Which of the Big 3 Anime is your preferred choice?
11.9% (90)
11.9% (90)
13.8% (104)
13.8% (104)
One Piece
18.1% (137)
18.1% (137)
WHAT!? *Insert Anime here* Isn't on here!? Bullsh*t I still pick it!
38.9% (294)
38.9% (294)
Not much of an Anime person, now TACOS on the other hand...
13.8% (104)
13.8% (104)
*sigh* I like all 3...
2.9% (22)
2.9% (22)
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Poll: Which of the Big 3 Anime is your favorite?

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Dragon Ball Z isn't on the list, therefore your thread is invalid.

And here I was, expecting Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and okay, I suppose Bleach, yes. Such a long time tho...can't really point my finger at any one of those or the poll ones.

I like DBZ....

out of these three, I dislike Bleach, am unfamiliar with One Piece, and think Naruto is decent (has it's great moments, but so much filler)

so Naruto I guess

Please guys, do some research. The Big Three are the three most popular ongoing manga series which are shounen titles.

WHAT!? Dragon Ball Z isn't on here!? Bullsh*t I still pick it! F*ck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not really sure if any anime would interest me nowadays.

More than likely, though obviously you'd have to look beyond the mainstream, just ask me if you'd like some tips! There's a lot of anime that's been released since Brotherhood, much of it quite unique. You want an anime about the difficulty of becoming a new, single male parent? Usagi Drop. You want a story set in 19th century France about the culture shock between a young Japanese girl and the French family she's staying with? Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth. You want an anime that looks like an American comic book and is influenced by shows like South Park? Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. You want a comedy about the lives of a group of female nerds all living together? Princess Jellyfish. You want a Gothic mystery series heavily influenced by Sherlock Holmes and set in 1920s Europe? Gosick. And I could go on :P

I'm going to say Naruto because I haven't seen/read One Piece. Bleach was going into the completely stupid direction but I'm actually starting to enjoy reading it again. It's a shame the anime stopped though, probably had some of the best fight scenes of any anime, but of course by the end I only skimmed to episodes that had an animation bump just to watch fights and only fights.

Also screw DBZ, it's good but it doesn't hold up. It sets down the formula for modern shonen battle mangas for sure such as the various stages of powered up forms, but because of that newer ones will always be better because they added stuff like character development and overarching plots to that formula.

Wow, shit. I was expecting a big 3 to include something like Cowboy Bebop or Evangelion or something. You know, the ones that are usually held by anime watchers as being sacred, as well as usually being the shows that "got me to start watching 'real' anime".

When anime/manga fans say "Big 3," they're usually referring to the three most popular/financially successful mangas in Jump magazine in Japan (Also the most popular/biggest manga magazine I think). As far as "anime" goes though, Bleach was ended recently because of lack of popularity I'm assuming (with a Naruto spin-off of all things taking up it's time slot), so only One Piece and Naruto should still be counted, though Naruto has some serious pacing issues.

Also Cowboy Bebop isn't actually as popular or "groundbreaking" in Japan as it is in America. I assume it's mostly because it was one of the first "serious" shows that many viewers in the West have seen that makes people treat it like it's the greatest thing ever (also helps that it has so many Western elements).

So did things only endorsed by shonen jump suddenly become the big three? i think it might have been better to include something outside of the usual.

I thought all three were total crap, personally. I gave all three a fair chance and tried to watch them, but I got bored after about ten episodes of each.
Of course, I couldn't actually pick a favourite anime of mine. I have lots.

I do not watch any of these animes but I read a bunch of One Piece back in the day, it was my favorite of the bunch listed here. I prefer sci-fi anime usually. The only shonen I ever REALLY got into was DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho, and when it came to the latter I still preferred the manga.

I'm pretty new to anime and my knowledge is limited. I've only started Bleach, but found the episode count a bit overwhelming since I joined the game late and just kind of gradually fell off of it. The only other two anime that I have finished are Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Death Note and I absolutely loved both of them to the fullest extent.


Dragonball Z? Terrible? Since when? That shit was the fucking bomb.

Well, yeah, when they were actually doing anything, it was pretty awesome. Every other time, you've got five episodes of Goku powering up, training, smack talking, and/or eating. Or being completely absent so everyone else can get smacked around by the big bad until the plot necessitates that he show up. (I should hope the exaggeration here is obvious.)

