How disturbed where you when you saw todays Jimquisition?

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I wasn't terribly disturbed by it, to be honest. It wasn't something I enjoyed watching, but it just didn't bother me much.

i can't handle gory films and i can barely stand gory video games, though i do avoid games like postal and manhunt.

Not at all. Perhaps it's because I've seen the animated gif version of that video, or perhaps it's because I've seen worse while wandering through the net, but my heart didn't even skip a beat when he pulled the trigger and slumped over. I certainly wasn't entertained by it, but neither did I feel any strong or weak emotion over it either. I know I'm socially obligated to say that I did and it was tragic, just like we're all socially obligated to do whenever we read about a death in the paper or some sort of accident and someone asks our opinion on it to keep up the greater facade of a shared moral awareness, but in truth if I was eating breakfast at the time I wouldn't even pause in between bites.

Perhaps if I was there in person or if I knew him personally (I'm not completely emotionally dead, mind you) but I can't conjure up feelings for a stranger on a video anymore than I can for a background character in a novel.

Yes the Dancing William Dafoe Flower shocked me to my very core.......

Oh you mean the dude wasting himself no ive seen that one and i more brutal one in the past. In general I only care about people im close to i leave the crying over strangers thing to my mother.

Curiosity has led me to see footage of people dieing before so i'm familiar with it, i get no joy out of seeing these videos it's purely educational.
I don't feel disturbed, but i sense the enormity of the event, the pointlessness of nice people ceasing to exist anymore at the whim of horrible people who shouldn't exist themselves.

I love action movies and video games, i'm not desensitized i'm just a realist.

I was a little disturbed by it. More the implications that someone's alive one moment, and then they're not. The gore, not so much. I was more disturbed by Hostel and House of 1000 corpses, or the torture scene in Sleeping Dogs (More because it was a jarring tonal shift, rather than because of the content). How we tell that these things are real or not is not, I think, just some feeling that enables us to distinguish, and the squeamishness or lack thereof at the imagery is not simply based off what is real. It's all perception.

I was more disturbed by how dumb the episode was. I'm usually a fan of the Jimquisition, but this video just lacked insight, focus, and was rather shallow. Not only completely ignored any discussion of any relevant science, managed to fall for the argument propagated by the anti-gaming people that possible desensitization or increased aggression leads to a higher incidence of violence, ended up arguing against the very idea that games could increase aggression or desensitise (Which, FYI, wouldn't mean shit. Hitting a punching bag increases aggression. Listening to some sorts of music can increase aggression. Neither of these things are bad simply because they tend to increase aggression. Increasing aggression, does not mean increasing violence, and while violent games have been getting more popular, there hasn't exactly been an overall spike in violent crime. We're still (Although my stats were last checked a year or two ago) getting safer, not more endangered), and then whinging about the media reporting of the mass shootings. I mean, really, so what if games desensitised us to violence or caused aggression? They're still more than halfway from their case. From what I recall, the increases in aggression caused by violent media in studies on the subject didn't say a cummulative increase in aggression, or even an effect that was anything more than temporary. Certainly, it'd be interesting to know more.)

Yes, the media sensationalise their coverage of these events. As someone who runs a topical show, with an overblown bravado (Which is hilarious) for entertainment, the use of topics likely to be viewed, and presentations likely to gain viewership, should not be unimaginable. Doing so is hardly deep journalism, but then again, neither are using personal anecdotes as your counterpoint to studies hand-waved.

I understand the point. Video games don't desensitize you to violence in the same way that playing Rugby doesn't remove your inhibition to tackle anybody in the street. There is a massive difference between video game violence and real violence no matter how real it looks. I don't become horrified when I cut up a steak for dinner - it isn't merely be the sight of somebody's flesh that would make me want to throw up. It is the fact that you are seeing a real person who is probably badly injured that causes an emotional reaction. I don't care when I shoot somebody in the face in Battlefield 3 because I did not actually shoot somebody in the face. The suggestion that because of this I don't care about hurting people in reality is extremely offensive.

Pretty fucking disturbed I can tell you that.

It's a great way to prove a point though.

With all the stuff I've seen on the internet, there's only a few things that still rustle my jimmies. I frequent various disturbing sites when I am bored, and it doesn't matter how you torture a person, I won't even flinch anymore. Shock sites got nothing on me. You can bring on any kind of pain olympics or real death videos, I'm cool.

But if there is animal violence, you can count me out. I once saw a video where a redneck cuts off a turtle's head. Feels bad, even now. And dogs are my weakest point, I just can't take it no matter what. I'm pretty certain that quite a few people will agree with me, seeing as how we're on the internet and all.

To summarize, killing and torturing people does not disturb me. Any violence at all towards animals does disturb me. Quite a bit, too. And that clip in Jimquisition was old news to me, and did not disturb me, even when I first saw it.

