How disturbed where you when you saw todays Jimquisition?

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I wasn´t very disturbed. I am desensitized to voilence on a screen because of the fact that it´s everywhere, News, Internet, you name it. People die every second so I don´t tend to spend any more attention to a death if it doesn´t affect me personally.

Now, I have not been in the situation of a man dying infront of my very own eyes, so I can´t make an honest judgment of how I´d react, but I do have the nerve to act rational in dangerous environments, as in, I was the only guy calling an ambulance and giving first aid to someone who´s got an open leg fraction after a motocycle accident. Blood everywhere and the dude was screaming bloody murder, but I remained calm. I´ve also been injured alot and all it does is make me angry because I hate pain. But I won´t flip my shit making the injury worse somehow, no, I´d just go and seek help if I am able too.

Now if someone want´s to tell me that´s a bad quality, then I´d like to see them be treated by someone who completely freaks out and faints when you have a serrious injury in dire need of help.

And it would take a damn good reason for me to kill someone else, along the lines of protecting a bunch of other people or my own life from said person. I wouldn´t kill for fun or kicks or attention, not even myself like so many do, and get rewarded for it by our news media trying desperately to make everyone care.

I was also trained to kill by my government at the tender age of 19, so if I flip out and shoot somebody, point the finger at your local recruitment center. They showed me how to do it.

I wasn't disturbed at all. Blood doesn't really affect me, nor does someone killing themselves. Specially if I am not there in person. I would probably be disturbed if I had been there, but it's mostly other people hurting others that disturbs me.

Like, I literally get pissed off just at the mention of someone having raped someone.

Ehhh... I found it a tiny bit unsettling I guess... Honestly death rarely affects me, chalk it up to childhood traumas.

I watched it just a few hours ago. I wasn't disturbed- perhaps because I was braced for it, as Jim went to great lengths to make sure his viewers were- but it was unpleasant. And I say that as a man who's comfortable in a fistfight; who worked through the shakes and sickness felt by the infrequent victims of violence years ago, and can hit a man and feel good- almost high in the aftermath. As a man not particularly 'sensitive' to violence, I say: that video was an unpleasant watch.

Didnt disturb me but did sadden me that the guy committed suicide. But i do know if i had been there when he did it, actually saw it in person then it would disturb me. One time i was watching a movie with a guy getting beaten with a baseball and i was enjoying it. My dad said i must have something wrong with me for enjoying that. Thing is, real life violence committed against real people disturbs dad didnt understand that i know the difference between special effects/acting and actual real people being hurt. Its why when i watch a movie and at the end it states "based on a true story" it shocks me and makes me feel bad for the enjoyment i got from watching it.

I've never seen the footage and I skipped passed that part.

Real-life violence is something I can't handle. Especially if it's associated to broken bones.
I can't watch the MMA's because of the chances of seeing a leg or arm break.
Heck, I can't even bring myself to watch Tosh 2.0 because of the pain and injury idiots expose themselves to.
I grew up loving wrestling but I could never bring myself to watch Psycho Sid's 'famous' broken leg video.

There are exceptions to what real-life violence I can watch though and I really don't understand why.
My best example of this is that famous JFK assassination footage doesn't phase me.

Game/t.v/movie violence doesn't bother me with the only exception being broken bones.
Scenes like the stairs in Unbreakable or long chains of combat in Arkham Asylum/City are hard for me to watch.
More 'cartoony' broken bones like those in Assassin's Creed don't bother me at all.

I actually heard an interview with Quentin Tarantino about Django which, I think, touches on this. He talked about the difference between scenes where slaves were being whipped and brutalised, about how those scenes are difficult to watch, and the cathartic violence of the action sequences.

This, combined with our own experiences of games and Jim's helpful video, might yield the answer that looking at all violence as "violence" is inaccurate and unhelpful, just as looking at "words" as an aggregate is equally meaningless as it overlooks the complexity of the subject.

Visual interpretation, or rather presentation, is a form of language. It conveys nuance and differing emotions.

Lets explore this theme of mine though. Maybe it's bullshit.

What about rape? Rape as catharsis. The mind immediately leaps to Hentai pornography, with it's absurd presentations of bucket loads of bodily fluids and gravity (or eucledian geometric) defying protagonists. The whole genre is aimed at male empowerment fantasies and the concept of female degradation being so openly freudian in its revenge/acceptance of the mother figure theme as to be comical. Indeed, there are whole libaries devoted to this theme. I've checked.

But is it harmful? Is it wrong?

