Poll: Which of the Big 3 Anime is your favorite?

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Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece?

Now, I don't know specifically why, but I would assume that they're called the Big 3 because they were the most popular(Among Kids/Teenagers I think) in the last decade... not counting Yu-Gi-Oh I guess =P

Now could I be wrong? Yes, but hey, at least I'll have people correct me now before I continue to be incorrect elsewhere...

Oh yeah, I'm indifferent to all 3, I'd much rather watch a Super Sentai from that period(I said SENTAI you perv!)
Dekaranger, Boukenger, or Abaranger over the Big 3 any day! =)

I didn't realize there was a Big 3... in fact, I always thought Pokemon and Dragonball Z were more popular than those among kids/teenagers... oh god, has it really been that long since those were big shows?

The only Anime I've ever really watched has been Pokemon, Dragonball, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, so I suppose my opinion doesn't mean much in this thread. Also, people who actually watch Anime scoff at me because I've only ever seen terrible ones.

I prefer Bleach to answer your question, but all of them are atrocious in one way or another.

While I do watched all of the big three shows (well I stop watching Bleach once Aizen arc ended and Fairy Tail had pretty much replace it) One Piece is by far my favourite among the three.
While I would explain why I prefer it compared to the other two but I rather not due to fear of enraging the Naruto or Bleach fans on here.

I think you could of added Fairy Tail seeing how it can compete with the big three since it is similar to them (shonen and it's ongoing like them).

I'm pretty sure Dragon Ball Z is bigger than all three of those.

That's my choice and has been since I was like, ten years old.

Out of those I prefer Bleach. Stopped watching it after Aizen though as it just got stupid.

DBZ is superior to all of those though obviously :P

ITT: which bad anime is less bad.

OT: ...yeah, this topic seems like it's missing something. Like substance. or discussion value. Or the OP's ability to see the plethora of threads about far, far superior anime that pop up once a week or so. >.>

I'm pretty sure it's really the "Big 1" of anime, which is DBZ.

That's not to say I like DBZ the most or it's the best, but for biggest, I can't imagine there being a competition.

Dragonball Z isn't on the list because it ended ages ago! All those on the list are still ongoing!

I pick One Piece! Easily one of the very best! Almost 700 chapters and has just been getting better and better!

Naruto, I gave up on because I just couldn't keep reading anymore, it really did just get worse and worse...

Bleach, I should continue reading, but some parts of it just annoyed me (like the imaginary town held up by 4 pillars) and the chapters that were bollocks!

It also bother me how pathetically weak Ichigo and his friends were compared to the captains in the Soul Society! Seriously, all they did was get curb-stomped and have to be saved. Ichigo was weak until he donned the silly mask.

I'd go with One Piece. I feel like it doesn't take itself as seriously as the others, and has a really great plot. The characters are all diverse and the art style is very nice. Not to mention it manages to stir some emotions in me. I find that the more a cartoon makes me react and provokes a response (laughter, cheering, anger, crying), the better it is. You can have the best animation in the world, but if I'm not reacting in anyway it's just not good to me.

Also I wouldn't say DBZ is bigger than all of those. I don't know, to me it just seems that DBZ has passed its time. Perhaps it was big when we were young, but I'd say all of those animes deserve their spot as the big three in terms of popularity as of now.

Out of those I prefer Bleach. Stopped watching it after Aizen though as it just got stupid.

DBZ is superior to all of those though obviously :P

Indeed. DBZ might have the worst pacing next to an asthmatic ant doing heavy shopping, but it also has some of the funniest filler to ever grace television screens.

Where in Bleach can you find a green alien taking Driver's Ed?

I like DBZ....

out of these three, I dislike Bleach, am unfamiliar with One Piece, and think Naruto is decent (has it's great moments, but so much filler)

so Naruto I guess

I was a big naruto fan back in early and middle-high school, but have lost most of my interest in the series.
I think One Piece is the better series simply because it's more consistently good and hasn't jumped the shark Well, not in the metaphorical sense.

I have been through all three a couple times but both Naruto and Bleach got cripplingly bad after a while but One Piece seems to get better as it goes so I still read One Piece.

As for what people are saying about DragonBall, DragonBall ended already and isn't as high ranked as it once was. In polls One Piece was considered the most popular over all with Naruto and Bleach trailing. Among anime circles Bleach Naruto and One Piece are considered the big three.

Not a fan of Bleach or Naruto, but I've seen the first couple of episodes of One Piece and enjoyed them a lot, although I wouldn't watch 500 episodes of it. So I guess of the three I'll go with One Piece.

