Something I don't understand about quit smoking aids

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I've always wondered what is the point of quit smoking aids such as gum, lozenges, or patches. The goal to quitting smoking is to rid oneself of the addiction to nicotine, correct?

Incorrect, actually. Nicotine by itself isn't really unhealthy - it's fatal in large doses, what with being related to nightshade and all, but the health effects are minuscule compared to cigarettes and the like. Heart rate and blood pressure increase might not sound like fun, but they're preferable to lung cancer.

The main thing that quitting cigarettes is about is to stop sucking all the tar and carcinogens into your lungs. If you smoke electronic cigarettes, chew gum, use the patch, whatever, you're getting the nicotine but without all the chemicals, which are what really screw you over.

The best solution is not to be addicted to anything, but having nicotine is far better than having cigarettes.

My dad was able to quit cold turkey, he was very good about it, didn't snap or nothing!

My mom has been trying to quit for years, she has constantly been on and off, saying that this time she will never start again...she always goes back on them. She has been off a year now, that is a record, hope it sticks.

I tried a cigarette (yeah, yeah, it was peer pressure) but I could barely smoke a puff without coughing badly, so I don't smoke and my health (and wallet) are better off for it.

How do you people keep up smoking? I know the nicotine is addictive, but I am surprised how many people can inhale smoke in their lungs without getting sick.

I do belieeve your mother and mine share the same willpower when it comes to giving up their smokes =P

As for myself my folks asked if I thought of giving up to which I said I could do with giving up and so I did on 1st of the new year and at the moment I'm using an E-cigarette and once I've used up the extra 11mg attachments I'll be fully done with the habit.

Not that I had much of a problem with it in the first place since it calmed me down and kept me rather lax but the e-cig works fine.

I stopped smoking unfiltered hand-rolled cigs for about 18 months(I liked the taste - what?)
Last year I decided to vape (E-cigs)
More of a smoking replacement than a stop smoking aid.
Reason being, I missed the physical act & the mixing your own E-liquid flavours & re-coiling the atomiser(coil glows red-hot as the flavoured nic-liquid is wicked in) is like a ritual in it's own right. A hobby, if you will. Oh, the many, many flavours!
Gets you funny looks & is a good talking point though. Plus you can totally do it indoors, doesn't stink up your clothes/home etc.
I can say that it has no noticeable impact on fitness, lung capacity or throat nastiness you get with "traditional" cigs; Also it is possible to go practically the whole day without a hit & not go nuts. I can only chalk that up to the thousands of other chemical compounds also contained in the stinkies, some of them are evidently put there on purpose in order to facilitate the addiction to them.

Food for thought.

You should cook turkey rather than eating it cold.




actually the nicotine in nicotine replacement therapy is a lot higher than you might think. sure a cigarette might have 12mg of nicotine while a tablet or gum has 1-4 but you do not smoke a whole cigarette, you might only inhale 50% of a cig while the rest burns away uninhaled and of that 50% your lungs will only absorb a small portion of that
when i first tried nicotine tablets i started on 4mg but even though i smoked up to 2 packs a day of 16mg a single tablet was enough to make me feel nauseous and dizzy

Actually the MG strength of a cigarette may say it is a 12mg cigarette, but is referring to the tar quantity. The average nicotine ammount is 10% of that, 1.2mg per cigarette.

A 4mg cig has 4mg of tar and .4mg of nicotine.

These also are the maximum ammounts of the chemicals in each cigarette, and the ACTUAL ammounts are roughly half the maximum.

This would explain the nausea from the replacements as they were actually probably higher than what you were used to

Yeah it's true that per unit there's more nicotine, but a person with a pack a day habit isn't meant to chew 20 pieces of gum a day. Can't find the box but I think it's recommended you take no more than 8 a day, I used to take about 5. Your only supposed to chew briefly then stop, pushing it between your gums and cheek until you get another craving. Another reason the gum is the one I'd prefer, it's slow release like the patches but it helps with the habit as well, giving you something to distract yourself.

