Poll: Which of the Big 3 Anime is your favorite?

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I just love one piece. it uses emotional storytelling and an adorably childish design to really pound ideas into your head. They take into account so much, from the tiniest quirk to the biggest problem, and make them stand out in their own way. They even work in the devil-fruit as perfectly acceptable, and it is amazing.

The storytelling is so swingy that it tugs at your heartstrings no matter how cold. Each character has their own dreams, realities, hopes and ideals, and they flow together without losing any of it. The character design is a bit disconcerting at first, but you come to realise that the true beauty of the show lies within the characters.

Sure, in the beginning, it is a silly show with outlandish designs and nonsensical dialogue, but the more you watch, the more you realise how incredibly HUMAN Oda makes his characters, how they not only evolve physically, but mentally, and overcome incredible hurdles.

Sure I might sound like one of those goatee-and-beret twits who consistently read too deep for a living, but in One Piece it is really there. The characters are amazing, the fights are so much more badass than bleach and naruto and the stories are never the same twice.



You might want to put spoiler tags in there friend, luckily I don't watch One Piece but I'm sure a lot in this thread do, and may not have reached those particular episodes.

I like all 3.

(BOOM, Cop out!)

But yeah, I adore them all. Maybe not entirely equally but I still can't say which is better. Because they're all good to me.

I liked all three... but I don't really read/watch them any more, seeing as how long they've gone on for...

Haven't finished any of the above, although I am at the beginning of One Piece.
I have finished Trigun, Soul Eater; and I'm also in the middle of Shaman King, The Skull Man, and Smile Precure(ugh).
Although judging by the above series mentioned, I'm out of my depth.

I personally dislike the general style of One Piece, even though the quality is generally better than the other two... sort of (They're all crap). Bleach is just utterly crappy. Naruto is okay-ish, maybe, if there's noting else to watch, I like the beginning of the series anyway.

So Naruto. :/

I thought the modern big 3 were Death Note, Code Geass and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Oh, God, I hope they are, those are infinitely better. In that case, Code Geass, as I felt it had a better resolution than the other two, but they're all awesome.

So the choices are

-Shoen Jump Cash Grab A
-Shoen Jump Cash Grab B
-Shoen Jump Cash Grab C


So "big three" as in the "mindless popcorn movies" of anime?

Well, except maybe the Japanese One Piece as I've heard, though I've never actually delved into that.

Went with the fourth option as I'm not particularly fond of any of them.

I thought this was going to be Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Dragon Balls.
I'll just assume that it is.
Cowboy Bebop. Duh.

Those three are crap.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura)
Sailor Moon
Ruroni Kenshin
Dragon Ball.

Honestly? None of the above.

Bleach has gone on way too long, and honestly hasn't been very interesting since before the Soul Society arc. It just worked so much better at the beginning.
One Piece just doesn't appeal to me, and there's really nothing more I can say about it.
Naruto... I had really high hopes for Naruto; there was a ton of potential in this one. Then the filler happened and we started getting some of the worst-paced crap I've ever seen, and it got really boring as a result.

I'm also going to give some people heart attacks and say that I don't like Dragonball Z either. Dragonball, I like. Z, I just can't enjoy very much for various reasons that I'm not going to bother going into here.

To be embarrassingly honest, almost all of the anime I love are short 12-26 episode standalones like Darker Than Black or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (only the first season). The only "big" anime that I like is Full Metal Alchemist--the first one, not so much Brotherhood--which happens to be one of my favorites.

Captcha: "Watch Shows, Not Commercials"
That's rich, coming from a captcha that IS a commercial.

Wasn't interested in One Piece, while Naruto and Bleach just started turning bland so long ago for me.

I'm with the people who are voting Fairy Tail on this one.

just to add my 2 cents to the pan. I hated one piece it was just to in your face all the time, DBZ was awesome when it was on and just like the rest part of my childhood, but I went with bleach just because I really enjoyed through the Aiezen saga. have been trying to find the episodes after been having a hard time.