One Piece easily. I've never watched Bleach though so that probably screws the worth of my opinion.

Dragonball Z, obviously.

These "big 3" wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for Son Goku and his friends.

And here I was, expecting Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and okay, I suppose Bleach, yes. Such a long time tho...can't really point my finger at any one of those or the poll ones.

All these DBZ posts just make me want them to bring up DBZ even more. :(

Except GT...fuck GT. It never happened...IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Dragon Ball Z isn't on the list, therefore your thread is invalid.

I really don't like any of those to be honest.

I got through most of Naruto before throwing the towel. I couldn't get into One Piece and Bleach turned into one massive trolling of its fan-base. Poor onii-chan, fucker had his head explode after he finished watching it.

So, final verdict.... Naruto, I guess.


DBZ is superior to all of those though obviously :P

I'm going to go with this. I haven't seen any of the others so they must be rubbish!

Dragonball Z was part of my childhood.

Captcha: lardy-dardy

I think Captcha just called me fat.

I was a huge fan of Naruto but not been able to watch it due to other things cropping up but I'd still say it's my favourite. Bleach would come second, it's great but not as good as Naruto. One Piece I tried to watch but got bored and stopped watching after 7 episodes (and as there are now hundreds of episodes I don't intend on giving it another try!)

One Piece, easily. The first anime I ever watched is now the only anime I want to watch.

I watched all three at one point and I thought that Bleach was getting really stupid(IMO) and I just stopped watching Naruto like a couple years back and never bothered to watch it again.

Not a fan of any of them. Bleach is coolest with me since it's got the guy from Code Geass as Ichigo, and Dragonball Z is a bit embarrassing to watch or listen to sometimes. Naruto is a bit dull for me.

I thought the modern big 3 were Death Note, Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Out of those 3 I would pick FMA: B (although my avatar is CG) as it is the most conisistantly epic!

I don't watch any of those you posted though.

Edit: Ever realise how anime seems to come in 3's? There is always 3 massive animes at one time, examples:

70's Golden era anime: Lupin the 3rd, Mobile Suit Gundam, Star Blazers
90's commercially successful anime: Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and Pokemon
90's critically successful anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop
00's commercially successful anime: Naruto, Bleach and One Piece
00's critically successful anime: Death Note, Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

You forgot the big 1, Dragon Ball Z. I think Naruto and One Piece are pretty terrible (mind you I only watched them on TV a decade ago) and I have never seen Bleach.

Z of the Na'vi:
I'm pretty sure Dragon Ball Z is bigger than all three of those.

Nah, One Piece became more popular than DBZ... about a couple years ago? also, the HST refers only to ongoing anime.

I like them all, although One Piece is head and shoulders above Bleach and Naruto. Actually One Piece is head and shoulders above most manga I've read/Anime I've watched.

I dont actually watch the anime for any of the three

The big 3 refers to the anime that are popular now and are still putting out new chapters/episodes.

Anyways Fairy Tail >.>

Dragonball Z, obviously.

These "big 3" wouldn't even be there if it wasn't for Son Goku and his friends.

Yeah and Dragon Ball Z wouldn't exist without Astro Boy, and Astro Boy wouldn't exist without Disney movies, and Disney movies wouldn't exist without...

From this, we can conclude the Epic of Gilgamesh is the bestest anime ever made.

Moving right along, Bleach is definitely my favorite of the three, although I acknowledge that it is also the worst. Nowadays it's just so, so bad...even the character designs are terrible now. Bleach fans can only take solace in knowing that Naruto isn't that much better.

Meanwhile, One Piece keeps doing...whatever it is that has made it the #1 best-selling manga in Japan.

hmmm, I don't care for any of those 3 in the poll, my Anime clasics are: Ranma 1/2, Dragon Quest, Saint Seiya and Dragon Ball, and for new-ish series I would pick Kore Wa Zombie Des Ka?, High School of the Dead and Another (Anazâ) :D

They are all generic and bad! nuff' said. BELIEVE IT!

Wow, shit. I was expecting a big 3 to include something like Cowboy Bebop or Evangelion or something. You know, the ones that are usually held by anime watchers as being sacred, as well as usually being the shows that "got me to start watching 'real' anime".

Well, when in Rome...
I'll be honest I've never watched any of those. Never really had an interest, though I've been told I should just to know what the fuck people are talking about when I come into a thread like this. As for shows like Dragonball Z, well, I wasn't what you could call in a sense a fan, but it was one of the funniest shows to talk about in the playground.

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