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Hey all. Recently picked up the Kirby Krackle albums, and i have really enjoyed them. I do have have question though that the internet is being reluctant to answer, which is regarding their song "Ring Capacity". In the song he sings out a bunch of random numbers that i can't interpret what they mean. I'm a big comic book guy but, go figure, don't collect Green Lantern. So, to everyone who does read Green Lantern, what do these numbers mean?

Here's a link to the video

2814 - The code for our solar system (actually the sector of space our solar system is in... )

"ring capacity xx.x" - % of power left in the ring, 0% means it's out of power and he's "dead in the water"

Pretty much answered in the first post. Sector 2814 is our area.

And the ring capacity depleted during usage and from time to time needs recharging by reciting the oath.
That's the lantern every GL has for recharging at 2:17, and following that they recite the necessary oath.

In brightest day, in blackest night
no evil shall escape my sight
let those who worship evil's might
beware my power
Green Lantern's light

Typed from memory because GL comics are awesome like that.
Also, the yellow guy is Sinestro, formerly the most revered Green Lantern and mentor of Hal Jordan now turned dark side with his own Corps harnessing the yellow power of fear.
The whole Ring War and Blackest Night is an exellent storyline I would very much recommend.

Ah, cool. Thanks. That was driving me crazy, but saying that i had a "duh" moment when you explained it to me. Thanks again guys


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