Threads that have been overdone on the Escapist.

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Cover songs that are better/worse than the original.
Favorite movie/game/literary/TV quotes.
Thing you love/hate that everyone else hates/loves.
There are probably more, but those are my top three.

-Dumbass people that play Dark Souls and make a thread about how much they don't like it/how easy it is(I'm one of them) and the dumbass DS fanboys that refuse to believe that their precious game isn't the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming.
-ME3 in general. It's done. We get it.
-Anime threads. I actually don't mind these threads because each one tends to not have the exact same suggestions as other ones, and it's how I discovered PSG.
-Any recommend threads apart from the anime ones. They tend to be the same replies every single time.
-Pony threads. I have never seen this many bronies in one place. Not complaining, just astounded.
-Console threads. They all have their pros and cons, get over always having to have the unanimous best one.

When you've been here as long as some of us have, then you tend to see pretty much every topic under the sun. As is the case, very little surprises me these days.

That being said, lately it's been the anime threads. My eyes just glaze over upon attempting to read through them.


Let see (trying not to repeat what others had said already)-
How did you become a brony/ why should I was MLP:MiS/ Why is it good, pretty much anything MLP related threads.
How I loose faith/ faith restore in humanity.
Mass Effect 3 ending related.
[insert game] suck because...
Hate for Jimquestion/ Moviebob or any Escapist show etc.
Half Life 3 related thread.

EDIT- Thanks to recent new threads made, I just remember these-

Games as art/ not art
Fake gamer girls
Wallpaper or stuff you want to show off.
Retro stuff like toys, fad and etc.

All of them.
Being a daily visitor for around 3 years will do that to ya. :p


Yeah there aren't really any new "hot topics" around every day so usually most are being repeated, some more some less.
Gender, Console Wars...
Then there are of course the controversial ones like a certain scene/ending/story/character of a certain game/book/movie which has been maybe overdone yes but it dies out in a month or so.

Then again you can usually see on the headline of the topic if you want to jump into it or not
I just think it's a good thing people re-do threads in stead of necroing 5 months old threads because no ones going to read the answer on page 13 if there are 45 pages in a thread that has been necroed for the 5th time.

Ironically, threads about repeated thread topics are very common

shame on you OP

I searched nothing and nothing came up, so I made this thread. Topaz alerted me he had done something similar, and I was truly sorry. My lurking doesn't catch everything.

I always roll my eyes at the "Why should I play X game" or "Convince me to play game X". It's like seriously play the damn game if you want to, why do you need anyone to force you to play something?!


Seriously, I'm not a huge fan of the game myself, but this damn thread really doesn't need to show up every 2 weeks.

I see a lot of "Why am I a transvestite?" and "My husband caught me with his gay lover!" topics on here. Wait that's a different site.

You guys talk about games too much, what is this... A gaming site?

I got nothing that hasn't been said, Be around these forums for a month and you'll see it all multiple times.

According to several responses in my thread With Zero Punctuation puttering--will the Escapist survive? quite a few people are tired of threads involving Zero Punctuation's demise--even when the thread is less about ZP's demise and more about how the Escapist would be effected by it.


"Am I the only one?"...


I just find it a bit egotistical compared to, say, "anyone else find...?"

All of them.
Being a daily visitor for around 3 years will do that to ya. :p

All of them. Even ironic, meta threads.

Today is a good day, I think I'll post on the forums!
*reads the thread titles in off-topic*
Okay maybe not... back to the user groups I go...

I agree.

Every Thred about fucking MLP. I am sick of that fucking show and its fucking fans, who won't shut the fuck up! I hate you all and Hope that you die in by a pony raping you in the ass!
ARRRRGGGHHH. So you see, MLP for me.

edit. I'm just venting there. No, I don't want ponies to rape you to death because you like MLP. I just want you to stop talking about it all the damn time.

Every meta thread.
Complaining about repeat threads could easily be one of the most repeated thread topics by now, because while others are seasonal, complaining about the season itself always was, is and shall be. Guilt trips yo, I hear OPs don't like em ;P

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