The 'F' word. (No, not that one)

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Darn, I thought we were gonna start talking about the cooking show. Oh well, another time perhaps.

OT: Don't really mind it. So long as people keep it to themselves then they can go nuts.

No options on them what so ever. Any fetish that does not harm is of no concern to me.
People are welcome to them. Ever so often I am asked if I hate bronys. When I ask why I should, I never get a real answer. The hate is more for the hate and not any reasonable thought process.

If they like dressing up as animals, fine. If they like getting all worked up over a show with ponies, fine. I don't care.

Ps! Not addressing the furries who actually wants to fuck a animal. You I got a problem with. Those who merely wish to be an animal and try to look like one! Have fun.

I don't get it, so I don't really have an opinion. S'long as no one's gettin' hurt or scammed or whatever, have at it.

meh, i'm a furry myself (as if you couldn't tell by my avvi) and i'm incredibly open about it. it's mentioned on my Bio, i belong to several furry groups on here, i wear my collar (spiked leather) and sometimes a leash, and often Con Shirts out in public. i don't try and hide it at all.
now i don't usually let my interests define me, but in the case of furry and being a gamer, i've integrated them so much into my life that they actually DO define me as a person, at least to an extent.

yeah sure there's the sexual side of the fandom but c'mon. it's not like furs are the ONLY people to have sex. it's not like there ISN'T hentai for the Otaku crowd and various other subculture-themed porn out there.

some people say we act weird. well to them, i say they should have a listen to 2's rant here: (WARNING: he is VERY Graphic and curses a lot) he makes a good point. people usually, upon learning someone is a fur, reject them from society and show them nothing but hate and intolerance, and then have the gall to COMPLAIN about said furs not following the rules of the same society?

yeah yeah... in short, i'm a fur, and i don't give a damn what others think, and i'm glad the OP dosn't have an opinion either way.

dont care. just gives me a reason to laugh.

he looks more like scooby doo than amaterasu.

good gods that is one of the absolute worst fursuits i have ever seen

Eclipse Dragon:

Casual Shinji:

Eclipse Dragon:

But when I see shirtless wolfmen or comics were every character is a dog for no other reason than that they're dogs, without even any interesting dog-like quirks or characteristics, that's when a red flag pops up.

Do you have an example?

Well, I can't seem to post any DeviantArt pictures here, but I'll just point to the thumbnail of the video the OP posted and say 'stuff like that'. It doesn't necessarily creep me out, but it makes me shake me heavy head. Same as when I see romantic MLP fanart.

Adeptus Aspartem:

Eh, freaky but harmless. I'm happy to live and let live.

Just stay away from my cat. Mister Kittywhiskers don't swing that way.

Lost In The Void:
I couldn't give two fucks about whether a person is a furry or not. Way I look at it, if its two consenting adults doing the nasty then its ok by me. If its a dude drawing animals with human traits to shake his rocks to, doesn't matter either. It doesn't affect me at all.

It is still not fair to them, that everybody thinks these furries always sexualize those critters. Do you also think every person who really likes cats or dogs actually wants to have sex with their pets?
Of course there are people who are sexually into this, i mean the web provides enough material on the subject - but you can't conclude of this material that sexual desire is the status quo.

For me that's like looking at all the porn on the net and then say: Yep, that is what everyone who looks porn wants to do. Errrh?

Well I should have clarified that I don't see furdom as a pure sexual fetish, having someone close to me involved in the furry lifestyle, I guess you'd call it. Regardless, as you do say, most people do see the furry movement as a, at its base root, sexual movement. What I'm saying is, for the most part I don't care about the sexual aspects of furdom, as they exist, and thus I won't care about the non sexual stuff either.

No problem with furries. Never had, never will.

Amusingly enough, despite neither myself nor my girlfriend being furries by any stretch of the imagination, she calls me her cat. Based on the logic that I have the most ridiculously sensitive back and there is very little (And I mean that) that I like more than having my back stroked. Like a cat.And I have a bit of a fluffy face. Like a cat. And I love to sleep. Like a cat. And I curl up a lot. Like a cat.

She has even started joking that she might get me to put ears on, or perhaps a tail. Mainly because I am so whipped that I would and she would find it amusing.

So... all of that weirdness aside (I am in a strange mood) I have nothing against furries and I know nobody who really does. Yes, there are the jokes "KILL IT WITH FIRE" and whatnot, but nobody really gives a flying fuck about what consenting adults do in their bedrooms. I mean, sure, one might find it all a little bit creepy but... Well, I find hardcore BDSM a little bit creepy but I have no problem with what consenting adults get up to. So yeah.

That sums it all up nicely.

i honestly thought until recently it was nothing more than the sexual fetish some people have for bonking in animal and character suits. it seems to be alot more encompasing than that now though.

apparently its also got a very vocal and popular fan base on the net.

i dont get it. but what ever floats your tail

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