does.

Captcha wants you to know your rights.

I'll just leave this right here as "What made me smile" today.


I'll just leave this right here as "What made me smile" today.

Thanks for sharing this. Thank you so much.

That link brought me to many a website, but none were as awesome as this.

EDIT: Also this.

Nothing. ~.~

Um, I'll count Saturday because it only started to be Sunday 3 hours ago. I got to talk to my niece on the phone who lives three hours away and the new My Little Pony was filled with lulz. It was pretty much a day of cuteness with those.

I don't smile, I just turn my frown upside down.

Dr. Dice Lord:
Nothing. ~.~

That is exactly what I said not to do! It is the first thing that is written in this post, do not post stuff like that, it is off topic and sad. : /

OT: I slept like a baby, and that was lovely! So I smile. <3

I watched a Halo Waypoint exclusive miniseries of Red vs Blue.
I actually laughed.

I'm joining the choir of bronies in their proclamation of the new MLP episode, "Too Many Pinkies". One part near the end had me in stitches:

I got quite far planning "Project Jack" today and hope to see it started within a month.

Also, Pinkie always makes me smile.

I'm almost always smiling. Well, on the inside at least. I'm always the one in the group that cracks the jokes and, even if no one else finds them funny, laughs like a drunken idiot.
"Smiling's my favourite!" :D

Today, specifically. I was playing with my watch and it out of my hands and hit my cousin in the back of the neck.

T o be honest, it would have had to have been the bloke who ran onto the field during the A-League Football match between Newcastle and Wellington, specifically when he ran upto the raf and started waving his scarf in his face. This was a pretty golden moment, and if anyone is wondering, im from Australia.

I played Halo 4 and I enjoyed it and all was good in the world.

This made my day.

Big Bang Theory Flash Mob!

All four hours of audio editing I did last night paid off and I got a lot of compliments today about it, and that made me happy.

I felt validated! :D

I also feel happy and validated you took the nickname I bestowed on you and made it your title.

I've been watching Gurren Lagann lately. That's making me smile a lot.

Watching a torrented episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and finding these lovely messages on the scrollbar of the VLC player:
"Hi fags I'm your friendly neighborhood fill-in encoder"
"This show sucks why are you watching it"
"and also terrible bones QUALITY animation (remind me why we're releasing this in HD again)"
"TL:DR go outside you goddamned nerds"
"I loathe you all"
Poor guy, he must have had a bad day. But his messages made me laugh.

Also I watched a bit of My Neighbor Totoro today, and just giggled in the fetal position with glee.


Joking around with some friends while playing Shadow Hunters.
My usual time with my girlfriend.
The chatroom with some other friends of mine.

...did indeed cause me to smile.


So presents and things:)


So presents and things:)

Congratulations! Hope you have a lovely day.

OT: Found an amazing armor mod for skyrim, which made me smile. <3

ramming a cop car in to a on coming truck in NFS: Most Wanted (2005.. the better of them) :D


I'll just leave this right here as "What made me smile" today.

you just made my week *highfive*

The escapist podcast 068: at the mention of Dragonborn Ballzinya when talking about the Elder scrolls online.

I felt I made progress and did well in social interaction.
That's a rarity for me.

Learning that a whole bunch of retards I know got alcohol poisoning on the first night of schoolies, people doing stupid things never fails to bring a smile to my face

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