Not that I think all of the filler is bad in itself, each arc would probably be ridiculously short without it, but it's pretty amusing nonetheless.

I haven't watched any of them for some obvious and other not-so-obvious reasons...

I wish I could contribute a little more to this thread but I don't want to start a "X is better then Y because Z" argument...

That's a pretty adolescent-American-male-centered list. I won't touch a one of those.

I haven't watched Bleach or Naruto in ages and since my favourite character from both is now dead, I pick Bleach, since it has swords and swords are cool. (I never really liked One Piece).

I never really got that much into anime, but I used to love watching One Piece on Toonami, so I went with that.

I thought for sure it was going to be Naruto, Pokemon and DBZ. But I choose Bleach, slthough my opinion really doesn't count seeing as most of my liking for the series comes from the manga. To be honest I haven't WATCHED that much of any of those three.

Lets see...
Bleach: Hate
Naruto: Hate
One Piece: Hate

Add on the other prominent ones that I've seen...
Fairy Tail: Hate
DBZ: Hate
Pokemon [Though not so much any more]: Meh.

Most of the big and popular animes IMO are crap. I don't like them, and I don't get why other people like them but hey, opinions.

My personal preference is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. That show is great and is possibly one of the best tv shows and stories of all time. Non of those animes appeal to me in the slightest.

Probably should clarify that they're the three biggest Shonen series.

Anyway, me by default I guess it's Naruto since that's the only one I've watched more than one episode of (never watched One Piece).

A toss up between Naruto and bleach if you count the first 20 episodes or so only.
They are all terrible now at this point.

No good anime has had over 100 episodes. I only put the bar that high because Monster was 70 or so I think.

To answer your question, I suppose Naruto is my favorite. It had some parts that were shit, but when it hit, boy howdy did it hit well... when I was younger and liked it.

I still enjoy all 3, although not to any great extent. Bleach was the first of the 3 I stopped caring about. Followed by Naruto, and then One Piece.

Anime and I still get a long swimmingly... I just enjoy... endings.

Eh, I prefer Naruto, mainly because it was the first real anime I watched while growing up.

I saw a good chunk of One Piece, but the amount of episodes the show has now is just getting out of hand.

Admittedly, I don't watch a whole lot of anime as it's just not a medium I was ever able to really get into. That being said, everybody knows that Cowboy Bebop is the greatest anime ever crafted by the hand of mankind. The Japanese version was good and many, including the show's director himself, believe the English dub was even better. Beyond that, I'm noticing a distinct lack of love for Ghost in the Shell. I find this disturbing.

Oh, and honorable mention goes to FUNimation's version of Shin Chan. Too... funny... can't... stop... laughing...

Now let's talk about tacos. I like mine with a nicely seared carné asada, lots of guacamole, and maybe some diced tomatoes and onions. Also, it's great when the shells have been just fried. Good stuff.

All three are incredibly long, filler-ridden shows aimed at teenage viewers. I tried to get into all three of them at some points in my life as an anime addict, but I just didn't have the patience to sit through all that filler. Seriously, a fight in Naruto may last for several episodes, with characters having flashbacks, talking instead of actually fighting or just jumping around and grunting at each other, and after the fight ends it turns out that nothing is resolved plotwise. Maybe if some company that releases anime in the West decide to take one of these shows, cut out all the filler that contributes nothing to the plot, all those beach episodes (not sure if any of these have those, actually) and flashbacks, and release it - then I might give it a try. Until then, I'd prefer to stick to shorter things.

I like One Piece more than Bleach and Naruto. Don't get me wrong, I like the other two alright when they play, but I liked the way One Piece joked around so much. Even the more important fights usually has something utterly retarded happen before it gets back on track.

Then again, Gantz was pretty fascinating in a This is so bad it's great sort of way. That, and my anime knowledge is pretty limited in scope, so I'm sure there are shows/mangas that I'm missing. Not that it matters since this is a choice between the Big 3. Well, that and I would've picked One Piece anyway...

No Dragon Ball Z? Really? You put in goddamn Naruto but not Dragon Ball Z?

I'm not a fan of any of them to be honest.

I'd pick Dragon Ball Z, that's pretty much where anime starts and stops with me.

One Piece, because of the fact that it still manages to surprise me even though I've had pretty much everything spoiled for me.

