Your opinion or thought on Love?

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Romantic love certainly makes for a pretty fantasy. Never seen it actually happen... just a lot of projecting and unrealistic expectations. Family and friends, though... attachment to others with or without sex (which is inconsequential to such matters)... that sort of love I do know and trust.


Ahem, sorry 'bout that...

Uh, I dunno... Wait, I need this: [sappy answer] Really, I never felt love and, sadly enough, I don't know if I ever will. It's not that I'm a hateful bastard who doesn't want anything to do with the emotion. On the contrary, it's something I really want, but I feel sometimes like I'm unable to experience it even though a person feels it towards me :_( [/sappy answer]

Love is for the weak.

I wanted to also post a song but everyone else beat me to it...

That is a tricky question since the word love is used to mean different things and people often get the concepts confused together. Now that I got that out of the way, yes I believe in love. Love=understanding. Love is based on your desire to be with someone, how much of your world overlaps with theirs, and good communication. Love is not static thing, but a variable quantity. This is why people "fall in love" and "fall out of love" This is also why I do not believe in love at first sight which is usually just hormones or infatuation. ( although the other person could remind you of a love lost in which case the feeling of love may be real just misplaced )
if you want love to grow, talk with your partner. Love is two people connecting ( I mean spirituality but hey, sex is communication on a physical level so that's good to. Just don't forget to ask how their day was afterward :) on a deeper level. Its sad that we live in the information age where we can send and receive messages to the other side of the planet, but nobody wants to sit down and talk. There could be so much more love in the world.

"Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn." Arnold Rimmer, Red Dwarf.

"I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?" George Carlin

"My wife and I were happy for 20 years--then we met." Rodney Dangerfield

"Love is a friend, a fire, a heaven, a hell, where pleasure, pain and sad repentance dwell" Richard Barnfield

"Bigamy is having one wife too many, Monogamy is the same."

"Men marry because they are tired; women, because they are curious; both are disappointed."

"The one charm about marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties."

- Oscar Wilde

"What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic." Martin Luther King Jr.

I could go on all day with these.

To me, its an interesting neural and chemical reaction with unusual social and psychological effects. How it feels though, you should ask someone else.

I think its a good thing

But saying that, Im in love at the moment, and in a relationship with that person, and shutter to think what it would be like to lose that over of some petty contrivance

I believe in love. Love is a biochemical state of mind which causes certain physical, social and mental responses that we generally associate with affection of different forms.
I believe in it because I can A: Apply the scientific-method to have it tested. I can cut people open and study their neurological patterns and biochemical interchange (well not me per se, but others with the technical know-how), B: Study the social interactions between humans that are in love, and C; I have experienced it myself.

i don't want to belittle whatever feelings people think they have but love is less magic than it is science

this pretty much sums up the average male lonely hearts ad

and if my local paper is anything to go by the average female ad reads a little like:

"i have big tits and blond hair, i'm not fat. searching for a rich guy to pay my bills in exchange for sex"

A goal is to experience it, one day. That one day will come, I am sure of it.


Ahem, sorry 'bout that...

To me, love is liking someone a lot. Trying to explain it any other way is foolish and fruitless because you'll not be able to explain it right. There's nothing wrong with it being explained like that, it's still as meaningful as it once was, just simpler.

Toy Master Typhus:
Love is dead in this day in age with higher expectations of ones partner and lower tolerance to settle for less. It has become nothing more then a financial or social-political bonus. Perhaps I am just jaded from personnel experience but everyone (myself included) goes into relationships assuming their partner is exactly the way they wan them then the little things start poking at your smile; and before you know it your happier to go to work then be at home.

So very edgy and angst filled. I'd say enjoy high school but with that post looking the way it does I'm not sure you will. Seriously though, could you be much more cynical? It doesn't make you look as wise and experienced as you think it does.

This is going to sound like I'm a real downer, but I don't believe in romantic love. To me love is a mental state of co-dependence. It's unhealthy to an extent.

I believe in it, its an emotion like any other. Perfectly natural and observable.

I don't think I've ever felt it though and have no idea what love actually feels like.

What, I am above such an obvious joke.

I do feel that love is real, I love my family and would be devastated without them!

As for loving your partner, I was in love with my ex-girlfriend, but I got over it fast.

++Be warned - I don't filter myself on The Escapist. This is all pure truth as I have experienced it, with no regard for how sappy and OTT-sounding it may seem.++

Rose and Thorn:
Do you believe in love?


Rose and Thorn:
What is love to you?

-True love is the most powerful thing in the 'verse. It's enduring. It's forgiving. It is blind.

