How disturbed where you when you saw todays Jimquisition?

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It was disturbing alright. Can`t really stomach stuff like that well, so i looked away when he pulled the trigger. When i heard the gunshot, i thought the worst was over and looked back. Luckily for me, the cameraman went ahead and zoomed right to the face of Dwyer, with blood flowing out of his mouth. I even thought for a second that that was some other person who had some blood splattered on him. Took me a moment to realize it was Dwyer himself. So, yeah. Quite disturbing. But i liked what Jim was saying, and what he did to get people to understand.

Nope, not at all, does that make me a terrible person? I mean I've seen a man have his chest cavity crushed under a bus tire before, in person, and I've seen other much much more traumatizing things in life, and I've had to take medications which were later banned for causing certain forms of brain damage, mainly to the parts of the brain that allow us to connect to our emotions.

I'm not a violent person, but seeing things like that doesn't seem to affect me at all, I'm going to chalk that up to a combination of real life desensitization, and brain damage.

As I said in the thread, I wasnt disturbed at all.

And quite frankly I find those who were disturbed quite alien, and I dont understand what the big deal is.

See I wasn't "disturbed". I realize stuff like that happens. But hell, it's still uncomfortable to see someone get killed for real. Even if you don't know the guy. Even if you hate the guy. We're all afraid of death. Yes, I deny that too, but when the push comes to shove, being in direct presence of death hits you, somehow, and we (I say "we" because I do it too) can rationalize it all we want.

Some people are just more susceptible for it.

I felt a little queasy afterwards, but that feeling went away. It sure as heck was disturbing, though. I'm sure it would be worse seeing someone get killed against their will, and this is coming from someone who can watch very violent movies and play violent games without caring. So, yes. Video games and movie don't desensitize you to real world violence, only fake violence.

Point noted, Mr. Jim.

This wasn't the first time I saw that footage. I saw Jim's original take on the subject when he first used it. That being said, that was a couple years ago. I still shuddered when they zoomed in and you saw the blood. Seeing it again, it wasn't as bad as the first time. The first time wasn't even that bad. But it was still uncomfortable.

I saw it the first time he did a topic on this at Destructoid.

Knowing it was in this episode, I skipped it.

So, yeah, I guess.

I had what I can only describe as a sense of horror and a need to instinctively look away.

As I said in the thread, I wasnt disturbed at all.

And quite frankly I find those who were disturbed quite alien, and I dont understand what the big deal is.

Not gonna lie, I didn't freak out but I did have a surreal moment of realization as I realized that was the first time I've actually seen someone die, on film or in real live.

As for why you didn't feel anything, that's pretty simple. No doubt you understand that someone blew their head off and why that would generally be a bad thing, but I'm guessing you're okay with seeing blood and don't have much if any significant emotions for a complete stranger whose never had even the slightest bit of impact on your live dying behind a screen. Plus, the footage was short, quick, and grainy, causing a bigger disconnect.

I actually saw the Bud Dwyer video back in 2001. I was a sophomore in high school and when the teacher was away, the "tech saavy" kid in class played all of these bootleg videos he'd downloaded from somewhere. Most were just random goofy shit, some were porn, and one was the Bud Dwyer video.

I always felt uncomfortable huddling around the computer when he was playing these videos as i was always a timid kid and was still coming out of my shell in the first few years of high school, but I watched because all of the guys were watching.

Yeah, I had played more GoldenEye by this point than I care to admit. Sure, Perfect Dark was the ONLY thing I wanted for my birthday in May of 2000. Half-Life was my favorite game, Metal Gear Solid a close second. I had no trouble blowing people to bits in Unreal Tournament, it was funny.

But the Bud Dwyer video gave me nightmares. It's strange, I hadn't seen nor heard about that video in almost 12 years, but just the other day the image of the guy putting the gun in his mouth entered my mind for some reason. I don't know what caused me to think about it... Maybe it was the Sandy Hook shooting. Maybe I'm equating real death with the trauma that video caused me? I don't know.

