Biden meeting with members of game industry on gun violence

Honestly, I see no reason why the game industry has to give their opinion on this subject. Millions play games everyday without turning into killing machines.

Such a fucking waste of taxpayer money. Did we really get a tax increase just so the government can turn around fund this kind of horse shit? It doesn't help that one of the biggest morons in Washington is leading the charge.

That's one thing he's doing buried under a heap of other, useful things.

I must admit I'm somewhat sympathetic to people worried about the effects of games. It's massively oversimplistic to say "X did it", but guns and shooting stuff have a cultural niche that's being created by various forms of entertainment as well as the real world. Of course, getting parents to have a talk with their kids about their games and making sure they are brought up to know the difference between them and reality would work far better than anything Biden does.


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