The first Hobbit movie. What did you think of it? (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY)

I personally thought it was just alright. I watched Movie Bob's review before I saw it so I lowered my expectations from the LOTR trilogy. Still, I am kind of disappointed with it.

It seemed like Jackson wasn't sure if he wanted to make it more lighthearted like in the book or if he wanted to continue with the more serious tone from his LOTR movies. It has scenes that are obviously aimed at younger audiences (the dwarves escaping the goblins by riding a bunch of wooden planks down a chasm) and then more serious scenes aimed at older audiences (Thorin vs Azog).

Some of the CG is just plain bad (the eagles and a lot of the goblins look almost plastic).

Some of the music felt really out of place. I think they should have just made an entirely new soundtrack (apart from the Hobbits theme) instead of reusing stuff from the LOTR. The scene where Thorin charges through the fire towards Azog is cool and all but I was really annoyed that they used the Nazgul's theme music during that.

I also didn't like how they made Gandalf seem like a simple man compared to Galadriel. Yes she is wise and powerful but she is still just an elf. Gandalf is a god in the body of a man. He is much more wise and powerful. The only person at the council who really was above him was Saruman.

Also, the whole beginning part with Frodo just seemed really forced. It's cool that they are trying to make it feel more like a prequel than the book was originally intended but most of the entire movie just being Bilbo remembering his adventure before his party is odd.

Those are my main complaints but there were things I liked. I liked how we got to see what was going on in Dol Guldur (I'm amazed that out of the group of 15 people I saw the movie with, I was the only one who immediately recognized the Nazgul for what it was). I thought Bilbo's actor did a fantastic job. The fights were good once you got past the CG. Gollum is a creepily awesome as ever. I actually liked that they are making a much bigger deal out of Azog than the books.

Overall, I thought the movie was alright but I'm still excited to see the rest of the trilogy.

What did the rest of the Escapist think of this movie?

I saw it twice and whilst it wasn't perfect, I still loved it. It felt a bit bloated in places, and the CGI goblins were a disappointment, but overall I thought it was a good film.

I disagree about the soundtrack though. I loved the continuity of it.

It was long and they handled the time riddle and the troll scene poorly. Other than that, I loved it. Actually, I loved the length as well, but I understand why others would take issue with it.
And I fucking love how they made Gandalf seem so normal in comparison. It agrees very strongly with my perception of Gandalf, not as a glorius powerful being, but as a being that works towards the common good through common people. Part of what makes Tolkein so great, and the Lord of the Rings series in specific so great, is the mixture of the magnificence and importance of the old epics with the simple good and courage that Tolkein admired. It is not the fighting for the right that matters, but the right itself. Tolkein saw in the works of the past not simply a whole bunch of epic battles and adventures, but values and ethics that were not worth losing to time. He saw the value in courage, faith, honor, and an adventuring heart. He also saw that while some of these traits are things of the past, that the common people could do great good. That the least of us can be as courageous and heroic as the legends of old, in our own way. The Hobbits and Gandalf show this so well and I actually almost cried during the Gandalf and Galadriel scene. I just loved that so much. I apologize if the above rant makes no sense, I was rambling.

It was great. The first half hour was a bit long winded, but it picked up its pace nicely after that. It had a great mix of fun and serious and the whole gollum scene was incredibly well made. He really came through as this schizofrene creature full of malice and controlled by it.
It shows a lot of different lore tidbits and it holds great promise for the next movies.
Also great to finally see gandalf be useful as a wizard.

I thought it was really well done! Very good visual effects apart from the 48 frames per second which I didn't mind after a while. Story was great, followed similarly to the book in most aspects, and then added references made in the actual lotr films and the story of the necromancer is going to be good! The actors did a spectacular job, props to Richard Armitage on Thorin, he was so badass!! Ian McKellen did an amazing job as always (no surprise) and Martin Freeman did a pretty good job.

I can't wait to see Smaug though!! That's gonna be so cool in the next movie. I was so into the ending where the bird was clacking against the mountain and my girlfriend is listening to me in the theatre going "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?! You're gonna wake the dragon asshole!" Then you see the POOFT in the pile of gold I was like " :/......yup called it. Thanks dick..."

I went to see it a week ago now. None of that fancy 3D buggery. I might do at some point later on but it's not important to me.

I thought for the most part that the speed at which the story progressed was fine. The only two parts that come to mind as being things that I think might've dragged on a bit longer than they should have or weren't really necessary were the scenes of Radagast in Mirkwood and the length of the meeting in Rivendell.

I'm not going to nitpick though because, honestly, this is a film I didn't think I'd ever see made and I'm enjoying it for what it is and enjoying how it takes me back to reading it for the first time and imagining what the world and its characters looked like. I'm glad they didn't show off Smaug too much as well and I'll be interested to see his final appearance. Smaug the Magnificent, hopefully.

All in all I loved it.

Ahhh The Hobbit....

I thought it was a little *low* but it had a few scenes that were quite good although they were rather *small*. I don't think it needs to be 3 films though it could have been much *shorter* but that is a *tiny* concern....

Okay, i've run of Hobbit puns now i'm off.

I thought it was great, i even liked the 48 fps thing, no idea techinically what it means but it made the whole thing look a lot warmer. I liked that it was simpler and more lighthearted than lord of the rings also. I dont know how theyre going to make the other films as good since they put about 2/3 of the action scenes into this one, but no doubt they will.
all in all 4.5/5, but i love tolkein so if you dont probably only be 3.5

Maybe I missed something but I don't understand why the Goblins all looked like Sloth from The Goonies when they looked pretty cool in the Moria scene from LotR.


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