Poll: How do YOU pronounce Escapist?

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Never tek it off, me whippet'll av off wi it if I leave it art.

And they say it's us American's that are butchering the English language.

OT: Es-kay-pist. The way it's supposed to be.

Our dialect is older than your country. You're only doing it to increase your scrabble scores.

You're just jealous of our mad Scrabble skills.

I've listened to a few of the podcasts. The staff pronounce it with the KAY sound. So that's the right one. Case closed in my book.


Poll: How do YOU pronounce Escapist?



Who the hell pronounces Escape as ess-kap, anyway??


Crums! Tha North/South divide's started up, ont Eskapist' n all!

*wonders where Brummies fit in all this!*

Well I don't wanna be lumped in with all them soft Southern pansies.
Bloody Londoners.

But... there's only one way to pronounce it. Escape-ist. That's it.

But... there's only one way to pronounce it. Escape-ist. That's it.

I was thinking the same thing...

I didn't realise this was a topic of debate.

English, how does it work?

Es-Kay-Pist is how I pronounce it. Never really thought about it before.


We don't complain when you southern lot talk. Maybe a few jeers about being posh, but apart from that we don't complain when you start adding extra 'r's that don't exist. I think it's just laziness, you know other cultures will adapt for you so you don't need to do anything. I hate southerners so much.

And that's the way it should be! *affects air of superiority* Oh, for the good old days of 1950's BBC announcements. Now, they spoke English! XD[1]

With a footnote like that the only thing I can say is....

[1] Y'know, the irony is that I'm not even English!

Neither? I go with "Eh-Scay-Pist" ("Uh-Scay-Pist" depending on how bothered I can be to move my jaw -either way the "S" is attached to the second syllable not the first). Pretty sure that's how the word is pronounced?
I mean really? "Es-kay-pist"?

South-East Coast and Home Counties raised, and both my parents were English teachers at private schools so... pretty much how correct speech is defined.

"Ess-Kah-Pist" is just wrong...

Sounds more like someone who performs escapades.

I always thought of it (And have heard it said by some of the videos on this website) as the Ess-kay-pist, like the word "escape", then "ist". This website seems to be about games and movies, seen as forms of escapism or escape from reality, which is where I thought the name came from. Also, I always thought of Houdini as an escape artist.

Eh? Es-kah-pist is a thing? I, being from South UK, pronounce it Es-kay-pist although the K is closer to a g making it "Ehz-(k/g)ahy-pissed"

I can actually do you one better and provide a voice clip


and an old-ish thread I made where you can listen to some other posters pronounce it (there's a few posters dotted around saying it. Somewhere amongst all the Lovecraft reading, Poe reading, singing, questioning of my motives and rampant paranoia that is :) )


I know this sounds weird and I don't quite know why, but I like that voice. Sounds sort of classy.

i pronounce it the Es-KAY-pist i think you friend is right

Essss CAP ay... st.


Edit: FUCKIN ninjas. God.

My friends at work who see me browsing ask if i've been on "The Rapist" recently, i love my friends sometimes.

The Es-Kay-Pist


The Rapist Magazine: for the discerning rapist.

OT: Es-kay-pist. As stated before, you don't "Es-kahp" reality, you "Es-kayp." Maybe with an accent it'd be es-kahp, but it's supposed to be es-kay-pist.


"Ess-Kah-Pist" is just wrong...

Sounds more like someone who performs escapades.

Ninjas. Damn.
Oh well, ya I never would imagine anyone not pronouncing it es-KAY-pissed. If my memory banks are accurate, Yahtzee, Bob, Jim, Graham and them all pronounce it that way. Though the other pronunciation does have a kinda sexy exotic vibe to it.

This question comes up way too often. It's pronounced eh-SKAY-pist. That's not how I personally pronounce it, but rather it's the correct pronunciation. It isn't just the name of a website, it's a word.

...it's just escape with an ist on the end.
Do people pronounce escape as ess-kahp? : /

Escape + Ist = Escapist.

I pronounce it the correct way (es-kay-pist).


I say es-cay-pist.

As in "escape" basically.


Pronouncing it Escarpist would be like saying "Escarp!!!"

Do you escarp reality on the Escarpist?

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