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Poll: Which is worse - Hot weather or cold weather?

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Cold simply because I get cold pretty easily. Besides, I would rather be naked than bundled up any day.

Hot weather is worse. As said before, it's easier to get warm than to get cool. Sleeping while hot is very uncomfortable, where as you can just grab another blanket if its cold.

they're both a bitch

heat haunts you all the time no matter how much or little you're wearing
cold can be countered by wearing more, but if the fucker sneaks into your clothing, you're fucked, it also doesn't help that it amplifies the pain of kicking a table leg by 500x

Hot weather is the worst, for me. I can handle cold weather. Layer up on clothes or just having a heater in a room works just fine. Hot weather is a bit harder to handle especially if you don't have A/C or there are no cool breezes to blow through a window.


awww, dry heat is cheating. It can be 100 degrees outside and it will feel like 70.

I beg to differ. I live in the Nevada desert and in the summer it gets to be a dry 120 degrees and it definitely doesn't feel like 70. You feel every degree here in the land of no-trees and nothing-but-sun. It's the worst because there's no escape from the heat, like I said no trees for shade. Half the buildings have no AC and the other half crank the AC down so low it's like 40 inside. That transfer from 120 outside to 40 inside is enough to make you sick.

Hot is worse because you can put any number of layers on when its cold but theres only so much you can take off when its hot. Ergo hot is worse

I love it hot. Born in a desert, the heat has always stayed with me. I wear a leather jacket comfortably in 90+ degree (F) weather. Conversely, if it drops below 70 I'm reaching for my blanket. I'm fine with snow as long as I'm either skiing, or looking at it while indoors with a fire going. Otherwise, frak the cold, make it hotter now.

Hot is worse.

It is completely, 100% because of my bias towards snow-related things.

Hot weather. It's easier to put on a jacket then to cool off.

Mr Cwtchy:
Hot. Because it's easier to-

Hot weather. It's easier to put on a jacket then to cool off.


Hot. Because it's easier to-

Mr Cwtchy:
Hot. Because it's easier to-

Hot weather. It's easier to put on a jacket then to cool off.



Well in that case, winter/cold weather is more awesome because of snow and it makes sleeping the best thing in the world.

Pff, time to hand in your man cards I think. Dainty dresses and tiny bikinis and short-shorts have one province my friends, and that's under the heat of the Summer sun.

give me the cold.. play video games when you want to. warm up when you choose too.

There are more ways to warm up than cool down. Also, fuck humid summer days.

Summer in Australia is a whole different beast, its just all round unpleasant.

Since I live in the Caribbean I've dealt with hot weather all my life and I hate it. Really, like someone above posted, it's easier to put on a jacket than cool off. Oh, for reference, the average daily temperature here is 32C, so I consider anything 35 and more to be hot and anything from 29C go down to be downright freezing (or at least warrant warm clothes).


Pff, time to hand in your man cards I think. Dainty dresses and tiny bikinis and short-shorts have one province my friends, and that's under the heat of the Summer sun.

One word

Besides, when it's cold that's when you get to "cuddle" to stay warm, which leads to other things...

I find hot weather is much worse. I love cold weather mainly because I like to cover up with two or three blankets and I find that to be really cozy and comfortable. In the summer I can't do that since I don't have an air conditioner.

Well I'm Canadian, and I often shovel snow in shorts and a T-shirt, so I guess hot weather?

I have an insane tolerance for cold and an incredible aversion to heat, so I definitely prefer winter weather to hot summer weather.

I like the cold. Snow is magical, and ice means a nice game of hockey. Now, the heat? Not so much. But, with winter comes SAD in many people causing them to be depressed.

Hot is easily worse. You can generally do something about the cold but when it's really hot you're just out of luck.

Hot means I get a headache, dehydrated, covered in sweat, my clothes stick to me, the sun usually blasts into my eyes and also I'm photosensitive so I can't see shit.

If I'm cold I put a jumper on.

Oh god, humid AND hot = the worst weather.

Living in a desert makes you get tired of warm weather quick.

Hot weather. Always. There's only so many clothes you can take off.

If it gets too cold for you, just put on another jacket.

Hot, you can always strip down to cool off while if you bundle up to warm up you can't move or do anything. You can't even play videogames because your hands are numb.

Hot. For the same boring reason as everybody else, apparently.