I can watch it now and yeah, it's still disturbing, but I've been on the internet long enough that I've seen a LOT of nasty shit (not voluntarily mind you), such as the aftermath of a man who stuck his head into the spinning propeller of a helicopter.

On the other hand, my girlfriend grew up with 3 younger sisters, on a farm. They didn't have cable, and only had a TV for watching Disney and princess movies, etc.

She is an emotional wreck when we watch movies with even a slightly tense scene - even movies she's seen before. I made the mistake of renting The Grey to watch with her - I LOVED the movie, but she had nightmares for days, no matter how much I tried explaining to her that the film was a metaphor for facing the fear of inevitable death.

Even so, she's not as bad as her sister, who was watching a movie with her husband where someone was being tortured but having his head dunked in a tank of water, and found herself spitting onto the floor as if SHE were the one being dunked. She was incredibly embarrassed once she realized it and couldn't believe it affected her like that...

I would definitely say that there is a certain level of desensitizing that's inherent with subjecting yourself to "violent" or "intense" material, but I ABSOLUTELY do not believe that a "violent" video game can turn Charlie Church into Charles Manson.

The first time I drove on the highway, I was a nervous wreck. Now, I'm a car guy. Cars are my thing. Have been since I was a kid. But the highway was scary for a first time driver. These days, I race junk cars on a figure 8 track while pulling a trailer behind me. I put myself into situations where I'm GUARANTEED to crash, as it's the entire purpose of the racing event, to crash and be the last guy with a trailer still attached, even though just 11 or so years ago I was so frightened by driving on the highway.

To completely deny that we're desensitized by ________ is a bit irrational on our parts. What we need to understand is that "desensitized" does not mean "depraved", and that you can build a healthy tolerance to even the most profane things without them corrupting your soul and your heart.

The description he gave of it creeped me out enough that I actually skipped that portion of the video - it just wasn't something I wanted to see and I thought the description he gave left me with more than enough information to understand the points he was making in the rest of the video.

So yeah, I didn't watch it because just the thought of it was very disturbing.

When I began the video, I thought I was going to skip the part. But then I braved up and decided: this is something I must observe with my eyes.

And, quite frankly, I was rather disturbed. Not only the loss of a man before my eyes, but the cold brutality of it. As Jim said, all other death I've seen, whether it be "realistic" games or movies all held a certain amount of spectacle in their occurrence: Gloria in morte.
But this? No. Gunshot, fall, blood. Dwyer's life ended. It reminded me of how frail human life is and the mortality that accompanies us all. It's the sad fact that haunts our shoulder, of the raging cataract which is death, ever closing upon us.
If I see Dwyer's face in my sleep, I will not be surprised. I know nothing about the may, but I hope he rests in peace.

Do not go gentle into that good night, my fellow Escapists. Learn and respect the dead, and take it as your own.

Captcha is telling me to "get out." I'm disturbed at this fact as well.

Let's just say that I won't ever be watching that particular episode ever again.


Nope. I came across the footage of the Dagestan Massacre some time in 2009, meaning I was either late 13 or early 14. After that initial... shock, I guess? More than shock, but less than trauma, I'd say. Anyways, after that, it takes kind a lot to really get to me. I don't look up gore or anything, but I don't tend to shy away from it should I stumble on it. There was one video, though, that just from the description I couldn't watch: A man diving off a diving board and faceplanting against the ground, apparently splitting his face open. Couldn't do it.


Reading the thread, I do believe it was this one.

Captcha was "you win," and since you managed to watch a video that I couldn't, in that regard it's true.

Couldn't have cared less.

As I said on the video, the internet has already desensitized me to recorded violence, be it real or not.

Good episode though.

It didn't bother me at all, I have found out I only really care when terrible things happen to people I care about, so seeing some random guy shoot himself in the head didn't make me feel anything.

Yeah same here, honestly it doesn't bother me at all. Extreme violence, (i.e. full-out torture), for the most part doesn't even bother me.

Guaranteed though if that was someone I know and care about, I'd be attempting to stop them.

