The song you want at your funeral (in order to troll your close relatives)

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Just remembered this song. This would be a perfect song to set the mood for a funeral.

That's a simple one...
Static-X - I'm with Stupid

I wouldn't mind rocking out at my funeral

I decided years ago that I want Sympathy for the Devil played at my funeral. My best friend wants the Indiana Jones theme.

To troll my loved ones? This song:

I'd play "Epitaffio" by Arne Nordheim, a really modern orchestral piece, so everyone is weirded out and uncomfortable, because most people would be like "WTF am i listening to", and then hopefully get a bad conscience because it was my final wish to have this music played, and they all hate it.


Also fitting that the title is "Epitaph", but that is just an added bonus.

This one:

'Cause funerals are pointless wastes of resources.

I would like "Marrow of The Earth" and "Heritage" by Opeth
"Finish The Fight", "Overture" and "Bits and Pieces" from Halo soundtracks
"Somewhere in Between" "Nocturn" by Kate Bush and some other stuff..

Actually, the music that plays before a mission in XCOM Enemy Unknow would be perfect, I spend so much time on that screen, changin my squad, smoking and drinking coffee

Incoming Anime theme!

Preceded by a short pre-recorded monologue: "There's a bomb in the coffin, and the doors are locked. Ciao!"

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