I vote for Lupin movies, because they are one of the things that helped anime
find and audience and establish a market in the west.
Of the three on your list the only one I've seen an appreciable amount of
is Naruto-haven't seen any Bleach and a friend forced me to watch the first
episode of One Piece--YMMV but it really wasn't for me.

Pfft. You people and your Dragon Balls and your Narutos. Clearly you guys haven't experienced the awesomeness that is...

One Piece, I love me some One Piece. Except for the giant amount of filler. But I love the concept.

Watched some Bleach and some Naruto, but to be honest, they're both terrible anime. Very repetitive and I feel the music is very out of place. Way too much filler, too. Never managed to get into One Piece. Dunno why, I love Hiro Mashima and his work, but One Piece just doesn't click with me.

I'd rather a good Saint Seiya, Slayers or Dragon Ball (up to Z).

I haven't really watched any of them, to be honest.
The bits and pieces I've seen seem really bland and same-y.

I definitely have to say One Piece is by far my favorite out of the three.

I watched all three, and gushed just about equally over all three of them.

Naruto was first. I thought it seemed like a stupid concept when I first saw the toonami trailer (A show about ninjas, really? sounds stupid), but it actually captivated me. I stopped watching the anime though around 2009 because I got a bit older (I was 15 at the time I believe), and I was starting to have less tolerance for fillery crap. I still read the manga, which I was getting progressively more and more bored with, but contrary to most people who from what I hear hate the current arc, I am actually somewhat enjoying it. It legitimately feels like the series may be ending soon, and it actually seems pretty interesting. And at this point, main characters are starting to die, and I actually do not know what to expect next.

Bleach was the second one I got into, back when it came on Adult Swim in 2006. I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I saw it. It really started to drag around the Hueco Mundo arc, painfully so, but I still would have remembered the series in a fond light had it ended with the Aizen arc, but no, they had to keep going and since then (for me) it has been consistently horrid, but I still torture myself reading it, only out of habit though.

One Piece, in a way was kind of first, second and third for me to get into. I used to love the 4kids version because when it came out, I was like 9, but then I lost interest when I got a bit older than scoffed at the very idea of enjoying the show, like most of my other friends here in the U.S. Then it came out on Toonami, and it revitalized my interest in the series, but I eventually kind of lost interest in it again when it Toonami was cancelled, and they stopped airing new episodes. Then in around 2009 I got really into it, to the point that I devoted all of my free time to watching the anime from the Skypiea arc, to the most current point at the time, which was the Impel Down saga I believe. I was pretty enraptured with the series at that point. I think my interest in the anime started to descend at that point, and I picked up reading the manga, and pretty much started exclusively reading the manga. I still check in on the anime from time to time, and sometimes I do a mini-marathon, but I find filler often painful to watch, so it is quite apparent that the stare-downs are getting waaaay to lengthy, then I will just stop watching or skip ahead. But yeah, I pretty much just started loving One Piece more and more the more I got into it, and it has been pretty consistently good. The only arc that I am disappointed in would the the Fishmen Island arc, but the following (and current) arc in my opinion more than makes up for the prior arc. I guess I love One Piece so much because it is the first seriously long anime I have seen that hasn't suffered from being too long. It has never felt like it has kept going solely for the sake of continuing like many other anime, and the the author himself said that he already has the ending planned out, and that's what keeps him writing One Piece, so we are in for a super long anime that will go on for about another decade, and will probably have an amazing ending.

So yeah, I'd say that in general, One Piece is my favorite, although I can quite easily understand why a lot of people don't like it, but there will always be other anime that will capture my immediate attention and become my temporary favorites, like Index, SAO (my intense burning love for it was fairly short-lived), and most recently, I have taken quite a shine to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, I mean damn, just look at the second opening for this show!

Okay, well Dragonball Z is number 1 for me, and I think pokemon has like 1000 seasons so...

I lost interest in Bleach around the "rescue Rukia" arc.

I lost interest in Naruto after the "rescue Gaara arc" but my cousin keeps me updated on the plot (man Naruto really jumped the shark didn't it) and in exchange I keep him updated on One Piece (and Transformers Prime).

So, One Piece would be my choice.

Z of the Na'vi:
I'm pretty sure Dragon Ball Z is bigger than all three of those.

That's my choice and has been since I was like, ten years old.

naruto bleach and onepiece are the most popular currently running series of manga on the planet

dbz's current popularity is only in the us and europe, because we got it late
so no its not more popular

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