I would though that the big 3 would be more along the lines of Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, and Full Metal Alchemist. The reason being all of the in the poll are just OK to me but are all kind of generic. The shows that I have lasted are viewed (at least by people I know) as being excellent.

ONE PIECE all the way. Naruto turned into the literal Naruto show; about nothing but a ninja messiah child and other such boring nonsense. Bleach.. well, Bleach was finished as soon as they beat the bad guy. Everything afterwords was just filler to milk the franchise for money. God the last two arcs of Bleach have been so empty and devoid of anything relevant.

I'm gonna have to go with tacos on this one. Tacos never disappoint me. Beefy cheesy goodness wins out over anime every time.

These are the "Big 3"? Didn't the hype for these shows go down several years ago?

Well, I've been checking out a show called "Rosario + Vampire" and revisiting Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and have found these to be better than those other shows. But I suppose those three are probably so popular, due to being so easily accessible.

...Toriko? This poll feels old to me. Bleach has been fading out for awhile now with Toriko picking up speed. Wasn't sure whether th fourth option or Tacos was a better choice for Toriko, so I went with Tacos.

Dragon Ball takes my favorite easily

Well I've only seen this topic a billion time. Fortunately, it now has an interesting component in that one of them has ended.

Now that Bleach has been shut down, I suppose Fairy Tail is the logical choice to take its spot. I love Fairy Tale, but it feels like it doesn't hold up the dynamic of the old 'big 3'. All the shows had their own thing going on; Naruto had the most thoughtful and best choreographed/animated fights and a tendency to cater to yaoi fangirls, Bleach was DBZ with swords, and One Piece was off in its own corner with its masterful balance of comedy and drama and a commendable commitment to generally being better than the other two. The new big 3 is going to have somewhat less balance, with Naruto, One Piece, and One Piece again but with mages.

One Piece is the right answer because from what I've heard it's the only one that consistently maintains a high quality, but I really liked pre time skip Naruto. It was about a kid who fucking sucked at what he did, but managed to find a clever way to push through. While Ichigo and Luffy were both just born awesome.

Even though being shorter than the others I've always seen Fullmetal Alchemist as one of the big anime's. With its great concepts that also relate to real world theories and amazing action to provide great balance it also tells a compelling story, but most important of all it has no filler and knows when to finish.

Most people consider the "Big 3" as Cowboy Debop, Fullmetal Alchemist, and (I forgot the other one... oops).

I've seen about as much Naruto as Bleach. Naruto is way more padded then Bleach, other than that they're about the same. Naruto is more middle school, where Bleach is more high school.
I think I like Bleach more though.

Full Metal Alchemist and FMA brotherhood. Trigun, Outlaw Star and certainly Cowboy Bebop should be mentioned aswell, maybe even the avatar series, or atleast LoK.

Oh look, the Naruto and Taco option are tied

It would be a shame... if something... were to happen to it >:D

OT: I don't watch much anime, but I did enjoy what I did watch of Death Note and Soul Eater

Judge me not, please!

So the choices are

-Shoen Jump Cash Grab A
-Shoen Jump Cash Grab B
-Shoen Jump Cash Grab C


My thoughts exactly.
This thread was doomed to failure the minute in was created.
It's comical, really.

Ranma. Ranma? Ranma! Ranma... RAN.Ma.

By the way I preffer Ranma 1/2 than the DBZ 3.

what? THEY TOTALLY ARE DBZ! Just with different uniforms, this is especially clear in Naruto, but the other 2 have it just as bad. I watched all three until they started getting ridiculous and realized that I wasn't enjoying myself. It felt like homework,a chore to watch Aizen trolling, Naruto being...well...Naruto and One Piece's weirdness lost it's charm fairly quickly.

All three protagonists are interchangeable and their stories are not that different as a whole.

So ultimately...Ranma 1/2

Along with a bunch of other posters, I'm going with DBZ because without it none of those three would even exist. Dragon Ball was the inspiration for so many mangas/animes and the popularity of DBZ sparked worldwide interest in the genre(s).

Naruto never interested me. I've read some of the chapters, and they had their moments, but they're focusing too much on trying to make the characters seem cool rather than making them interesting.