Not disturbed. Rather curious actually.

We - FORTUNATELY - don't get to see a lot of people die. So I have a morbid curiosity about seeing this greatest taboo of all. Have seen quite a bit of it. The moment of death is one of the most honest and real ones you will witness. Nobody pretends in death.

Games never had any affect on getting me used to actual death. I became an EMT in my early 20's and I was a lot bigger gamer then than I am now. To be honest, seeing fake death, seeing fake killing, seeing fake blood, and hearing fake cries and fake screaming...that doesn't do anything. It's fake, it's fantasy, it's just not real. A healthy human mind knows it, a psychologically healthy person knows it. Sure, conditioning a person do to something is a different thing. But doing something and being used to it are far different.

But to be honest, it doesn't take much to get used to death.

Doesn't take much at all.

It bothered me a lot, though not really for the reasons Jim mentioned. Jim put it down to how Hollywood/games glamourize and cartoonify violence, whereas real life violence is cruder and more abrupt. Just the knowledge that it was real was enough to make me feel bad - that knowledge was what made the difference, not the actual appearance or details of the death (though they hardly helped). If I was told the footage was just that of a practical joke, I probably wouldn't have had a problem.

Sooooo you actually gon' do somethin' 'bout it or are you just here to see how horrified everyone is?

Probly not as much as I should have been. However, that has less to do with "Because videogames desensatised me" and more to do with "Researching military history for 6 years desensatised me." Dont get me wrong. If I was to watch that happen in real life it probly would have made me lose it, but with that actual video as it is, its no worse than watching someone get shot on a WW2 film reel, and is not anywhere close to as bad as watching someone get roasted alive by a flamethrower. Or sometimes its not even what is happening, but what you know HAPPENED, like looking at the shadows burned into the walls in the aftermath of Hiroshima.

But compared too all that, my brain catalogs it as "just another guy getting shot on video/in picture"

meh didn't disturb me at all, but it isn't the first time i've seen a REAL death anyway. this video was so blurry i could hardly tell what i was looking at. Meanwhile on the internet, i've seen high-quality real life headshots. Why? because it's the internet and we all stumble upon some bizarre shit.

The bud dywer clip was rather tame but I guess it puts his point across without posting more extreme footage like some stuff from syria or the video of some guy with American medics who stepped on a booby trap but then you never know if it's fake or propaganda.

I never really get affected seeing violence in vidoe or picture form, but yes violence I see happening right
in front of me freaks me out. like once my cousin gashed the back of his head while skakeing and blood
was everwhere.....I was 11 but am pretty sure I'v never said "OH FUCK, HOLY SHIT AHHH NO NO NONNONO,FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!" more at one time in my life.

That was pretty uncomfortable. The death itself was bad enough but the build up to it, the "Turn away if you think this going to affect you" stuff that he was saying was even worse.

I'm actually amazed at people who say they were shaken or seriously disturbed. We're constantly surrounded by violence. By now I would expect not video games but real life should have desensitised you.

I wasn't overly disturbed, but it has stuck in my mind quite a bit.
About a year ago I went to BCT (Basic Combat Training) in teh US army. My asthma led to me not being able to pass the 2 mi run test so I didn't graduate. Anyways, in the field first aid section I saw the first footage of actual injuries. I remember an "oh shit that is real" moment, but it didn't overly bother me. Not much does to be honest, I think that is more attributable to my almost certain mental issues but I can't afford a therapist even if one was close.


Cedric Rolle III:
I feel terrible for saying this but I don't care. I feel like I am desensitized against violence. Trust me I'm a monster.

I get the feeling I'm a bit more disconnected to it than some other people here too. At least we can both be monsters together.

I don't play violence video games or anything though, so who knows where that comes from?

When I say I'm monster trust me. So I went to my Grandmother's funeral and didn't cry then I walked over to a complete stranger's funeral wedding. I feel like a jerk.

Oh fuck...

Yeah not watching that clip again fuck that. You don't need to bloody demonstrate the argument!

It didn't really bother me. That probably isn't a good thing, right?

I guess if a man chooses commits suicide, this doesn't bother me. Death doesn't bother me either, I do like how Jim used this footage to prove his point however, it leaves an impression on a lot of people, I agree with what Jim said for the most part on violence.

If it had been someone I liked or loved, this might have bothered me a great deal however. One video I saw a year back was of a man commiting suicide in at a trial. He had just been sentenced to life in jail and he pulled something out of his pocket and swallowed it. His death was slower lasting about 20-30 seconds and it was all caught on camera, that was much more difficult to watch than a gun in the mouth for me, but not by that much. I guess I have grown up with death like many others, I am used to it.

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