Poll: Which is worse - Hot weather or cold weather?

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Hot weather is worse for sure.
There are over a MILLION ways to keep warm, most are very cheap or even free. Plus the more awesome clothing like jackets, coats, hats and gloves are all rather warm.
Heaters are the extreme end of staying warm and those are about the cost of a decent fan nowadays (Most even double AS fans). Heck, merely EXISTING generates heat.

The only ways to keep cool though are cold drinks, fans and ACs, all of which cost more money the longer you have them on.

I had to spend a winter in Fairbanks and it just wrecked me for the heat. Even ten years after I'm far happier in a t-shirt at 50 than I am at 100.

im a red haired Scotsman so im kinda built for cooler climes. too much sun and heat is actually seriously dodgy towards my well-being (i was actually called "allergic to sunlight" as a kid and once took sunstroke on holiday...in Dundee! oO)

my favourite kind of day is "crisp", cold and dry with a blue winter sky.

the kind of day you can see and feel yourself breathing...

I am really suprised hot is winning, usually people think I am weird for disliking the heat. Glad to know there are others out there.

Yeah the heat makes me feel sick and moody. I like a cold night while I am wrapped up in a blanket.

I took a vacation in Rome, Italy once...one of the hottest places I have ever been, oh my fuck. It was hard to enjoy myself with sweat pouring off my face, yuck. Also Tunis...but I pretend that I never went there.

until you have to work a heavily physical job outside you really don't appreciate hot weather
somewhere around the mid 40's (110ish) is where it really hits you and every step feels like walking in syrup but there is absolutely no way out of it except removing yourself from the environment. at least in winter you can throw on a jacket and gloves and still be able to work even in the harshest weather but at 45 degrees working outside is life and death

I'm bias to say cold seeing how I am from the UK (horay for Brits weathers...) I rarely experience proper hot weather over here. Heck the only time I did felt so bloody hot when I was on holiday abroad (U.S and Hong Kong)!

I hate hot weather, especially when it comes with high humidity. It makes me feel sticky and miserable. There aren't very many ways to counter it, either. Sure... you can remove layers of clothing, but there's only so much of that you can do before you get stuck on a sex offender list. You could go to a beach to swim, assuming there's even one close by... and if there isn't, you could get a pool - if you feel like dealing with the incredible cost and maintenance requirements. There's also fans and whatnot... which most of the time don't do shit unless you're right next to them and never, ever move. There's air conditioners, which work great, except for when they spike your electric bill, cause brown-outs because everyone has them on, have to be drained, or when they for some reason break or cease to work and you're stuck miserable with nothing to cool you down.

Sure, cold weather sucks too... but all you really have to do is put on additional layers of clothing to fix it. This is the second winter in a row in New Hampshire where I haven't even bothered to turn the heat on, opting for sweatshirts instead.

When it's hot outside you can take clothes off, but this only gets your temp down so much, when it's cold you can keep throwing on clothes to raise your temp to whatever temp you desire.

Can't fight the heat.
At least you can always put on more clothes when it's cold.

Both,because in my region it's either dry heat or dry cold.It's not the temperature,it's the lack of humidity that makes it unbearable.
Anyway with the given choice-cold is worse,because snow makes going places take more effort than it should and dry cold pierces through half your clothing and boots anyway.And I love it when it drops below -10 C,ice on the windows in the afternoon is always nice to see.
And it wasn't until I went to the plains to realize that the heat I experience every summer is nothing compared to the baking ovens there.
Can't I have a nice warm weather with occasional drops to 5-10 C?That would be nice.

Cold Weather... entirely because it does horror to my hair... makes my hair all dry and scalp all flaky...<.<

Hot, I'm pretty used to the cold at this stage. Suprisingly though I went to Africa this Summer and the heat didn't obliterate me which was nice. The rush of heat getting of the plane was insane. Night time was warmer than any Irish Summers day. Once I got used to it, it was fine.

I seriously loathe hot weather. Hot humid weather is my idea of hell. As some other people have said, it's easier (and more legal) to wrap up than it is to strip.

Well, as I live in Pittsburgh where the three seasons are Summer, winter, and RAIN...where the word 'drought' is a laughable term...where many of us have insurance against flooding, landslide, and MINE SUBSIDANCE...I would say hot weather is worse.

You see, it takes far more energy to make hot to cold than vice versa. Living in foul weather territory, I can tell you that winter happiness is thick clothes, a decent coat, and a reasonble space heater, and that's for those with low funds. One furnace heating made payable by utility taxes is probably less of a to-do than the strain and consumption on electricity during times of heat. Suffice to say, I'm definitely use to ther cold, so that sort of makes the win.

1000 times hot weather. Leaving aside the fact that all you have to do is put on more layers to combat the cold, really hot weather actually worsens my mood; it leaves me feeling arid and languorous, cold weather doesn't really weigh down on you or take the energy out of you in the same way, it's just a lot easier to deal with, though I suppose living in England I've gotten more acclimatised to it. I don't mind it being warm and sunny, with a nice breeze during the summertime, but anything over 25°C just seems pointless to me. I generally prefer winter over summer at any rate.

I despise them both, but it's far easier to escape cold than heat.

Heat is basically my antithesis, the bane of my existence. I'm prone to headaches, heat being one of the bigger causes. (So, I get headaches much less often in the winter than the summer.) All of my pants are jeans, and I don't enjoy wearing shorts. So that's no fun either.