Let us proceed on the assumption that "standard" pornography is fine for the sake of argument. Afterall, it operates to fulfill the same male empowerment need without the same worrying component. Does watching pornography, or anything for that matter, reinfoce themes within the psyche of the viewer? It causes the viewer to think about the subject of sex in much the same manner if I were to mention white elephants you would think about white elephants or at least the linguistic statement. That is just a shape though, an amorphous blob.

If I were to flesh out the theme of the elephant, give the elephant a name for instance and craft a story about him, then it takes on a whole different form. The form of a concept rather than just an image. If the concept I impart is that of a destructive beast that does harm and should incur wrath and death as a consequence then that is what I am imparting; white elephants are a problem.

What if I tell a story where you are a white elephant though? A story where you are a white elephant who goes around raping and killing? What if I call it "Rumbo-fuck 4" and you play it with a controller?

It's fundamentally fluff. The brevity of the experience and the shallowness of the portrayal might excite the tendancy of a hardcore sadist, but would not go far enough. It may form one part of a larger exploration of themes of victimisation, but (I would suggest) not be "wrong" in itself.

Perhaps though it could be paving on the road to damnation though. One cobblestone on the way from fantasy to enaction.

I would go so far as to say that it is obsessive immersion in any one theme, whether it is hateful female victimisation or cleanliness or body image or anything, that is destructive.

I always found my take on death strange when I see others have different opinions. I am never actually disturbed by the death, it's the way leading up to it for me. He willingly shot himself with a pistol, what appeared to be in an almost calm fashion. I've often thought about suicide and death enough to be used to the idea, but never the methods and thought process.

I was shocked but not disturbed, I didn't recoil in horror or anything. I recoiled in horror at the video of the guy being beaten to death with a hammer, that was vile, though it was when I was much younger, so I get the point he was making and I'm glad he made it that way. It might not have affected me like intended but it sure as shit affected others and drove the point home.

I wasn't even shocked. I don't wanna sound like a douche (Though I probably will) but it was just a clip of something that happened a while ago.

Do I think I'm desensitized? Yes, but not solely because of violent video games. I watched more horror movies than played violent video games when I was younger.

I'd probably react very different if I was actually there in person, no doubt about that. It just didn't affect me at all to see that footage. :/

I wasn't shocked at all...maybe that says something bad about me as a person, but it was just a guy shooting himself in the head. A bit of blood and the fact that somebody I don't care about ended their life isn't going to disturb me. Though chances are if it was somebody I cared about I would feel differently.

I still agree with Jim's position, and I think that it's silly that people think video games of all things desensitize people to violence.

I'd say it was unpleasant but not really disturbing to be honest.

I don't know if I would call what I felt disturbed but I felt... weighted... Like... the gravity of what I was watching was impressed upon me.

OT: I must admit I didn't feel much. I think it was lack of context, I mean, I never heard of the man, and then there's a very quick almost non-graphical scene of his suicide, it caused no impact on me... I'm not, however, invulnerable to violence. The videos concerning Josef Koni felt like a journey through hell for me though. I also felt the pain when I met this Vietnam war veteran in Disneyland and he told me his story: he had this cute little dog and I went to pet it when I saw one of those "please don't pet" signs on it, so I asked him if I could pet the little girlie and he said "yes, sure", and he told me how the dog saved his life and how much joy it gave him; he had had it for psychiatric reasons, it was trained to remember him to take his medications and it also calmed him, he then went on to explain why he need it (I didn't ask, but i guess he felt better telling), he said he was supposed to have looked out for traps but must've missed something, he turned out to be the only survivor in his platoon and since then he can't sleep (maybe he blames himself, for surviving? you know how people in those situations at times shift all the blame for themselves), he's always alarmed, etc.
Those examples moved me much more than the suicide video, maybe the video would've had a similar effect for me had I been given more context.

It was disturbing for me but not nearly as much as a video I saw about a year ago. I won't post the actual video because it's of a real person and it's very fucked up, I'll just describe what happens in it. It's fucked up so don't click on the box if you don't want to hear about it.

That video still disturbs me just thinking about it even after seeing it so long ago. I never watched it again but it's still very vivid. I play a lot of violent games that show head exploding and people getting chopped up in slow motion. They don't phase me but real life stuff is pretty traumatizing.

I know this video, it IS very unpleasant... There're many other videos, just as bad, about car accidents, I remember one with a girl whose car got git by a drunken driver, the girl's alive but she lost all traces of a "face" and most mobility functions are gone. I don't even like to think about it.

