Poll: what's creepier?

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It's been said, but I feel it needs reiterating. Being attracted to anyone isn't creepy in and of itself. In certain cases it should be a warning sign to the person feeling the attraction, but that's not anyone else's business.

However, if you're talking about a person getting to know, perhaps making some moves on one of these ambiguously-aged people... well, there's a huge mental/emotional/hormonal difference between a 12 year old and someone who has sexually matured to the minimum standard our society sets... so I'd say in that case, creepier to put the moves on a 12 year old who looks 18, because you're basing your actions entirely on the way this person looks, ignoring all other factors.

Bonus question: this is where rigid laws become idiocy. Of course there's nothing wrong with that relationship... it's just that any sex the pair has is illegal. The older one is then guilty of statutory rape. That's idiocy, which is common in law.

How do you define the "looks like" traits? Because human female "looks like" traits have been messed up due to massive inbreeding or way too selective breeding due to past fertility problems.

How many of you have a female mammal pet that is way past adulthood for their species, but never developped those "looks like" traits? Reason - those traits don't appear for mammals till first pregnancy.

If it is physical attraction then yes creepier to be attracted to the one that looks 12. However attraction to personality, even if the other person has physical 12 year old charactersistics, is not creepy.

If an 18+ person was attracted to a 12 year olds personality enough for a relationship no matter how old they looked I would find that moderately creepy but thats just me.

what i'm trying to do here is get the heart of why it is wrong to be sexually attracted to children so lets mix up some of the reasoning here with counter arguments. try to counter your own argument with whatever illogical reasoning you can to negate your own argument so you can come to a conclusion


If you had NO knowledge about this persons age/identity/personality and all you had to go on was that they look 12, and simply like them for their body, it means you want to have sex with a 12 year old.

definitely a valid argument but if you would and it doesn't offend you look up 2 pornstars by the name of kitty and angiecutie. would it be fair to say that no man should ever date these women because they look underage?

I know a 20 year old who looks and behaves about 12, and believe me, I wouldn't go near her with a barge pole. The other option is still very strange, but at least you're attracted to someone who doesn't look 12.

so unattracted because someone behaves like a 12 year old? what if they behaved like an adult?
is it fair to say that someone with the mental capacity of forest gump should never be given the chance at a sexual relationship despite their age?

The problem I would have with being attractive to someone younger is that their mind hasn't matured and I wouldn't want to get involved with a child

same point what if they had the maturity and personality (basically a mind/soul transplant) of an adult? does a 30 year old who plays pokemon and watches MLP have no hope of sex in life?

If we're talking appearances alone, one could be forgiven for assuming that a *ahem* well developed young girl was older than in reality. Of course, as soon as you find out you oggled a 12 year old, you take a cold shower and never speak of it again.

so it all boils down to how many years you have existed on the planet? why is that important? is it experience, knowledge, the amount of cellular regeneration over the years? if a girl goes through puberty at 7 (quite possible) and was fully sexually and physically mature at 12 would that change things? what if you took the body of a 12 year old and implanted all aspects of a human into it, is it just the age of the shell that counts?

personally i think it boils down to our need to maintain the innocence of children for as long as possible, it's probably the same reason we (mostly) don't send kids to war or let them watch porn although again that has a logical counter point being that if the child is already corrupted by sexual knowledge and experience it still wouldn't be accepted

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