Poll: Two Thousand Thirteen OR Twenty Thirteen ?

"Wait a minute, this is the future. Where are all the phaser guns?"
-Simon Phoenix, Demolition Man. 1993

As Twenty Twelve comes to a close, I'd like to touch on something that really bothers me. People are still saying Two Thousand like some kind of Y2K psychological mind fuck mantra. The millennium was 13 years ago and I don't know about you, but I've been over it.

Think about it. How many future-set/sci-fi films have you seen made back in the 70s/80s/90s where they referred to twenty-whatever as two-thousand-something, or the stuttering version: two-thousand-AND-something? It's always been twenty-something in practically every film I've seen; sounds futuristic.

What would you call one thousand nine hundred and one? Would you call it nineteen hundred one or nineteen oh one? I've always said Nineteen oh one. Why? Because I wasn't there for the switch and I don't give a shit. Nineteen hundred has no psychological or cultural significance to me, it has always been nineteen something for me.

I also think when you are all old, your grand children will refer to two thousand one as twenty oh one, and think you are an idiot for constantly injecting "two-thousand" in front of everything.

I dunno, I tend to change it up a bit.
I guess in quick conversations with a fast back and forth I'll say twenty twelve or whatever but at most other times I say two thousand and twelve.

What's wrong with saying numbers the way they are supposed to be pronounced? I say two-thousand-twelve because that's the number. And pre-2000 I omit the 19 for simplicity.

I say it as "twenty thirteen", it's shorter and it'll eventually end up that way, who's going to want to say 2042 as "two thousand and forty two" or 2159 as "two thousand, one hundred and fifty nine"? I already say the noughties as twenty-o-something occasionally too.

I didn't vote, 'cause I tend to use them interchangeably. Over time I imagine I'll eventually use the "twenty-thirteen" style exclusively, though.

I voted two-thousand-thirteen just to be a troll.

I think after 2020 people will switch to twenty-whatever cause its just easier to say. twenty-fifteen and two-thousand-fifteen don't roll off the tongue quite so well so people just use them interchangeably.

Does it matter? Are people confused about what is meant when either is used? Sometimes one rolls off the tongue more easily than the other, that's all there is to it.

It's obviously "two thousand AND thirteen"... silly United States of Americans...

Twenty thirteen. Why? Because its not so much of a mouthful as two thousand and thirteen when having a conversation.

The Year 1 AC (After Calendar).

Yeah, that whole Mayan shtick? Let's sock it to 'em by starting fresh with year one, page one.


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