For the people who didn't care about the death because you didn't know him, that is called being a sociopath (I am not talking about desensitized, but pure not caring)

OT: I thought I would be fine, but I ended up feeling sick after watching it

Although I'd never seen the footage before, it really didn't bother me. I don't even really play many violent video games, so I'm not really a case for desensitisation though. I'm fairly apathetic and not really affected by anything though, so I'd probably be able to be diagnosed as a psychopath if I ever went to a psychiatrist.

He was proving a point and did so successfully. Yes the footage disturbed me but it was SUPPOSED to do that.

Things like this are the only way to get the point across to the morons who who blame video games for real world violence.

I actually felt pretty nauseated after watching it. I was mostly fine right up until the camera zooms in on his face on the floor, and there's just that little trickle of blood and his eyes rolling back. Oh man...

So yeah, disturbed, sickened, saddened. It's hard to watch.

First thought? BOOM, HEADSHOT!!!

Second thought: I've seen a .gif of that probably a hundred times. I laughed and then turned back to watching TV

I hadn't seen that before and that was REALLY rough.
It almost made me shriek, definitely elicited an audible "Ooh" out of me.
It might be a while before I shake that off.

I was somewhat less affected than I thought I'd be. I got all psyched up for being disturbed, but when he finally did pull the trigger, all I could think was "Geez, that's a lot o' blood".

I was less surprised but I was definitely uncomfortable.

It's messed up but I definitely feel I can handle something like that happening in front of me still.

Having suffered from thanatophobia at a young age; an extreme fear of the notion of being dead or dying, often leading to extreme anxiety and panic attacks, with the inescapable truth that it will happen constantly being drawn in to my thoughts and contemplations, I may have a more tangible emotional response to anything relating to death, specifically if I can relate to it.
However, as that is a very subjective thing, I have no way of asserting if it really is an uncommon response in people, or if it's unique to those who have experienced extreme anxiety in relation to death.

I haven't watched the episode, but I have watched another news-feed of an argentinian police officer shooting himself during a televised interview when he heard the police were on their way to arrest him during the interview - the news agency that aired the footage failed to mention the contents of the clip, so I was taken by surprise.

Watching it made me feel very uncomfortable. My thoughts kept repeating the fact that that person had completely ceased to exist, that they chose complete and utter oblivion over their friends, family, consciousness, learning, awareness, et cetera.
I could feel something very empty sink down inside me, not because of the amount of red liquid, moist organ-matter, or any of that - to be honest, I don't even recall seing any gore, just his head slumping over after a brief flash. (The clip was somewhat grainy, and stopped very soon after the shot)

What got to me wasn't gore, it was the existence of a person being erased.

When that is inverted, when there is gore, even if it looks real, to an extreme amount, I do not feel the same way at all. It's only disturbing in the sense that it may be violent or appears painful - sensations that are unpleasent.
Watching a real person cease to be, is disturbing in the sense that it's hopeless and permanent - sensations that are inescapable and overwhelming.

Sorry, it's late and the subject was interesting, so I went off on a rant. So to sum it all up:
Yes, I am disturbed if I watch the process of someone real going from consciousness to not there, permanently, regardless of gore - somewhat affected by the emotional state of the person before death, i.e. "resigned" is less disturbing than "terrified".
No, I am not disturbed if I see someone already in one state or the other, nor if it's not real - I may be able to have sympathy, and to some extent empathy with those affected by it, but I do not feel disturbed.

To those who read the full post, and may be curious; No, I no longer suffer from thanatophobia, and I was, and still am, an atheist - which may be relevant in light of my explanations above. :)

When I first saw the footage showed, back when Jim was just doing these video's for Destructiod's Youtube account, I was shocked and horrified. Even now, when I see it, I'm still shocked about what happened. To help prove that video game's don't have "real" violence, just say how tell how you felt after watching that scene. Doesn't matter if or not you were disturbed, just be 100% honest.

It didn't disturb me. It made me feel sad though. I thought about what that guy could have been thinking at that moment.
Then again, I saw my sister's boyfriend after he hanged himself when I was 13 AND I saw a guy jump off a bridge a few months ago when I was coming back home from work.

