The Gay Community.

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People who behave or believe in radical ways that unsettle or frighten others are often put into groups, given overarching character traits, and assigned stereotypical behavior as a way of making them easier to understand. They become the Other.

Kind of like how the folks who like My Little Pony get stamped with the Brony label if they're old enough.

Or how those weirdos playing games using electronic devices are clearly Gamers. Living in their mother's basement, unwashed and out of shape, socially awkward to the point of anti-social. All that.

Eventually the Brony, the Trekkie, the Gamer, the Gay, the Jock, the Nerd, the Bimbo, the Prep, the Man, the Woman, and all those other Others will become people.

Just have to spend enough time getting to know them, so that you don't need that title to know where to begin.

Now then, I'm going to go beat on Illinois Nazis. Because screw those guys!

Your post is segregative and generalising. You sound like a total homophobe.

Someone being a twat has nothing to do with their sexuality. Every minority has its twats.



You're generalising based on a few small encounters, but to answer your question I'd like the LGBT community to grow up and realise just how damaging the whole "here and queer" stick is to their own movement. It's just like Affirmative Action, you can't cancel out segregation by MORE segregation.


I think you quoted the wrong person

Whoops, I meant to respond to the OP. Sorry about that, I'm still a paperboy here.



That is one hell of a generalization.. Most gay people I've met seem fairly civil. You need to remember that stupid people will always be stupid people, regardless of gender, race or sexuality. could apply this to any group. This right here is a perfect description of humanity. That is just how people are. People are dicks, and every now and again, you meet a good one. Don't apply this to a single group of people when it applies to the whole.

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