Poll: Which is worse - Hot weather or cold weather?

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Apart from the fact that you can dress yourself for cold weather, and not for hot weather, here in Holland winter also means A LOT less bugs. Musqitos, mainly, which I hate.

hot. anything above 20c and i feel like dying. im seriuos. i feel fine at -20c today.

Hot, I wear t-shirts in frost weather and watching people with more than one layer of clothes under their jackets make me sweat.

Having survived both(and both kinds of hot), the absolute worst is hot and humid weather. Why? Two words. Swamp ass.

If it's cold you can bundle up, if it's dry, you won't be coated in sweat. When it's humid, you're drenched in sweat all the time.

EDIT:When I mention this, I refer to ~100F with 90% humidity, ~125F with <10% humidity, -40F(or C because the two are interchangeable at that temperature).

When it's -40 regularly, you enjoy days when it's closer to freezing(0C or 32F) because it meant it was warm outside.

For me, I dislike cold weather more than hot weather, because I get less ill in the summer than in the winter. Plus, it can be easier for me to cool off in the sun than it is for me to warm up in the cold.

I'd have to say hot weather is worse for me. I can always put on more layers, but I can only take off so many before people start losing their cookies and I get arrested.

I don't have the thret of hitting ice and dying in warm weather, so cold is worse.

Hot. By far. Give me snow and ice any day, I can just build a fire and layer up. Heat, though... heat you can't really drive away. There's only so much clothing you can take off (especially with roommates).

It helps that I live in western Washington, where most buildings don't have AC. And I also start complaining when the temperature hits 75 F. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to heat.

Love cold, though.

Hot is worse because it makes entropy on earth increase faster.

Survival for a human is much much much higher in cold, but cold also makes pain 10x worse unless you've literally frozen the part where it should hurt.

Hot makes pain less... painful overall. Especially blunt trauma.

Also, cold makes your lungs freeze, if you are running or such, forcing you to stop much sooner, plus the junk it causes to make you start coughing, etc etc.

Hot allows you to run more, be more physically active, alive.

Hot seems like a much better choice if you actually end up surviving. And of course I think the main problem with people not liking the heat is because of the god damn social stigma of getting naked. It's a fucking crime after-all. If we could walk around naked or at least just with underwear on people would have a lot less disdain for the heat.

Hot weather. I was born and raised in Canada (still live here) and depending where you live, you can get some cold-ass winters. I mean -30C (that's -22F for americans) plus windchill cold. I can go outside in jeans and a t-shirt as cold as -5C with no wind so I usually don't mind the cold. If I ever do get cold though, I can just more layers on or move my body really quickly to warm myself up. When you're hot, there's nothing much you can do except drink lots of water and submerse yourself in cold water.

Cold, I enjoy the heat. It feels great.

I prefer hot weather, mainly because it's easier to accommodate. I live in a room in my house where the heat doesn't pass to easily, but in hot weather I just crack open a window, and turn on a fan.

Humidity sucks worse than both, but I'd rather heat than cold. It's far easier for me to deal with.

When you die from heat, you will suffer horrible before going insane and dying.
When you die from cold, you start feeling numb, warm, even comfortable, before falling asleep and dying.

Besides, when it's too cold, you can just wear more or warmer clothes, but if it's too warm, you can't exactly wear less than nothing.

And by "hot" I mean "dang-I'm-sweating-in-places-I-didn't-even-know-possible" hot. At least 100 degrees Fahrenheit ('Murican here).
And for cold, we're talking ice-cold wind in your face, snow on the ground, and big gray clouds as far as the eye can see. So basically, of the most uncomfortable features each has to offer, which is worse to you?

If you've never had the misfortune of dealing with such extremes before, just call to mind your own personal definitions of really hot/cold weather.

And since you asked, I hate cold weather.

You can add almost as many clothes as you want, but you can only take so many of them off. Because of that I'd rather it be cold than hot.

Hot weather is much worse, but that might have a lot to do with me being large & quite fuzzy...

I do have to work in 100 plus temps during the summer so I have built up a tolerance to the heat, but yeah hot weather still blows.

Now I want to be a little different here, but I have to agree with the majority that hot weather is worse. It's not the clothing issue, but the fact that I kinda like cold weather. I enjoy -10 and I can bear anything down to -20, lower than that is unpleasant, but bearable. I love snow and darkness because it puts me in a good mood.

Anything that's hotter than 20c is unpleasant, there's no way to cool down short of undressing and that wont happen and you sweat through layers of clothes while doing nothing. Ilove the summer because the day lasts 22 hours before the sun sets (yes, I like both dark and light) which makes the nights pleasant. However when it's hot I have problems sleeping, I get headaches and I get drowsy. Luckily our summers are crappy so I don't have to deal with warm weather that much.

It depends. Wet heat is the worst, can't take that much above 22C. Dry Heat I don't start melting until 30C. I'd take -10 over either. Put on my gloves, hat, woolly jumper, coat and drink delicious warm beverages and I stay at a toasty temperature anyway. Also, I am skinny enough to be able to wear two pairs of jeans without anyone noticing, which is very effective.

Edit, also whilst not red haired, I share their pain in the face of bright sunlight, and so getting progressively nakeder in hot weather isn't really an option.

Hot. I can always throw on another layer if it's chilly outside. I have a feeling, though, that the police wouldn't much like it if I tried to disrobe in public to stay cool.