-Actual love is something that CANNOT be understood by those who have never experienced it (I have tried a length to communicate the notion to a handful of friends who were like "Yea yea, I get it" only to have them come back to me years or months later saying things akin to "Holy crap, man, I didn't understand what you meant about love when you explained it to me before, but now it all makes perfect terrifying sense".

-To care for things as if they were people, is illusion
To care for people as if they were things, is violence
To care for people as if they were people, is justice
To care for people as if they were ourselves, is love...

-Love is the realization that someone in the world is more important to you than you are to yourself.

-You cannot truly live, until you find what you are willing to die for.

-In love's name men do things they would never consider doing for honor.

-All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.

-Love can destroy you on a whole other level beyond something so simple as death.

-Love can be your greatest power and your greatest weakness.

-The crucible of love can forge the most heroic of souls and the most vile. It has the potential power to completely reshape lives and personalities.

-Love is not always so simple as only loving a single person. It can make your life INCREDIBLY complicated.

Rose and Thorn:
What ISN'T love to you?

Lust is not love.
A crush is not love.
"Love at first sight" is not love.
Infatuation is not love.

Rose and Thorn:
Get technical, stay simple. Be detailed, or answer vaguely. Give me your honest feelings on this one word, and what it means to you.

I have a friend.
She's the first person I ever loved.
We have never been together.
She has become one of my best friends.
She is the person I trust most in the entire world.
I have unflinchingly loved her for 8 years now, and it took me 5 years to also love someone else.
She is the sole reason that I became a force for good.
She is the reason I am loyal, honest, chivalrous, humble, empathetic, protective.
She is the reason I have no fears for my own life.
She is the reason I became deeply philosophical and earned myself a wide array of wisdom.
She has unwittingly had the single greatest impact on my life that anyone or anything ever has.

I close my eyes just to look at her, to see her when I wake up is the dream.
I look into her eyes and see a world that doesn't exist; a world I wish I was in.
When she's around the rest of the world sort of disappears and the world is just the two of us; every color shines, every sound becomes music.
She gave me the first understanding of why humanity thrives, what makes the world go round, what has driven humans to achieve some of the most epic feats in all of history.

She made me face my own personal hell - but she didn't let me do it alone. And through that trial by fire she single-handedly gave me an iron will and forged me into someone able to walk the path of good and morality without doubt.
For these and a great many other things I owe her, and whether or not I ever awaken to a day where she is with me, I do intend to do all I can to repay her.

"Which one is the biggest?"

....Mine. Probably mine. XD

Love is the feeling that something or somebody and yourself are in fact part of a single entity. When two people find true love, the boundaries between one and the other disappear entirely. Finding true love is extremely difficult and highly improbable and it's important to accept this about life.

I think love is the creator and destroyer of worlds. Beauty and horror entwined in a terrible glory that few find in its truest form.

A power beyond full comprehension, a life within life.

You think correctly.

From what I've heard of it, apparently it's wonderful.

From what little I've experienced of something resembling it, every time except once it has left me disappointed.

I believe in it, but trying to find it is like trying to shoot a bullseye with a sawed-off shotgun at a target 200 meters away while blindfolded, drunk and facing in the wrong direction.

The closest to what I've come in trying to define love is: such great attachment to and passion about something that merely thinking about it makes you forget everything else in the world.

For a long time I didn't know what all the fuss was about and I was very cynical about the whole thing. Then it happened to me. Best.Thing.In.Life.

what is love to me?

to me love is when a man throws all reason and rationale out the window and becomes an idiot.

that of cource does not mean i lost all hope on love... i am just saying that when a man is in love, he just becomes an idiot

Rose and Thorn:
Do you believe in love?

Whether or not you can describe it, I am curious to know what everyone who answers opinion or thought on love is. What is love to you? What ISN'T love to you?

Get technical, stay simple. Be detailed, or answer vaguely. Give me your honest feelings on this one word, and what it means to you.


It's as simple (or not) as that really.

Adam Jensen:
For a long time I didn't know what all the fuss was about and I was very cynical about the whole thing. Then it happened to me. Best.Thing.In.Life.

And not a soul in the 'verse could have successfully explained it to you before you experienced it for yourself, right?


Adam Jensen:
For a long time I didn't know what all the fuss was about and I was very cynical about the whole thing. Then it happened to me. Best.Thing.In.Life.

And not a soul in the 'verse could have successfully explained it to you before you experienced it for yourself, right?

Exactly. It's one of those things that you have to experience for yourself in order to just begin to understand it. And it's so abstract that no one could possibly explain the feeling. It's the best feeling in the world. On the other hand, unrequited love and heartbreak are the worst feelings.