What's really disturbing is the clip this guy is talking about:

It was disturbing for me but not nearly as much as a video I saw about a year ago. I won't post the actual video because it's of a real person and it's very fucked up, I'll just describe what happens in it. It's fucked up so don't click on the box if you don't want to hear about it.

That video still disturbs me just thinking about it even after seeing it so long ago. I never watched it again but it's still very vivid. I play a lot of violent games that show head exploding and people getting chopped up in slow motion. They don't phase me but real life stuff is pretty traumatizing.

I was actually considering being a lifeguard for a part time job (I am actually certified) but when I heard stories from other lifeguards during my course about how you may have someone drown on you, I decided that I didn't want to do it. I couldn't stand the idea of watching someone die in front of me. It had never really hit home until I'd heard people talking about it.

For anyone that haven't seen it and wants to, here it is:

Not very disturbed, but that's because I've seen the clip before. I think I was disturbed when I first saw it, but having already seen it I already knew what was going to happen, so it didn't phase me out. In general though my reaction to violence seems to be off sometimes. If I was unaware that something violent was about to happen and I saw a video showing something as such then I have a somewhat strong reaction, but if I'm aware that I'm about to watch something violent then I actually don't have a very strong reaction to watching it.



Reading the thread, I do believe it was this one.

Captcha was "you win," and since you managed to watch a video that I couldn't, in that regard it's true.

Hooray! My prize is being scarred for life...

When I first saw the footage showed, back when Jim was just doing these video's for Destructiod's Youtube account, I was shocked and horrified. Even now, when I see it, I'm still shocked about what happened. To help prove that video game's don't have "real" violence, just say how tell how you felt after watching that scene. Doesn't matter if or not you were disturbed, just be 100% honest.

I've seen the shooting video before, needless to say I did NOT watch it again, skipped it. He had a good point in the video, despite the fact that he used a suicide video to talk about violence, when they are not exactly the same thing.

It was disturbing enough to prove a point. Didn't make me gag or anything and i won't be losing sleep over it.
(That's all because i once decided to visit 4chan's /b/ and found a gore thread. That there was immensely more brutal than anything else i could ever have imagined.)

I've seen the video before, it makes my stomach turn every time.

I did not enjoy the experience, But I appreciate Jim's use of it to make his point, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

I've seen it before, and back then it didn't disturb me.

I desensitized myself to violence years ago. I can't remember the last time I said "ew" from a scene of intense gore. In fact, there was a time when I actively searched out graphic scenes or images to test my limit. Turns out, I don't have one.

But I didn't desensitize myself through games, oh no. I don't even play the sort of "violent games" the media points its finger at all the time. They're mostly shooters, which tend to be not my cup of tea for other reasons.

IT disturbed me not because i saw the "russian guy plays a russina roulette with an automatic during the weidding"footage way too many times. media desensitized me, lets burn us some newstations.

I desensitized myself to violence years ago. I can't remember the last time I said "ew" from a scene of intense gore. In fact, there was a time when I actively searched out graphic scenes or images to test my limit. Turns out, I don't have one.

been on that road myself. though albeit i found no truly disturbing things. though i admit there still are certain taboos in the film industry that made those that want to, impossible to release things i wanted to see. as for what those things are, public forums arent a place for that.

I felt that it genuinely shook me, but I didn't feel as bad as I could because there was still that barrier between myself and the actual event. The fact that it was footage and not the actual event -did- diminish the shock; the distance, both in space and time, did numb it a bit for me. However, it still got to me a lot more than anything else I've ever really seen, other than looking at my grandfather's body. A very good demonstration of how real violence and videogame violence are incredibly different.

When the warning came up I thought about whether or not I would be bothered by it, but when the footage actually started I couldn't bring myself to even watch. Even the THOUGHT of that kinda made me sick. Which I guess proves Jim's point about being desensitized to REAL violence, I mean, yeah I play Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Assassin's Creed, Gears of War, and all these other violent games but the real thing is truly different.

Dwyer's face keeps coming back to me. Can't get that image out of my head. Feel kinda shaken all around. So that footage was pretty disturbing.

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