Poll: Which is worse - Hot weather or cold weather?

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I curse thee, sun! I curse thee and thine crush on Texas and everything else near this planet's waistline! I'd rather deal with rain than have to deal with the heat so much! All I want is some snow on occasion, is that so much to ask?

Hot. Give me hypothermia any day and I will enjoy it like the cold lover that I am. Heat, on the other hand, manages to find a way to ruin absolutely everything in life.

Hot weather that we have right now... It makes me murderous. I walk home. I fucking sweat a river from my school to my house in Summer. Also we had 100 Fahrenheit 4 days ago (37-38 Celsius, Metric is good). Some people in our school assembly had to be carried off. Fuck hot weather.

I love me some coldness.

Not only do I not see those extremes, it didn't even snow last winter for me, even though I'm 52 degrees north. Within the narrow range that I've actually experienced, I'll take hot any day, even in a really hot summer the weather only reaches the mythical peaks of "too hot" for a few days that year.

And FYI, the correct term for the hot temperature you described is "311 Kelvins". NB: it's not "degrees Kelvin", because Kelvin is an absolute scale that starts from zero, not some high temperature labelled as "zero" because it seems cold to meatbags.

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