A cult forms around you. How do you react?

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"MORTALS! I have descended upon earth to make games that will change the course of history! Now go learn C# and photoshop and 3ds max and come back when you are worthy of my time! And bring some weed.

No, girl, you stay here. We will ensure coming of The Savior in the meantime."

It would seriously depend on how "devout" they are. If we get into the whole, "you worship Cookiegerard or we will attack you" then I would have to try and stop it. There is also the problem of them using my words against me, thinking I mean something else. I'm not really that great with explaining or getting points across correctly, so I think I might actually make things a lot worse then they started out as.

Wow, people are actually following me of all people? AHahahaahaha! Let me check again. For real?

Ohhohohohoho, my own slave-minions... I guess I'll be a good ruler. All I demand is all their money, kinky virgins, and servitude. I'll have them sell all their possessions and contribute to a survivalist collective, farming, constructing settlements, and some of them training to be assassins and missionaries. My power will grow even stronger... and anyone who proves a threat will be eliminated. Hahahaha!

Order them that the only way to worship me is to train as an orchestra, then follow me around playing the background music to my life. Then every time I walk into a room...

I'll have to buy a cape.

I'd most likely make a cult based around ideas against the modern society of political correctness materialism (ala Fight Club)

Steal from the rich and give to the poor. Or simply tell that I am a false propet and the real gods are within themselves and they should go and try to make the world a better place. Depends on what I can squeese out of them. If they won't be smart enough to become a revolutionary organisation, they could make a great charity group.

After staring at the massed group with incredulous horror, my first question would be, "And you arrived at this conclusion how?"

If they managed to convince me of my godhood with something approaching logic, I'd give them some benevolence: The price of being my follower is $2.00 Canadian per week, payable in advance if desired, but cash donations only please and thank you. If they really want, they can meet at my house on Saturday nights to pay their dues, sing whatever songs they feel appropriate, and no, I won't always be there, leave the donations in the candy dish, don't break anything, don't fuck on the couch, stay out of the bedrooms, and BYOB.

Once those dues are paid, go forth, my followers, do as you please (except at my house) and harm none in doing so. If I hear of my followers shedding blood or picking fights in my name, I'll come down on the offenders with fuuuuurious anger and a rolled-up newspaper. Probably a Sunday one.

At least I'd have chicken.

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