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Poll: Do you listen to rap?

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Not really, but I do like Tupac. I rarely listen to it, but I like it on those occasions I hear it.

Im mainly a Heavy Metal/Classical kind of guy but abit of Bone Crusher every now and then doesn't hurt.

When you say Classical, do you mean orchestral stuff? If so,

Generally speaking no, but then again I generally can't tell when I'm listening to rap most of the time.


I tend to like some Immortal Technique, Notorious MSG, and Watsky in my life no and then.

ahh mos def, rap for scared white people.

How do you figure that?

yes..I DO like rap

I do belive it is filled with gangsta bullshit though...some of it I can like if its good enough, overall it doesnt get enough respect

oh and in regards to Nicki Minaj *SUPER MEGA FLAMESHEILD*

I dont think shes bad..I mean yes she is bad but I she is actually better than what she puts out

Say what you will about his personality, Kanye West is a pretty amazing artist. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was my second favourite album of the decade. Right behind Is This It.

agreed....Georgeous is one of my favorte songs ever

and I'll take him over taylor swift anyday

Nope, I don't listen to any rap. It's not my style of music.

Not really. Most rap is about money, cars, tits, guns, and any combonation of the above, so I'm not a fan. That said, I LOVE Kanye's work, and the soundtracks for Madworld and Anarchy Reigns are pretty damn awesome.

No, I do not. It's just never been my type of music.

I occasionally listen to the Certified Wise group as well as Bliss n Eso. But other than that, not really.

I like DL Incognito and some Classified.

Fuck yeah! I reckon Eminem was the biggest hit of the 2000's with so many good songs in such a short time.

rap is spelt with a silent c

that is all

I have to say, that is pretty funny.

I used to listen to it almost exclusively when I was a teen/early 20s. These days, I've drifted back to thrash metal, which is what I listened to most of my life. But don't listen when people tell you all rap is terrible, because those people are swimming in ignorance.

Myself, I listened to a ton of different kinds of rap. Long list incoming...

Atmosphere, Eyedea, Sage Francis, Mr. Lif, Immortal Technique, Tech N9ne, P.O.S., Cannibal Ox, Mos Def, Ice Cube, Beastie Boys, Asylum 7, Eminem, Esham, B.I.G., Nas, Wu Tang, Redman, Watsky, Hopsin, Royce Da 5'9", The Roots, Cage, Dr. Dre... I could continuye, but I already feel like a massive tool waving around my list like it's my peen.

I'll stop now.

Yeah, I listen to rap. The asterisk here however is that I only listen to one of two rappers: Biggie Smalls and Eminem. I love the 10 Crack Commandments and Warning; Hell, Ready to Die is my favorite rap album. As for Eminem, I just find the lyrics funny. I started watching Rap Critic videos a couple months back and from his videos, I'm willing to give Lupe Fiasco a listen and will likely buy the black album or whatever the Hell it's called since it's apparently good.

rap is spelt with a silent c

that is all

That was totally a clever original statement that contributed to the conversation, oh wait no its not, its an inane attempt at cleverness that has been repeated to the point of obnoxiousness buy a string of arrogant people who think that they are the end-all-be-all judge of quality and everything they don't like sucks. /pet peeve

OT: Yes but not all that much. Rap is a genera that I have only very recently discovered my taste for so I haven't found all that many artists I like yet. So far I have enjoyed Eminem, Busta Rhymes, and Nas.

I voted no, because I only listen to one rapper.

Not as much, I've been falling out with music for a while now, but generally I'm a fan. I do think it gets an undo amount of resentment from people who discount the music because of the culture around it. Shit, my dad (as in MY dad, the Ween and Frank Zappa worshipping type) was able to find substance in a handful in hip hop acts like OutKast, Beastie Boys as well as the somewhat different sound of international and local (Australian) rappers.

I believe that everybody can find at least one thing they like in almost any given genre or medium, and hip hop has enough variety to accomodate anyone drawn to a certain kind of sound. I find it hard to believe that a person who isn't choosing to be close-minded really can't see any appeal or value in hip hop and rap whatsoever, in its vast selection of artists and sub-cultures it has produced.

At least be the kind of person willing to check out the handful of rappers people do recommend. There are artists, prominent ones, in the rap music industry who loathe the current state of it as much of you probably do.

