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Poll: What would you do?

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Lets say you have a brain tumor. That tumor isnt growing and its absolutely harmless, but it causes you to be happy all the time.
Would you get it removed? (the surgery would be as easy and low risk as brainsurgery can get)

I voted yes.

I'm not entirely sure why, I just think life needs different levels of emotion to be interesting. Being constantly happy sounds boring.

Anything that taints your perception of reality beyond your control is something you can - and should, I think - do without.

Yes, better to be safe than sorry and there are times when you need to be sad or just don't want to be happy.

Anything that taints your perception of reality beyond your control is something you can - and should, I think - do without.

You could argue that the normal makeup of our brains does this anyway. We can already only perceive reality in a particular way.

We can guarantee that it's harmless?

I'm leaving it, then. I would adore being happy all the time.

Either's fine, really. They both have benefits, so I'll just go with whatever.

If we're making the assumption that the surgery is at the lowest possible risk, yeah, I'd probably get it removed. I don't like the idea of being happy all the time if it isn't sincere.

The one thing that worries me is potential consequences. Is this a tumor I've had all my life? Am I completely unfamiliar with the concept of sadness/anger/etc? Because if that's the case, and I've never learned how to properly deal with negative emotions... they're going to end up hitting me like a ton of bricks. Even mild sadness, compared to my previous permanent glee, is going to likely be crippling.

I'm going for a second one. Hopefully it causes enough damage to make me forget that I had a brain tumor in the first place, so then I'll just be happy all the time and think there's nothing wrong with me.

Happy as in even at inappropriate or scary-ish times? Such as after I get hit by a car or during a really hardcore tragedy movie?

If so, I get the surgery. If not, I'd probably let it be if it's not am immediate risk.

Yes. I like being a cynical socially awkward asshole.

I would hate to be happy all the time, remove.

I'm just having one of these days, I'm happy for no reason and I find it weird, but aslo amusing. So i was wondering if that was the case every day, for a reason like a tumor.
Its really tough for me to answer my own question, but I guess I'd get it removed.
Sometimes you are sad and sometimes you are happy, I think both is important to value the other.

Btw, I'm terrible if I'm very happy, like really annoying.

I'd remove it, because you can't guarantee that it won't become harmful in the future.
But I'd like to ask a question: how do you define happy?
Is it a state of euphoria that never ends, resulting in nothing being able to get you down, or manipulation of your senses, making you experience what your individual perception of happiness is, regardless of what is really happening around you (kind of like the Pyro from TF2)?
I ask because it makes quite a large difference.
One way, you're an overly optimistic, jovial person, while the other way will have you perceived as mentally ill by those around you, and have you locked away.

I'd remove it and then grow it and sell bits to people for fucking trillions

I'd keep, nothing wrong with being happy all the time, sounds pretty awesome. What we percieve as reality is largely subjective anyway so sure, bring on the mind-altering!

If a tumour is making you feel happy all of the time then it's blocking of some important neurotransmitters and it's obviously not a good thing. Being happy all the time might mean you're content all the time which might just mean that it might block off signals about other serious medical conditions which could be dangerous.

Now I'm not miserable enough to want fake happiness anyway.

If I kept the tumor, I can see this going the way of that episode of The Ren & Stimpy Show in which Stimpy builds a helmet that makes Ren happy, indefinitely, and Ren goes insane.

If its going to eventually kill me than yes. But other wise i think i can handle it.

I'd get it removed. I think that having a static emotional state could negatively impact my decision making skills. Besides, I like my life well enough to not really have a need for constant artificial happiness. But I'm not going to lie, the idea is enticing.

I'd keep it for a while.

Being happy all the time would be a nice change from being depressed. That happiness would outweigh the lack of drive my depression gives me, and I'd use it to improve my life. Get a more reliable job, build up my confidence...Then, when I felt ready, I'd get it removed.

(Captcha: never give up. lol...)

I'm inclined to say that I'd remove it, but then again, I'm depressed a fucklot, so maybe the tumor would be better for me.

I don't think I'd want to feel happiness in a sad situation, like a relative dying. It would seem inappropriate.

I'd remove it since something that makes you happy all the time basically changes you and allows for little variance in your attitude; you're either happily talking with happy people, happily being obnoxious to everyone around you, or making all the people mourning their loss really upset.

I'd still keep it in for like a week though, it seems like it would be equivalent to spending that week in a completely harmless high.

I'll remove it because I'd prefer to be myself than some other, always-happy person

Basically because of this

As someone who attempts to see the world for what it is and values our array of emotions and what they mean, this would be horrible to me. Not every situation merits happiness, besides, and becoming a drone whose only reaction to anything is to smile about it disturbs me on a personal level.

Anything that taints your perception of reality beyond your control is something you can - and should, I think - do without.

And you trust doctors to tell you what reality is?

Remove, Being happy all the time would become annoying after a while.

Nope, not keeping it. Its getting removed. If it alters my perception of the world, I'm not interested. At all. Even if its only slight. I enjoy having my thoughts as my own and uninfluenced by factors such as alcohol, medication or brain tumours, even if they lead to happiness, or less sadness.

This puts me in mind of that one episode of My Life As A Teenage Robot where *insert main character's name here* gets a dream device, allowing her to experience dreams like everyone else, but her dream world is a place where evryone, including herself, is always happy, and it completely fucks her up. Being happy a little more wouldn't harm anyone, but happy all the time just isn't healthy - or very sensible for the people who don't know you very well. Imagine: Co-worker who father just died tells the people by the watercooler, and you reaction is: BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!

I think it depends on the "level" of 'happy' being experienced. If I'm euphoric all the time, to the point of being nonplussed when experiencing physical/emotional pain, then I'd probably want it removed. If I'm just always seeing the positive side of everything and trying to put smiles on peoples' faces, I think I could live with it. Might make me less boring to spend time around, at the very least.

I'd keep it. I'm bipolar. I'd kill to get rid of these down episodes.

As much as happiness sounds great I'd never be able to get over the fact that I had a tumor in my head, so yes, I'd get rid of it and stick to huffing dolphin tears...


Anything which impairs judgement is dangerous and a tumour which causes such symptoms would prevent you from empathizing with people and giving them much support.

Imagine if you had this condition and you encountered someone in danger or who was in trouble and turned to you. Would you help them? Would you be able to offer them the support, assurance and emotions they require?

You see someone in trouble, you feel bad and that bad feeling makes you want to help them. If that was removed then why help them?

In essence, you'd be a sociopath without the severe self-esteem issues that plague them and cause them to be abusive, controlling and manipulative in order to compensate for it.

Yes because fuck brain tumours. And laughing at a funeral or something would be rather awkard to explain...

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