That's very true. For long flights i generally go with lozenges and have something nice to suck with it so it doesn't taste like ass. Phrasing i know.. that could probably be taken some bad ways ... lmao

I've always wondered what is the point of quit smoking aids such as gum, lozenges, or patches. The goal to quitting smoking is to rid oneself of the addiction to nicotine, correct? So, how does having an alternate nicotine source help? It seems sort of counter productive as wouldn't you just be continuing to fulfill the addiction?

Isn't the point to rid yourself of the addiction entirely instead of just shifting the way it is administered? It sounds like the same thing as quitting cigarettes by replacing it with dip or chewing tobacco.

To me quitting cold turkey which is difficult seems like the only effective option. Of course I could be completely wrong about this and is why I'm asking.

The idea, I would imagine, is to taper off to ease the nicotine withdrawal. The thing about trying to just quit cold turkey isn't just that nicotine withdrawal would probably be a bitch for a lot of people, but there's also a psychological addiction you have to break which is almost harder than the nicotine addiction to break. In fact, the physical addiction to nicotine passes quite quickly I believe. But not everyone can go cold turkey and deal with it, so ease the nicotine withdrawal and they really only have the psychological aspect to overcome.

I'm not saying it necessarily works since I've never smoked, but the reasoning seems sound to me. Might not work for everyone, but it's something to try.


studies show that nicotine replacement is more effective than cold turkey. the results aren't great but they are there. i assume you mean in the case of long term relapse which is the same amongst nearly all forms of quitting while short term relapse is lower under aids

Are you just guessing about the studies or...?

Check out the sources provided at the beginning of this article:

I quit for new year after smoking for nearly 4 years. It's been 10 days and 2 hours since my last cigarette. Sure I still think about it but the cravings are just about gone.

Cold turkey. No bullshit, just tell yourself "NO". Don't keep any emergency cigs. Throw everything away and just don't buy any more, it's as simple as that.

Nicotine patches and gum are a waste of time in my opinion. I never even bothered with them. Why "cut down" or "taper off" when you can cut off and purge? Sure you're not smoking any more but you're still addicted to nicotine, and you're not saving any money, then there's always the temptation of "to hell with the dumb plasters I'm going for a fag".

Like I said, the best way (note: I didn't say easiest, I said best.) to quit smoking is to do just that and keep telling yourself NO!

As far as I know, I am immune to addiction to cigarettes, or at least it does not affect me in the same manner that it does others. I have been on-off smoking for ten years, but the only time I feel a 'need' to smoke is when I drink, and then it's more 'Damn, a cigarette would taste really swell right now'. And so I have one. And I might even have an entire pack, because I like the taste.
And when I wake up, hung over, I feel no desire what-so-ever to smoke, and I continue to have no desire what-so-ever to smoke until I drink alcohol the next time. I've been doing this for ten years (and I've been drunk at least twice a month for the last ten years) Whatever addictive properties nicotine has, it holds no sway over me. If I don't drink, I don't smoke. There's no compulsion, no desire, no uneasy feelings. It doesn't even register. I just don't feel a thing.
I always found this weird, given how much people go on about 'all it takes is one cigarette' or the like.

Those things help your cravings out without fucking your lungs over in the meantime. Trust me, I'm a pharmacist-in-training.


EDIT: Alright from what I gather from most of the responses is that quit smoking aids are a healthier way to get nicotine or they are used to gradually taper off.

Partially, but the other element is the habit associated with smoking. Breaking that habit (the act of actually lighting up, etc) is very helpful in helping you quit the actual drug.

i agree the patches never made any sense to me at all, the only thing that got me to stop was not the addiction or the health risks, but the cost.

the government continued, to add tobacco tax and eventually i calculated how much i was spending a month and found it was too expensive.

if you want people to stop hit em where it hurts, i have not smoked (except a traditional new years cigar) in two years and i use to smoke on average half a pack a day. Altough i now find cigarette smoke annoying and the smell of it repulsive, i might conceivably even start again if the prices ever lowered enough.. although generally the socializing aspect has gone the way of the dodo. for me the habit was something i enjoyed, it allowed me to take quick breaks from whatever i was doing and think about nothing, and still have something to occupy my hands, without looking stupid.

the day the prices were jolted up too high i went cold turkey, and buying nicotine patches wouldn't make sense as they were almost just as expensive.

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