The footage didn't make me feel anything. I'm not sensitive to things that I'm disconnected from. A couple years ago I witnessed a knife attack, and that got my heart pounding in my chest. It happened at work between two of my coworkers. I was able to speak calmly to the attacker, disarm him and keep him calm until he was taken away, despite how horrified I was. The weapon was just a dull box-cutter, so the victim didn't have any serious injuries.

That day proves that I'm not desensitized, yet I still don't feel anything when watching the Budd Dwyer footage, or documentaries about the hospitals in Syria, or anything really. If I'm not witnessing it first-hand, I don't have any strong feelings, one way or the other.

That was creepy. I can watch it, but it does make me feel a little uneasy when the camera zooms in and all that blood rushes out. It's not something I enjoy seeing. No game or movie can make me cringe like that.

I've read that soldiers will often freeze up when they should shoot in training exercises. They are less likely to hesitate if they've played a bunch of video games.

I know I personally am desensitized. Back in the day, a simple shooting on a TV drama after 9 PM weekdays would shock me. Now I could sleep through a blood bath and reruns are shown in the afternoon ("Rookies", I'm thinking of you).

That written, Jim's video bothered me a lot. There certainly is a big difference between the fake and the real.

I found myself hardly disturbed by it... A combination of warnings, and knowing ahead of time what was going to happen, added to the fact I have seen the footage before... I think part of it may have been the grainy film too. When I originally saw the clip years ago, it bothered me highly, but seeing it a second time and knowing what was coming... Not much of an impact.

That's not to say I'm not bothered by violence... Heck, I cry over video game scenes all the time, and real life? Don't even get me started. :/

I didn't feel a thing when he died, I didn't knew or cared for him. But I would not have killed him myself.

I frowned at the build up and after the gun went off, I gasped and needed a minute to think about what I'd just seen: the death of a human being on camera, complete with colour and sound.

I've dealt with death before, cleaned up after it (not because I'd committed a crime, but because someone needs to call the police, have the body removed, and hold the ones who are screaming and weeping), and this didn't do very much beyond reminding me that, yes, death happens in all manners and all venues.

I tend to look away during horror movies, shake my head during horror games, and I've read enough crime fiction to become accustomed to the ideas around and behind death. That doesn't mean that it can't reach me though, can't tap a sense of revulsion that says, "This person was once alive, spoke to his family, dealt with the world, and now..." Content changes when it can be related to who we are and where we are in the world, so while this video didn't make me want to be violently ill or even shed a tear, it did touch a nerve that causes what I've come to recognize as the shudder that goes along with death.

Will I ever lose that shudder? Maybe. Will it be because of video games, books, movies or television? No, because those deaths aren't real. I was able to get the visceral feeling despite the delivery of this event. Even though part of me didn't want to believe it to be real, I knew it was.

Thank you for the reality check, Jim. I appreciate it.

People are disturbed over the Budd Dwyer footage?

Don't ever watch 3 guys one hammer, if Budd Dwyer left you disturbed then 3 guys one hammer will make you need therapy.

I can't watch it. I have seen maybe half a second of that video before I cut it. I don't want to.

Maybe it's cowardice, but I am afraid it will haunt me.

I haven't seen any 'shock' video's on the internet, and I don't want to change that.

The actual gunshot didn't bother me at all but when the camera zoomed in on the aftermath, showing the blood pouring out of the guys face I felt pretty sick in my stomach.

Don't ever watch 3 guys one hammer, if Budd Dwyer left you disturbed then 3 guys one hammer will make you need therapy.

I haven't seen 3 guys one hammer but I know what its about and hope that I never work up the courage to watch it myself. My friend did link me to an unlisted Youtube video once where a man is in the woods somewhere and he has another man's corpse laying on their back with their head caved in. The man proceeds to cut the ear and hand off the corpse and pocket them. Pretty creepy stuff, it looked very real to me.

I really didn't find it all that disturbing, I remember seeing much worse stuff on the history channel back when it actually had history on it.
I thought it was much more disturbing to see that picture of the guy about to get hit by the subway train.

If you can't tell the difference between video games and reality then you have bigger problems than being desensitised.

I find it offensive and disrespectful for Jimquisition to use this material to prove 'a point'.

It might have been a good point to prove, but these means shouldn't be considered, to use a man's death as some sort of proof for some shitty argument, c'mon man. Show some respect.

I am in a minority here, but I really do think games desensitize children. Not in a way that makes them any more dangerous or 'crazy' but just in a sort of emotional blunting effect and lack of empathy kind of way. I've been playing games all my life and if you spend all day every day dealing with violent games ofcourse it leaves an imprint on you. Why shouldn't it?

