What Airsoft Gun Would You Take Into Battle?

So my WE G39C is finally getting repairs so to pass the time I figured I would ask the Escapist what they would take into an airsoft game. Airsofters out there, the way you work here is giving me a gun you would like to have.

Since I already have the big one I wanted I'll answer with the SCAR-L gbbr also made by WE:

P.S. Yahtzee for airsoft, anyone? Yes I am refrencing his S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Skies review.

Thats a sweet gun, how powerful are those things? Ive got a walther lgv air rifle with an infrared scope and laser (i call it El Compensador) which would have to be my weapon of choice (squirrels hate it)


edit: just realised airsoft guns are not air guns, still, when the zombie squirrels eventually arrive ill be sorted

Double edit: http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/product.asp?page=product&id=41SMGTMTM1A1 for the memories from playing moh allied assualt


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