Bleach is just Dragonball with swords. No, seriously, it has the biggest case of what I call "Dragonball syndrome" I've seen, which is the case of having to invent a new and completely unheard of barrier of legendary, impossible-to-reach strength for each season. It gets tiresome when what is labeled as "ultimate power" in one season suddenly is something used by little girls and their dogs next season. Thus, I never really liked it. It also suffered from the "cool rather than interesting"-problem characters in Naruto had.

One Piece got me to read quite a lot. I lost my interest because it dragged out the story too long, and almost every individual story arc plays out the same way(get to island, get introduced to baddies, conflict, ???, win). I definitely prefer One Piece to the other two, though, simply because it's got far more character than the other two, and the story, while rather messy, is fairly good.

Still, I'd trade in One Piece for a taco any day. Cuz tacos r nom.

"Big 3"???

Let me count off the anime I consider "bigger".

- Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT (These shows and Sailor Moon are the entire reason anime became popular in America. They are just HUGELY important)
- Sailor Moon (see above)
- Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (The whole reason Toonami had Midnight Run - which evolved directly into creating Adult Swim - which is the reason The Venture Bros, Metalocalypse, etc etc all exist)

(^^there's the REAL "Big 3")

- Cowboy Bebop (masterpiece)
- Trigun
- Outlaw Star
- Rurouni Kenshin
- Tenchi (Muyo/Universe)
- Evangelion
- Pokemon (IT'S STILL GOING????)

I have watched all 3 and I have to say that I enjoy One Piece the most. I liked Bleach but it has so much pointless filler and at some point just became so damn boring, the story also became kinda **** after the Aizen arc.

I somewhat enjoyed Naruto but it's kinda meh right now for me, what I really enjoyed was Naruto struggling with the nine tailed fox. I loved it when he lost control but that didn't happen too much, it had some other good characters but it had way too much filler for me to enjoy it that much. The current arc is also kinda meh.

Im enjoying the story for One piece, even after this long it still keeps me interested and the characters are great. I haven't read the manga but im looking forward to see what happens in the New world. The anime is currently starting the "Punk hazard" arc, not sure what it's about but it does involve smoker so all is well.

I prefer Bleach to answer your question, but all of them are atrocious in one way or another.

Of the ones listed, Bleach, but really I don't even want to watch any of them. I enjoy Initial D, especially the two episodes of fifth stage I saw on Youtube, and Hellsing in both forms is great, but that is basically it.

I dislike it when someone talks about anime the topic of the "Big Three" comes up constantly. It's a harsh environment for some of the western audiences concerning anime, but let's be honest... it is the western audiences fault that the Big Three have been dominating for so long.

There will come a day when the Big ol' Three will not have the same presence as they did/do now, for example DragonBall. After the manga of Bleach actually finished (I know, they seriously finished), Underdogs taking hits out of the Big Three are taking a stand left and right. We have Fairy Tail gaining more and more popularity ... maybe even as we speak. Magi, which has just gone through one season and I'm really liking the Aladin-like feel to it. Toriko ... not really something to my likings, then again anything that's not a harem doesn't go down with me. And then we come to One Piece, let's be honest that's going to drag on for years.

And there you have it.

*enters thread* *thread screams* "NO DBZ!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WARGARBHLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" *looks around* *thread screams again*"WAHRGARBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"

Holy crap people did we all forget about the 16 episode battles and the 15 episode spirit bomb? and alot of the other horrible bull shit in that show? Don't get me wrong I loved that show but jeez that is the only show that has ever made me wish for filler episodes.

OT: I prefer Naruto to the others mainly because I started watching the english One Piece and there is just no way to recover from that and bleach was only entertaining for the whole rescue the "princess" arc after that everyone was all super saian and the show writers were like "shit now what?" so they just cut there powers for no good reason.

Along with a bunch of other posters, I'm going with DBZ because without it none of those three would even exist. Dragon Ball was the inspiration for so many mangas/animes and the popularity of DBZ sparked worldwide interest in the genre(s).

I was going to reply with a very intelligent comeback to the above post, but then for some reason I just decided to: deal with it. weird no?

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