Same way that if a child would watch fucked up media channels all day every day because its the most entertaining thing it could do, then it would affect the child in the same way, probably much much worse. Same thing for adults.

I didn't feel a damn thing. I don't know how I'd react if it was real life and not a screen. I'd probably be disappointed.

Then again, I went through the infamous Offended page. If there's anything that desensitized me, it's that.

I found it not at all uncomfortable, namely because I've seen it before, and I've seen worse. I'm definitely desensitized to pictures and videos of gore. I can still be shocked though, and I still can't watch animal abuse for some reason. Gore witnessed in person? I'd probably react the same as anyone else.

I looked away when he took the gun out. Between the pop of the gun going off and the people freaking out afterwards, that was enough to make me uncomfortable. I looked back just as the blood was cascading down his head. I was a bit shaky after that. Then I read the story behind it and just felt... cold. It was pretty emotionally draining.

Didn't feel a thing, since Bud's suicide is fairly tame compared to some other stuff one can find on the internet.

Am I desensitized to violence? Yes, but that is a consequence of being exposed to certain videos, images, and real life situations, NOT a consequence of playing violent videogames. Videogames *cannot* prepare you for the real deal, believe me.

You never know what will life throw at you, and being able to think and act rationally in a critical situation is worth getting a little "desensitized". Breaking down just because I saw an open fracture is a kind of weakness I will not tolerate in myself.

I wasn't as disturbed if I would've been if I hadn't been given Mr. Sterling's warning.

That said if he had just threw it in there like it was was some game footage I would have wondered what the hell it was I just saw, rewinded, rewatched it, then excused myself.

For all the gorey games like TF2 and Killing Floor I play, I can't push myself to sit through so much as Saving Private Ryan due to the gore.

The actual shooting didn't disturb me, it was the fact that this guy had a family and this was broadcast across across the nation.

I find this footage here of the Challenger disaster far more disturbing than the actual event.

Do you know why? You see how this event effects that persons loved ones, nobody knows what is going on, and then the sudden realisation hits... these people just saw people who they loved die in front of them and there was nothing they could do.

I was VERY disturbed. That's all...just...Ugh.

I wasn't horribly shocked by seeing it, but that was mainly due to the low-quality of tge footage. Even then, it still gave me something to think about. It's not something that I would want to watch again, and this is coming from someone who favorited a and sometimes loops a certain scene from episode 8 of bakemonogatari

. I definitely can still tell the difference between real violence and fake violence, and the actual thought of someone dying, or being killed, seeing the life drain out of their eyes, still disturbs me. I still have an aversion to seeing overly grotesque scenes of violence in more realistic settings in things like anime and manga. I still find it hard to watch someone get decapitated regardless of the format unless it is very down-played, like having everyone react non-chalantly or putting the generic X eyes, with their tongue sticking out.

I do, however, think I have been somewhat desensitized to violence, not from games, but from the media. To be honest, I find it slightly difficult to care about real violence, unless it is happening to someone I know, or somewhere very close to me. As much attention as the Sandy Hook shooting got, (flame shields up), I didn't really care that much. I didn't look at it any differently than I would look at, say, soldiers being killed in Iran, or a campus shooting, or a natural disaster. It all has that very distant feeling to it, and I tend not to categorize them and care about one incident over another, because with all the horrible stuff that happens every day, I would probably go insane and kill myself if I was mentally dragged down by every single incident that was reported on the news.
That's not to say I don't pity the victim's and their families, but I don't really look at it and think of it as something that especially deserves my attention over all the other daily tradgedies.

I wasn't all that disturbed. But I didn't actually watch the footage either. I luckily saw the warning at the bottom of the video, and though at that point I didn't know what it actually was, I acted cautiously. When I heard it was footage of something that actually occurred I was really sure I would not watch it. When he said that it involved suicide, which is incredibly triggering for me, I was certain I wouldn't watch it.

I despise that kind of stuff. I still remember when in highschool I saw the videos of the monk and the killing of the Vietcong soldier. That just sticks with you. So obviously I didn't want to add to that.

I do very much like the point that Jim made, and I know he needed something to make that point. I don't know if showing the actual footage in this more recent video was necessary when he could have alluded to the other earlier video and the reactions of the viewers back then.

I do think this really takes the wind out of the sails of anyone claiming that videogames cause violent behavior in young people. And to succinctly make that point in 8 minutes is also quite a feat. :)

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