It exists, without question or doubt.. It's just hard to find.
and I believe it's so much more than just a chemical reaction in the brain. If you disagree with me, fine. I don't give two shits. This isn't up for debate.

I've heard love described as granting someone the power to destory you, but trusting that they won't.

I think it seems accurate. Obviously there's more to it than that but I kinda like that description.

More OT: Yuuuuup. I believe that love exists, and in several different forms. But the general feeling is something you would defend. Something you won't allow someone to find a single fault with without you offering a counter point. But, I am shit at putting down the feeling of profound feelings...

Yeah sure. Love is... love, you know precisely what it is because you've almost certainly experienced it at some point. What I don't believe is that love is any more valuable if it lasts longer; you can love someone for five minutes, doesn't stop it being love. I hate when people try to judge others' relationships and say stuff like 'that isn't love, that's just infatuation'. It's love if it feels like love, don't try to define it for everyone.

Do I believe in love?

I'm not sure whether that answers your question or not, to be honest. But I hope it does.

That is one of the best posts I've read on here. Your story is really interesting and I truly enjoy your style of writing. I assume that girl is still in your life?

In all seriousness, being in love is nice.
And unless some exceptional sad things have happened to you, it's almost certain you recieved love from parents or siblings long before you found romantic love.

And especially that kind of love (which I guess is the type the OP meant) is wonderful.

I just HATE it when they place it too high on a pedestal in movies.
*risk your life for that woman you JUST met and are now in "love " with.
*jepardize your future and career for that ditzy girl that bounces on the sofa for fun and freedom?!
*breaking free of the magic spell, because love gave you a second wind.

Done to death!

I do believe in love.

I do not believe in love at first sight, that's just misguided infatuation (which can grow into love, but that doesn't make it love). Infatuation takes you through countless emotional highs and lows, I don't think that's love.

Real love certainly isn't just always nice, it takes effort and work. But it's not something purely of the heart or emotional. It's also of the mind and rational. It's by definition not all-consuming but allows you to be yourself and be happy as such. It's something that slowly grows over the years (yes, years) and feels like it's always been there.

I believe in the love of old couples who can just sit together and be happy doing that.
I don't believe in the love of crazy young adults doing crazy stuff as seen on television.

I do in fact believe in love.
True love... maybe.

Well the funny thing is that I haven't had many relationships, well just one... I was young and naive and wanted to know what it felt like, but when I was with that girl it felt fake, everything did about that relationship... but one day a voice in my head said "End it" and so I did.

Sure I felt like crap afterwards but I got over it.

And the best part is that I still have hope that someday I will actually meet a girl which I will truly like and get together with. Sure it would be nice to have someone suitable to my preferences... but when a girl lights a fire in your heart... it's impossible to stop.

Sure the fire might go out to due whatever... but it can always be lit once more.

Bascially... I believe in love... truly love... hell why not?
But I have to find the right girl to set that flame alight first. :D

(I have been patent too... that is one hell of a virtue for love. Which I learned thanks to that relationship.)

LOVE IS when a person feels like a beautiful melody.
LOVE ISN'T a beetle of the lucanus family that lives in holes in old trees and dead trunks and feeds on wood.

I've been happily married for 5 years to a girl I've been with for 10 years.

So, I'd say thats a yes.

To me, love is when you are willing to give up everything you have, without exception or hesitation, for another person. Your own wants and needs are irrelevant next to those of the one you love. If you truly love someone, you exist for that person, and nothing can change that. If the person you love feels the same way about you, that's true love.

Yeah, I think it exists.
I'm sure it exists. I think I've been in it, or am in it. Seeing as I'm a teenager, and cynical, I could admit I may not be in it... just hormones and stuff, but still.


Do I believe in love?

I'm not sure whether that answers your question or not, to be honest. But I hope it does.

That is one of the best posts I've read on here. Your story is really interesting and I truly enjoy your style of writing. I assume that girl is still in your life?

Thank you. I probably could've expanded on it further, but I felt keeping it mostly simple would make for a better theme. :D

She is, though not in the way I'd like. We are once again separated by the distance necessitated from being near our respective families; I'm trying to help look after my father and she is currently living with her parents because she can't afford a place of her own. And her parents still live pretty far away from me.

I felt that bittersweet part was probably worth being left out, because where I stopped takes place about a year and a half ago.

Love is the strongest emotional bond we can have with another person, thing or idea. It is capable of leaving us broken when it doesn't work out, but it can also make us stronger and more complete than we could ever hope to be otherwise. But it certainly exists. Like most people, I hope I can find it some day. I am normally not a very emotional person, so I pray that I can find someone that I can bond with and trust on that level.

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