Poll: Would you accept a Knighthood?

So you've done amazing things in your life and suddenly you get that letter one day asking you how you would respond if you were offered a Knighthood, in the British honours system, what do you do?

(I think everyone in the commonwealth can get one, but if you live outside, pretend you were born in a commonwealth country =D)

A knighthood is meant to honour a life devoted to being awesome. To give an idea of the scale of things, winning a gold medal in the Olympics is not enough for a Knighthood (or even 4 gold medals) instead you have to win gold medals in multiple Olympics before you're really considered.

I'd be tempted to accept, I love the system, that it awards people in all walks of life and I love the old traditions, so it would be a lot of fun to be a sir. But I'm not sure if you'd have to be a bit full of yourself to accept? From then on you'd have the right to be called Sir X and it's a bit flamboyant.

But I'm not really a fan of those people who say they will accept and don't. If you don't believe in one, don't say that you'd accept one if offered. I guess its a form of protest, but you're deliberately lying to gain controversy.

So I'd probably refuse if I was a better person or accept if my sense of fun got better than me.

I would do it if I felt I actually deserved it based on my actions. I wouldn't make a game out of it by saying I would then wouldn't.

Dude, I'd get armor made, have a sword, and ride in on a noble steed. Of course, tin can armor and a pony wouldn't be that grand...

I don't support the monarchy so accepting a knighthood would be hypocritical. I'd have to respectfully decline.

I dont know, it would be one hell of a pickup line/conversation ice-breaker. Just imagine all possibilities for dating/sex.

Oh hell yes! What? I don't have alot of achivement in my life when it come to trophy/ rewards (before you asked, I ain't one of those haters toward the royal family).

Yeah being a Sir would be awesome, but still Esquire isn't to bad.

Also, there is an option in the poll that says "No, I object to peerages", knighthoods are unrelated to Peerages any more, they are no longer even given out by the queen or the PM. There is a commission for their appointments. All it is, is your country officially saying "yep, you're really awesome. Who wouldn't want that?"
It's no different to say the legion d'honneur in France (except you have to nominate yourself for that)

While I'm not sure how well "Sir" would fit before my full name, I think it'd be pretty neat.

And if I really did do such an awesome thing, why should I be so humble as to decline? I don't need to run around informing everyone that I'm Sir David, do I? It'd just be a nice formal title to add to documents and whatnot.

Or my Wikipedia page.

Absolutely yes. I wonder if they still have the right to bear arms and mete out justice (or was that just in Excalibur...)

Apparently Ben Kingsley SIR Ben Kingsley gets very stroppy if people don't use his title - though I think he just goes in a huff rather than getting all Don Logan on them. I don't think I'd go quite that far, though I would insist on my username at the Escapist being updated to Sir Sixcess.

Actually, why stop at a mere knighthood? Lord Sixcess of Internet has a nice ring to it.

I'll never do anything worthy of it, but sure, I wouldn't mind being a Knight.

Besides, that'd give me an even better excuse to go to Europe and buy myself a castle and fill it with all kinds of fun weapons.


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