The song you want at your funeral (in order to troll your close relatives)

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Why Sympathy for the Devil of course!

My Dad wants it played at his funeral also.

Brotherhood of Man by Motorhead

I'll start with serious answers, here.

On the more joke-y, silly, or trolling side, let's see what I can come up with.

I'd say that's probably enough for now.

Captcha: "pyrrhic victory".

Thanks for that, Captcha.

"Alive" by Pearl Jam. Hopefully the repeated lyric "I'm still alive" would get them worrying about whats going on in the coffin. Not that I would want to do that to my relatives, but in a purely hypothetical trolly sense I think it would work nicely.

This, it has to be this.

I should fake my own death to see their reactions...

Because I have no sense of creativity, I'll say "Steppin' Out" by The Electric Light Orchestra.
2nd best guess: Robert Downey Jr's recording of the song, "Smile".

I had never heard the song until about a month ago, and it's amazing.

I told my family to either bury me in the backyard, or throw me to the wolves to save money. i wouldn't want to leave my family bankrupt as my last act in the world.

Anyway IF I had a funeral because, I dunno, some guy wanted to be an asshole and get me one, I'd probably ask for "Gangnam Style" to be played because I hate that song, so that will be their punishment for giving me a funeral! Ha!

A few ideas, though I could probably come up with a lot more if I took the time;

Following one contains some semi-spoilerly images for Persona 4 in its later half

And, of course, to absolutely fuck with people;


The only right answer.

My choice, as well.
EDIT: "Uploader has not made this video available in your country." Fuck!

I've had this one planned for a while :D

Troll song? Let's see... Probably Stratovarius's Elysium. Not because it's the best song or anything, but if they had to play it through, it's 18 minutes long and most of my relatives are into contry/classic rock, so makin them sit through it would be my final move of douchebaggery

I think I would have to go with this...

It's remained...poignant for me for nearly two decades now.

I wouldn't particularly want to troll the few people who give enough of a shit about my life that they come to my funeral.

Baron von Blitztank:
Ninja forces deployed!

I see your Still Alive and raise you two more Still Alives!

Since my funeral will most likely take place here in Sweden, I'll have this song played to troll everyone attending.

It's sung in Swedish so the majority of you won't understand. Lyrics include never being able to go to heaven due to having chosen between piety and booze plus napalm, among other things.}" title="" target="_blank">{} If the Westboro Baptist Church decide to show up.}" title="" target="_blank">{} If I'm murdered.}" title="" target="_blank">{} Just kind of generally. Awesome song, y'know?

I'd prefer to go out New Orleans style, with happy, cheerful music playing as I'm laid to rest.

Hmmmmm it has to be something dumb so...

right now, this!

well of my aim was to troll my close relatives i would actual sad music to be played, everyone will be waiting for the cynic smartass part of the music that will never come.

Well it depends, if I got cremated it'd be

But if I'd get buried it'll be

Here are a few to choose from:

Whenever the dark is near... I will return from the grave to haunt you, God Forsaken WHORE!

A little oath of my inevitable return. And of course my funeral will be the cremation ceremony. They will see me go up in flames with this playing.

Due to my pessimism of this world:

This song is just perfect. Darren Korb was seriously a genius on this game.

Self explanatory, really. What song do you want at your funeral? I'd like a peppy song at mine. Something really discordant with the mood. That ought to be a nice and proper send off.

Clearly, there's only one answer to this question:

As several others have posted these ones, I won't bother posting their respective videos:

AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Still Alive
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

But I think probably the best option is

Michael Jackson's "Thriller". It'll have them checking over their shoulders for zombies during the whole procession.

I have not given it much thought, but I know my father actually wants the song "Good Riddance" played at his funeral. In fairness to him he didn't know the title when he first made the decision but even now he still wants it played.

He also wants the Dropkick Murphy's song mentioned above played as well.

String my body up by thin invisible threads, then, when the ceremony starts, pop the casket open, work my body like a puppet, and play Yakety Sax. You know, the traditional way to have a funeral.

Since my parents would most certainly insist on a christian funeral, I'd want Rammstein's Hallelujah to play. Just as a fuck you to the priest and to show that I didn't agree to this.

Also since my will says I wanted to be cremated (fire is fukken awesome) Feuer Frei would be fun too.

Ooh, or Bloodhound Gang's Hell Yeah.

This could be good too:

Because it would be the ONLY way to make this song more creepy/hilarious.


Self explanatory, really. What song do you want at your funeral? I'd like a peppy song at mine. Something really discordant with the mood. That ought to be a nice and proper send off.

Clearly, there's only one answer to this question:

Still clever, but someone beat you to it. Nevertheless, you're smarter than me for picking this out.

well I suppose if I really wanted to be a bit of a troll I'd go with this"

though if I had to be more serious than I'd go with something like this:

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