Who was the better musician: Layne Staley or Kurt Cobain
Layne Staley (Alice In Chains)
53.1% (34)
53.1% (34)
Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
46.9% (30)
46.9% (30)
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Poll: Layne Staley vs. Kurt Cobain

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Chris Cornell, cmon the guy looks like Jesus, and he pretty much sings like the son of god.

Hipster Choice: Andrew Woods from the reflectively obscure Grunge and Glam Rock crossover band Mother Love Bone. Such a brilliant singer. It's a shame that he died so young too.

I always found out the more obscurer Grunge was much better than Cobain and his crew.

I kinda grew out of the AIC phase (I was suffering from a huge depression a couple of years back), but i still think Jar of Flies is possibly the best EP ever made.

You do know that Pearl Jam IS Mother Love Bone but with a different lead singer (since he died of course)?
You probably already did, but unknown thru your post :)

Yup I knew that, but Pearl Jam, and Mother Love Bone are two completely different styles of grunge.

You could call me a know-it-all when it comes to 90's British and American Alternative Rock. I live and breathe the stuff. Grunge used to be my favorite Alt-Rock genre until I discovered the incredible noise of the early 90's Shoegazers.

I'm going to have to go with Cobain here, simply because Cobain was a musician and when you're a musician you can play more than just one instrument, from what little I've heard about him (and I don't claim to be a nirvana expert) Cobain would write the music for every instrument in the band. Also, I like Nirvana; I can't say the same for AiC, I don't call them terrible, but there's a reason why I have Nirvana's discography and only a few songs for AiC.

Just my 2cents

Bravo Company:
Cobain would write the music for every instrument in the band.

I don't know if he did all that. Although it would explain why I don't like the Foo fighters very much.

While both men were incredible talents, I have to say that I enjoy Staley's vocals more than Cobain's.

I loved both bands and both singer/songwriters but my vote is definitely for Layne. he was an unbelievably talented man. he is my favorite all time singer and his poetry and his lyrics were as deep as his voice. if you haven't checked out mad season you should definitely do so! they were an amazing combination of alternative rock and blues and layne did some of his best work on the above album.. mad season live at the Moore is incredible. take the time to check them out!

I liked Nirvana, but loved AiC. I wouldn't claim to be a superfan, but I wasn't fond of Nirvana's quirkiness in a lot of their songs and AiC resonated with me more. I was more bummed by Staley's passing than Cobain, but never will it mean I respect his talents less. Regardless of your views on how either left us, music lost two influential men those days, like it did when Burton died.

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