Rebuild of Superpowers Getting Thread

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Well, this could get interesting. Kind of appropriate in that "misfits" kind of way. I've always wanted to fit in somewhere, then I could attempt to fit in anywhere.

Well, last time I got space travel, which was cool if completely useless all things considered. Now let's see what I got htis time.

... Hook Proficiency? Hook Proficiency?! What the hell!? Why on Earth would I want to be able to fight with hooks? It would be illegal in non-lethal combat, useless in lethal combat, and where the hell am I supposed to get a hook anyway?

That has to be the worst power to ever be thought up, ever in the history of all time and space.

I got Stealth Tactics

Beware, high level security bases all around the world. I shall inflitrate you in my quest for the TRUTH! Then I shall make public all those nasty little secrets you've been hiding so many years.

Looks like a lot of nations are gonna be screwed.

Devic Physiology: The power to use the abilities of Devas, the spirits believed to be responsible for maintaining every natural force. A possible result of Ascension and a slight variation of Nephillim Physiology.

Being a part-angel is pretty awesome. Much better than my result from the last time this thread came through town, Super Planning.

Froggy Slayer:
Oh, and if you get a page with a list a variants, like one of the Deity Physiology pages, go to this and roll a d(Whatever the number of variants is) to find out which one you get. For example, Greek Deity Physiology has 16 variants. I roll 1d16, and got 14. This means that I choose the 14th variation down the page, which is Hestia.

Aha, right. Wondered about that. Found a random dice roller ( ) seeming as, although I've always wanted to get into tabletop gaming, I have no many sided dice, not many six sided, coming to think of it.

Came up with five, which is

Essentially, superhuman healing. Sweet. Always thought it would be kind of cool to be able to get a shotgun blast to the heart and say "Try harder".

I suggest putting that bit in the first post, though.

Death-Force Manipulation
Yea, I'm pretty OK with this. Immortality for anyone I want and a nice, broad range of deaths available for anyone else

Fifth Dimensional Lordship

So I have the power to go to and manipulate a plane of existence two above ours?

Kickass, pure magic baby!

Well i got Omniarch the power to reign over everything without limit.
so i will now re-create Homestuck and be the person controlling the person being the person ordering the people.

Astral Projection.

I can leave my body, go through solid objects, cross dimensions, possess people, and even control both my spirit and my body at the same time, given practice.


Apparently I have become God of The Forest.
Fear me lumberjacks, you shall not cut down my domain any longer!

Miricale manipulation. Being Jesus is now a superpower.

I'm basically Tony Stark,


yeah, i can live with this. *runs off to build my own suit of power armor*

Sounds pretty meh. At least I get to fly. Besides, wings made of water look pretty rad.

I got Good Embodiment.

I control all that is goodness in the universe! Heroes, gather before me and together we can stop all evil in the world! I can warp reality, grant wishes, have immortality, healing, nigh omnipotence, and cannot be overpowered. I think I may be the most OP person here.

Bring it on villains of The Escapist!

Fear me world, I come for your power...


OH! Yay!

Miracle Manipulation


Miracle Performing
Probability Manipulation
Reality Warping
Weather Manipulation



Known UsersEdit

Kae Sakanoue (Medaka Box)
Jesus (Christianity)
Sanae Kotiya (Touhou)

Pretty sure I win this one :)

*you better agree or I'll go back in time and make 12/21/12 (or w/e) happen for real!!

I got Orbital Force Manipulation. Wasn't sure what exactly I could with that at first but from the description it sounds pretty awesome.
Cower in front of my circly power!

Btw, I love the thread Froggy Slayer, great idea. :D

so basically, i become Alex Mercer, except without a vengeful mind, no superiority complex, mental stability and a conciense.



I can control .... dolls.

Fear me world.

So you're like Alice Margatroid?

OT: I got... Life Creation!!! Not particularly good for combat, but aside from that, the possibilities are endless!!! I shall now go about the process of producing legions of loyal dragons.
Respiratory Manipulation pretty cool I guess I can breathe anything and can kill people by making them not breathe...yeah I can work with that.


Sweet. Don't mess, I will melt you into pixels!

I had the ability to shape shift into a shark last time.

This time I got :

The ability to control time. Well I won. I have the best power ever unless someone got omnipotence. I dare someone to get something better.

Omnipotence. I guess a winner is me.

Woo! Nuclear Manipulation! With a bit of practice, I can do almost anything I want! I'll be just like Doctor Manha-


Crystal mimicry.
I hope I become diamondlike, because that's just badass. Otherwise, it kind of sucks.
On the other hand:

Dermal Armor
Natural Weaponry
Pain Suppression
Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability
Enhanced Endurance
Enhanced Immunity
Enhanced Lung Capacity
Enhanced Strength
Invulnerability to all forms of light.
Thermal Resistance

I can live with that.

Hah. Last time I saw this thread I got spacial rending, which was pretty cool, but this time I got Infinite Strength

So basically, not only is my previous power included in it, I'm basically immune to all worldly damage (immune to being beaten, cut, or burned, but perhaps not psychic attacks or telekinesis.) It looks like I might not win in a direct confrontation with some of the other powers here, but that is alright because I wouldn't plan to.

I'd probably just have a nice relaxing life somewhere near mountains, that way I'd have something large to throw at people if I had to.

EDIT: As a side note, I kind of wish there was some form of rating system for powers, I feel like there is some serious imbalance going on in this thread.

Dragon God Physiology.

...You know what, I think I'll take that.

I got Transmutation.

I's not that bad? Definitely not something that I would have wanted from the top of my head, but I'll settle for.."altering various objects".
And, incase you're like me and didn't quite know what that is (boo, shame on me, I know), here you go;

I got Corrupting Madness... bit of a double-edged sword, it seems.

The user can corrupt people (possibly themselves included) and objects with/by the power of madness both physically and mentally while granting them power. The corruption usually manifests as twisting the bodies/appearance of the subject. Sentient beings are driven incurably insane, although they may be able to control themselves enough to pass as normal. Corrupted individuals may be develop ability to corrupt other people with madness and spread it like a virus.
I got Causality Reversal, so basically I am a god.


So when do I get my powers?

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