Poll: If you're American, are you for guns or not?

There were a lot of discussions about gun control around here, polls and all. I just want to hear the Americans' point of view following this.
The poll is sorted between Americans and Non-Americans.
*I am discriminating because of the probable divide of political ideals, might be interesting.

I'm an American, and this is kind of an issue where I feel I'm kind of in the middle of both extremes regarding the issue. I've never had a love of guns and I couldn't care less if they were banned.

However, I don't think an abrupt ban would work very well for the U.S. at this point. As stupid as it sounds, it would probably cause a lot of protest and backlash which the country would probably be better off without right now.

So basically, I think gun regulations should be gradually increased, but not to the point that people can't enjoy a bit of hunting and whatnot.

Scuse me while I head to the bunkers to protect myself from the imminent redundant argument that permeates every gun control thread here ever.

You're asking on a liberal board, I can tell you that answer will be no. In fact the liberal pro-gun and conservatives who are pro-gun on this site are extremely small.

Not American, but gonna give my 2p worth anyway.

I'm English and "pro-gun", and a gun owner, so I voted for the first option.

I believe guns should be a privilege as they are in the UK, not a right as they are in the USA. Although I'm aware that right has a whole lot of historical and legal support, I don't think it's for the best. We banned handguns and semi-automatic rifles after the Dunblane and Hungerford massacres respectively, and I believe that now we have an appropriate level of gun control. Barring the recent attacks in Cumbria, we are massacre free.

People with the appropriate licence can enjoy hunting and recreational shooting (targets, clays) with weapons made for those exact purposes. Not military-spec assault rifles and concealable handguns which are unnecessary, but bolt/lever action rifles and limited capacity shotguns.

Any further restrictions would be harsh I think - we're at a happy medium.

I'm an American and I've never owned a gun, nor have I ever had a great desire to own one, but I do think people should be allowed to have them. There should be restrictions of course, and I like the idea of needing to take gun safety classes for the types of weapons you own.

I used to be much more anti-gun until I started hanging out with my fiance's family more. Several of them are reenactors (American Revolution) so they have guns for that, and they know a guy who makes guns from that era. His aunt shoots black powder rifles, and was working toward the Olympics until life got in the way. And his mom lives in Alaska and keeps guns for defense against the bears and moose. Spending time with these people has really changed my perspective of guns and gun owners. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking everyone who owns guns is a nutcase who is paranoid of robbers/the government/China invading/etc. Some of them are, but the group is a lot more diverse than that.


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