Sex, Drugs, and Violence

Americans (myself a American) have issues with sex on TV, but like violence and drugs on TV. Examples of drugs on TV are Breaking Bad, Moonshines, Weeds, and House. Violence examples are all the Law and Orders, South Park, Whitecollar, Amish Mafia, both NCIS, and all CSI. With these examples in tow we look at all the violence that is blamed on video games for just having violence, any one see the issue that is here? Then you have how many kids are getting pregnant from lack of education, exposure, and common sense.

Now I can see where this can lead, "if we have sex on TV kids will get pregnant." You mean like they are now? We have to realize that this shit has to stop. The jimquision recently showed that suicide was so nerve racking (if you watched it. No shame if you didn't.) was bothersome yes but I do not claim that it didn't bother me but I have to say that the idea of a man committing suicide doesn't bother me but the loss of life does. This happens all the time, yes it bothers you and take heart that you are human, but think about sex. That happens all the time, consensual sex is good for both parties if both people climax but if someone doesn't its not like it hurts them. Drugs get so much attention with normal court proceedings and movies and even books.

So now that sex and violence are done, drugs are done to death, normally done with some form of lasting effect. No person who sees people going and taking a long snort of cocaine and sees the person who did look all normal. They are comically overly hyper and anger, so people do not think that people on cocaine are all wrapped that tight. Weed also gets the same comically overly lazy and hungry, while people often times think the ideas people on weed have are funny. Drunk well I think we all have seen a drunk person and we know how much we think about alcohol.

I don't really know what point you're trying to make here. Could you please clarify a bit more.

I don't really know what point you're trying to make here. Could you please clarify a bit more.

All I got out of it was that
"Video games do not lead to violent behavior, there's plenty of violent tv and the media isn't blaming that."

I'm going to say that "VG hate" as I have dubbed it, is just a fad like Rock or Heavy metal music back in the day, the parents of every generation need a scapegoat to blame their childrens actions on or the actions of other's. This generation simply chose video games as the target of their wrath.

America is kind of weird.

You can have a show where the lead character cuts upon a pregnant women, grinds up the fetus, and then mixes the baby powder with cocaine...
And it'll be on the 'basic channels'.

BUT, if there's just ONE NIPPLE...
O, that's shit ban to the pay-per-view channels.

It confuses me as well.

Sex on the TV is okay but sex on the washing machine is better.

Yeah, well they are weird people.
I reconfirmed it over the last xmas holidays.
My family-in-law are watching TV and are upset about the gun shooting. Then suddenly they will say " Ok, lets go to the shooting range. I got you 100 rounds for the shot gun."
And you feel, "Huh? I thought we were just talking about how evil guns were...WTF??"

We have sex, drugs and violence on tv for the same reason it's considered beautiful to have breasts in artwork but not a man's genitalia. We USED to have strict boundaries about what was kosher to show on television, but then we just eventually gave into commercialism, realized that sex, violence, and drugs sells like candy to a diabetic low on blood sugar levels. I'm fine with that kind of stuff being on HBO, Showtime and Cinemax because those are premium channels you have to buy (and if you don't know the contents of what you're buying, you're a moron). However, seeing some of the shows on basic cable getting over-saturated with sexuality, violence, and drug/substance abuse just to compete with the likes of Dexter, Weeds, Game of Thrones, etc. is just sad and detrimental to the kids who have to grow up watching it.

I've heard what your sex education programme is like in the States. It varies from batshit retarded (saying no is the only way to be sure!) to being still fairly inadequate. That needs to change if you want less teen pregnancies...

I don't now about you but watching a sex scene on tv with someone else just feels weird, not with violence though. Must be the culture of states, but I doubt anyone here really cares about cultural differences and would rather just call it weird.

The USAilites evolved from Puritans, who's surprised? (on the scale of things punishable by God, sex out of wedlock/masturbation was considered on the level of pedophiles/murderers today)

We thought you were backward back when even our current harshest laws on sexual exposure were considered soft.

Then again, I've visited Arabic countries. You're better than they are at it, you win there. But still.
Some of my friends in the US are a little put off on my nonchalant-ness toward people talking about sex, as if I'm either a) Hiding my embarrassment or b)some kind of suppressed pervert.

It's not either of those things, I just had it explained to me at a very early age, it hasn't been a big deal around my life when it crops up. And I'm still a virgin (by choice). If you keep bringing it up like it's a big deal, then yes, it paradoxically becomes a big deal. Explain the consequences and choices and points of view from multiple sources and most kids will understand. Some will choose to take those risks, others not. But omitting talking about it entirely or 'softening' the truth can be more harmful.

Being exposed to sexual things does not mean you'll grow up into a pervert. But the U.S.A. curriculum is still rooted in some of your more backward traditions if I go by my opinions. It differs in area's I'm sure but ...on the whole, it could use some review.

Captcha: Banana Split. Heh. Now I'm hungry and wondering how I can twist that into an amusing innuendo.


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