I also have a fairly robust tolerance for cold. I can stand most temperatures during the winter (northern Ohio) with only a jacket.

I think we complain about the weather no matter what it is...In the boiling summer, we wish for the winter. In the winter, we whine about missing summer

But I'd say hot weather is probably worse. you have less control over how cool/hot you get...Whereas in the winter you can put on a jacket and remain warm for as long as you like ^_^

When it's cold, you can always do something about it. Dress more warmly, turn up the heater. When it's too hot, there's only so much you can do.

I'm in Australia so we don't get incredibly cold but generally speaking we get both, and I've come to the conclusion that I hate HUMIDITY. I'm happy with hot or cold, but fuck humid weather. Overcast muggy hot without rain in the worst, I would say. I'm absolutely fine with dry and hot, raining and cold, dry and cold, but humidity leads to discomfort in all scenarios that don't involve precipitation.

And this as well. Hot and cold weather are a lot more bearable when it's not so damn humid.

Hot weather is my bane! Then again, I'm pretty sensitive to heat. Everyone at work wears several layers regardless of time of year, while I'm can work in the frozen foods section in midwinter wearing short sleeves and still feel a bit hot.

Thankfully I live in Sweden where we can have up to six months of winter =D

Hot, you can always put on more clothes if you're cold, but if you're too warm all you can rely on is a fan.

Both are terrible in extreme circumstances, see twilight episode for that with the earth moving closer and farther away from the sun. But if it's a normal scenario def. the heat. You can add layers of clothing and make artificial heat, if it's cold of course. When it's hot you can only strip so far...

The rules are a little different in Australia, but I'd still say it's easier to warm up than cool down.

Hot; you get fucking sweaty, your concentration breaks down and the sun hurts.

At least during cold weather it feels like you're alive, and at the most, all it can do is sting a bit.

well Scotland's weather ranger from a bit cold to shit so im not really used to either extreme like some country, but i suppose hot weather is worse because it make my house very uncomfortable to be in a night, but if it snow the whole country (including england) go fucking bananza and train and busses get cancelled and school get called off like its the appoclopys has rolled around.

Sleeping on a hot night is seriously difficult sometimes.
Cold nights however, all you have to do is wrapped yourself up in a duvet or wear thicker nightclothes (or actually wear if you don't)

Cold, it's hard for me to warm up and my joints tend to get sore in colder than average temperatures. Not to mention the viciously cold winds and ice.

winter is pretty to look at though, but it would be better if it wasn't cold

I'm pretty happy living in Canada. Unlike the rest of my family, I prefer winter over summer. No sweating, no allergies and no mosquitos. It's the only time of the year when I actually enjoy being outside, and shoveling the driveway beats mowing the lawn.

Edit: I just remembered when my dad told me about the day he spent in Dubai. It was over 40C with 100% humidity. He said he felt like he was melting.

Me and my viking friends agree, hot is greatly more annoying. Especially if you're afraid of insects or other little living creatures that dwell in it like I do. Goddamn those things are terrifying. And cold? I love cold. It's peaceful and quiet. Damn, the cold weather circumstances you've described sound like fun to me.

I'm in Australia so we don't get incredibly cold but generally speaking we get both, and I've come to the conclusion that I hate HUMIDITY. I'm happy with hot or cold, but fuck humid weather. Overcast muggy hot without rain in the worst, I would say. I'm absolutely fine with dry and hot, raining and cold, dry and cold, but humidity leads to discomfort in all scenarios that don't involve precipitation.

Agreed on all counts, and since humidity isn't a problem in Winter, I guess it's a vote against hot weather for me.

I suppose the real question is what is worse: Hot Weather with Humidity, or Cold Weather with High Winds?

I hate hot weather. It's constant annoyance, and makes everything you do harder and more goddamn annoying. Plus, when it's cold, I can put on as many clothes as I like, but when it's hot, I could sit around in the nude and it would still be unbearable. Not that I'm allowed to, oh no. Mr steroid abuse can walk around without a top on fine, but when I get too hot, there's hell to pay...

So, yeah, hot weather's worse.

You cannot seem to escape hot weather. It Doesn't matter if you're outside or inside it's still boiling.
Where as cold weather, you can either go inside or put a jacket, gloves, and a hat on and you'll be fine.

Hot. Warm is good, hot is horrible. I get all sweaty and smelly and red in the face, ughh. I don't mind cold weather as long as the wind doesn't blow a rain of snow in my face, plus I quite enjoy wearing fluffy socks and trench coats and soft, cuddly cardigans. Then again, I am a Swede.

Here in New Zealand at the moment, in my city, it is 29C (84F) and I'm finding it pretty unbearable. I much prefer colder weather around the 15-19C mark (59-66F). If I had to choose between too hot and too cold, I would go too cold every time.

Humidity... I seem to radiate heat, and being a very large fat man I'm very well insulated in the cold. However, my favourite place to visit in the states is Arizona as I can handle dry heats even in the 40's as long as I have a drink with me, but because I'm always so warm I just want to die when its humid out. Living in Ontario near the lakeside it's always hot and humid, never a dry heat so I hide in my basement where it's nice and cool

You can always put on more clothes.

So yeah, HOT weather is way worse, and this is coming from a Floridian.

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