1000 times hot weather. Leaving aside the fact that all you have to do is put on more layers to combat the cold, really hot weather actually worsens my mood; it leaves me feeling arid and languorous, cold weather doesn't really weigh down on you or take the energy out of you in the same way, it's just a lot easier to deal with, though I suppose living in England I've gotten more acclimatised to it. I don't mind it being warm and sunny, with a nice breeze during the summertime, but anything over 25°C just seems pointless to me. I generally prefer winter over summer at any rate.

England's not really cold. Occasionally it'll venture into minus figures but on the whole it doesn't get extremes of temperature either way. Mostly it has different kinds of wet.

Captcha; it will pass. Keep telling yourself that Captcha.

Cold. I get cold when it's 30 degrees C out so you can imagine how unpleasant actual cold weather is for me.

Do you have some kind of deficiency causing you to be so cold at such heat?

OT: Hot because I start sweating from just standing outside at 55F (12C if my phone did the conversion right).
Plus you can always put more clothes on and there is a certain point where you can't take anymore clothes off.

Well, with cold weather you can just curl up in your bed. Watch tv and drink hot cocoa. Hot weather, best you can hope to is to survive until it stops being hot.

Well, I get swamp-ass something fierce when I'm running hot. I find that immensely discomforting. So I'll have to go with Hot being the worst for me, especially if the humidity is high. Then it's suffocating.

Ugh, hot weather. Essentially all we get here, though we've had a remarkably cool summer so far.

Anything below 25 degrees C and above fatally cold temperatures is all right by me- outside of this range, it gets very uncomfortable.

I rather like the cold. I just don't love shoveling snow or driving on ice.

I find it interesting that so many of you pick 38C or 100F as hot and feel that 0C or 32F qualifies as cold. To truly compare you really have to be used to winters that hit at least -20C or -4F on a regular basis to truly know what qualifies as cold imo. And by -20C, that without windchill and the daily high with a couple of weeks every winter going into the -30's. With nightly temps going at least 10 degrees colder.

I prefer the cold in general. Much easier to add more layers whereas there are only so many layers you can take off. Plus, I love snow and everything the comes with it. Yes, even snow shoveling.

I find it interesting that so many of you pick 38C or 100F as hot and feel that 0C or 32F qualifies as cold. To truly compare you really have to be used to winters that hit at least -20C or -4F on a regular basis to truly know what qualifies as cold imo. And by -20C, that without windchill and the daily high with a couple of weeks every winter going into the -30's. With nightly temps going at least 10 degrees colder.

Currently going through a cold snap of -8F/-22C without windchill of -14F/-25C. Now that I call cold. But saying that 32F/0C is cold seems silly to me as that's the higher end of the temperature spectrum for most of the months where I'm from. Not as extreme as your temps but cold enough to make me more annoyed than freezing.

And 100F is hot, yes, but it's the humidity that gets me more. I could deal with 107F at night while in Mexico but not in the 80s with a humidity level in the higher ranges.

I used to say the same thing as everyone else in the thread: "You can only take off so many clothes." But really after several years in humid Japan with apartments that have poor insulation and weak air conditioners, I've changed and now I can't stand the cold. I just get pissed off when it's cold.

Once you accept that in warm weather, you're just going to sweat like everyone else is, it stops being a mental barrier. I've happily cycled ~40 miles in a single day in summer heat just for the fun of it, but in winter I won't even go outside if I don't have a reason.

Plus, in summer the eye candy is nicer.

Hot weather cause it's so much harder to get cool than it is to get warm. Beyond that I actually like cold weather...which is kind of a shame since I live in Texas.

It's only january and I'm already seeing winter fade away ;_;

Well, having lived in Ireland and Spain, I've got to say that when the weather conditions get extreme, I've always preferred the cold. At least with the cold you can wrap up really warm or just stay indoors near a radiator. But when it's really hot, there's only so many items of clothing you can go without and not offend anyone. Plus, the heat gets you indoors too. I think the cold is just a lot more manageable.

For me, it's the cold that's worse. No matter how many layers I may put on, the cold air always manages to cut right through it all. Not to mention I hate shoveling/breaking ice. Also, there's this whole thing where the really cold air causes my throat to close up. Scarfs don't usually help in this regard, part due to the cold getting through everything, and part due to how I usually can't get the scarf to stay in a way where it covers a good portion of my face, but doesn't cause my glasses to fog up.
And then there's the whole thing of 'trekking through the ice & snow is difficult and painful'.

Hot, I can usually manage (just not humidity). Think it's due to my being rail thin and pale.

Hot weather. It's harder to cool down than it is to warm up. Plus it's so nice when it's cold and you are indoors with a nice blanket and a hot mug of hot chocolate or tea.

i like both
i love the cold for snow and ice and because i dont sweat so much (anything over 10c and the slightest excersize will make me sweat) and cold tends to keep most of the twats indoors at night (tis kinda nice to be able to go for a night time walkabout without having to worrie about packs of bored teens proving their manliness)

and i love the heat because i get to sit outside in my garden sun bathing with a nice cold beer at hand. and go swimming at the lake . and obviously all the girls wandering about in skimpy clothes make it much more fun to sit about people watching.

its the dreary boring weather i hate.. (wich is most of the weather here..grey wet and boringly average)

I'm from the deep South where we get scorching temps, sometimes 110 F + and on top of that ridiculous humidity. It's like you're 'breathing water' as my friend likes to put it. Don't get me wrong. I love the South and I was raised/born in it as well. So, I'm semi used to it, but I love the cold.

Like the Floridian said somewhere in here, you can always put on more clothes.

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