As someone who lives in a place where 100F + is considered standard in the summer - I'll say the heat is the worst. I get a bit irrational during the summertime, my husband jokes that my brain may be boiling in those temperatures and I'm starting to think it's not a joke. I always prefer to just layer up and enjoy a toasty warm blanket and a hot tea than not able to be at all comfortable, even naked WITH air-conditioner. I don't know why, even if the damn thing is set to a reasonable temperature during the summer, it doesn't seem like it's on at all. And we have the damn thing serviced every few months.

Cold. I get cold when it's 30 degrees C out so you can imagine how unpleasant actual cold weather is for me.

Hah, the time it hits 30 degrees C (which isn't often where I live) I'll have shut myself inside sitting at my desk shirtless and with the fan blowing on me at full speed while eating boxes of freezies. I actually start the freezie munching when it hits 20 degrees outside, although it doesn't help that my apartment isn't well air conditioned. When outside, anything past 10 degrees and it's too warm to wear even the lightest jackets.

As someone from a moderate hot climate (Portugal) that moved to a moderate cold climate (Belgium) I say that I prefer cold over hot anytime. I sweat a lot even if it's only slightly hot. Cold is unpleasent in the face and hands, even gloves are not always effective, because they separate your fingers, so they don't warm each other. And scarfs are hard to use, but still beats anyday hot weather, I suffer a lot in Hot weather, while in cold is just a mild annoyance.

Tips to protect my nose from cold? It's what annoys me the most, scarf is always falling down, maybe I'm just noob at this.

Hot weather. I need to run an AC during the summer, which uses a lot of power. During the winter, I just have to have my PC running and the heat it generates is more than enough to keep my room warm.

I'm in Australia so we don't get incredibly cold but generally speaking we get both, and I've come to the conclusion that I hate HUMIDITY. I'm happy with hot or cold, but fuck humid weather. Overcast muggy hot without rain in the worst, I would say. I'm absolutely fine with dry and hot, raining and cold, dry and cold, but humidity leads to discomfort in all scenarios that don't involve precipitation.

I second the hate for humidity. Australian heat of 40d with 40% humidity it fine. I went overseas and had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur. like 28d with 90-100 humidity. Something like that. That was terrible. Worst weather I've ever seen.

Which out of hot or cold is worse. Cold. When it gets hot the shade is your friend. When it's cold there is no sun to be your friend it's behind clouds.

Of course heat is worse! You can save yourself from cold by putting clothes on, but when its 38 degrees celsium, you are already naked, but still hot, there is nothing that cane save aside from cold water. Mmm... Swimming in lake.

Cold weather makes training much more difficult, and for the place I live in. We seldom have cold enough weather to impede our everyday stuff.

You can always put on another jacket, but there's a limit to how naked you can get.

Also, I don't actually mind cold.

Sure you can, Watch and learn.


Just for the record official weather prediction for Christmas tomorrow in Brisbane is 31 degrees C or 87.8 in farenhight.

To answer the question neither. My problem is all the other factors that make up the weather. Hot days are fine unless the humidity is too high and it feels like your swimming in a sauna or too low then it feels like your being dry baked alive.

Cold is fine so long as it's not too windy or rainy. I like being wet. I like being cold. Wet and cold? Not so much.

Well, if it's only about the temperature, meaning that there's no snow, I'd say hot is worse, because you can only take so many clothes off before you get arrested.
But if we were to add snow to the equation, I'd probably go with the cold, because it's still pretty bad and that goddamn snow makes it a lot harder to get anywhere.
And of course, when it's hot, there's more than one damned colour visible outside.

Wait, wait, I have to say this.

Snow is magical, and ice means a nice game of hockey.

Are you completely insane? Snow is magical? Yeah, like the spell Grease is magical. AND HOCKEY? WHO THE FUCK LIKES HOCKEY MY GOD SOMEONE HELP ME

Hot. Sweating and being unable to do anything about it sucks(fanning is useless!). At least when you're cold you can put on extra clothing. Easier to endure cold rather than hot weather in my opinion.

Me in the summer: "Fuck it's hot, wish it was winter"
Me in the winter: "Fuck it's cold, wish it was summer"

Still, if I really had to choose, hot weather.
Being a bit overweight I sweat, a lot. Not pleasant.

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