Rap is alright. I prefer rap songs that blend metal in with them like various (early) PM5K songs, and Horror-core groups like ICP are ok, though I prefer their sillier songs to the more obnoxiously violent ones. Also Hands Up with Llyod something-er-other is ok since it was in Saints Row 2.

10 Years ago my Dad bought me a Card. You Can't Spell Crap, Without Rap.

I still listen to Rap. I watched every video Link in the Thread. Underground is where Rap is at. Jay-z and Kanye made some great albums. I like mostly 1992-1997 Rap. After that it went pop/commercialised whatever you want to call it. Same thing happened to Metal and now "Dubstep" is crammed down in our ears, churned out by students armed with freeware and a laptop.

Where are artists like Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy and Del the Funky Homosapien now?

Jedi Mind Tricks, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Outkast, Jay-z and Tupac get fairly regular plays and I've recently started watching acapella rap battles on youtube thanks to my little bro. SO yeah rap is pretty cool.

I don't listen to rap. Some of what I've heard has been ok but the style is just not to my taste.

Classical orchestra and midi music for me.

No idea why but this music just jives with me.

EDIT: Wow... I sound more stuck up than usual....

Nah, just haven't found the right artist yet. I fully realize that rap is a very valid form of music, but when most people think that good rap consists of all the things that rap is renowned for (mostly bad, in my eyes), it turns me off. Intrinsically, there's something about rap that makes me hate it, but realize that it's still okay as an art.

rap is spelt with a silent c

that is all

You may not like rap, but overgeneralizing about all of it is something that you should avoid. I'm pretty sure there is good rap out there, but I'm can't find it as I'm not looking hard enough.

I respect your opinion, but overgeneralizing about it isn't a good idea.

Captcha- "oh yes"

Not till you suggest a good artist, captcha.

rap is spelt with a silent c

that is all


Damn man! You are just too funny! How do you come up with great stuff like that? Forget Conan O'Brien and Letterman, you totally need a late night show all to yourself

Yes OP, I do listen to rap. I think a lot of it is quite good, and it's not all "gangsta's drugs and ho's" like a lot of people think

Do Epic rap battles of history count?

If so then yes xD

Oh my god thank you for showing me that, it was awesome. I've just spent the last half an hour or so watching a bunch of them,
this is probably my favourite one:

After groups like Public Enemy faded away, I stopped listening for rap for a long time. But I have actually been listening to Sirah lately--a bit more modern, and while her mix tape is half-pop, her lives material has all the charm of 1980s rap.

Nope. Not my thing. Never was my thing.

I'll quit talking about before I start offending people.

Listen to a lot of different genres. Rock will always be my favorite, I think. But I do love hip hop, and there are some rappers I like. Aesop Rock being one of 'em.

My two favorites. And don't even say something like "You can only have one favorite," because you're right. So shut up.

Do Epic rap battles of history count?

If so then yes xD

Then you can count me in on the "yes" answer
Anyways i've listened to some other kinds of rap to. I've been listening to some Childish Gambino (The guy who plays troy on community raps pretty well) and he's a pretty good rapper.

Hip Hop and Rap are great. I don't believe there is anymore shitty Hip Hop out there than there is rehashed wank Metal, numbingly boring Indie Folkish Rock, piercing Bubblegum Pop, or whatever genre is out there. You just need to find voices and styles that suit you. I think there is some kind of rappin for everyone. Most of the reasons given seem to be rooted in a lack of vision of what hip hop has been and could be.

For every boring or bad rapper there is a Kool Keith or The GZA or KRS-One.

A great M.C. can lay references you won't fully understand until you see some movie or read a book that influenced them to write it and a great producer can find the perfect sample or sounds to enhance the meaning or atomosphere of the lyrics or a great MC can take a sample and give it more meaning than it had before.

Someday I'll finish this all the way to the present, add more to what's already here and post it in full but this took a long damn time to get where it is now. I'm tired of it languishing in my documents folder. I hope some of you enjoyed it.

@Lionsfan & @major_chaos the 4 seconds it took to type that post was completely worth it to see you two americanos get your undies in a twist

i still don't like rap and you can't stop meh! the rest of you may continue to listen to rap my work here is done

I can't stand about 99% of it, but that last percentage can be pretty awesome. I like Flobots, Eminem. Erm. Can't remember who else.
Older rap tends to be better too. Modern 'gangsta' rap is a uniquely terrible genre of music.

Only jedi mind tricks and some mainstream r&b like kanye west

Not really no. When I listen to music I prefer it to be, you know, good :P

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