Being a Victim of Sod's Law

I don't get to buy games very often and I recently bought my first new game since getting Skyward Sword on release day. I've had a list of wanted games for ages and one of them was Pandora's Tower and I managed to stumble across the Special Edition for £17 so bought it. It was delivered today so I fired up my Wii and was really looking forward to playing it but before the intro was even finished the screen went black and there was a red flashing light on the TV. If I unplug it, leave it a while and plug it back in the TV works for about a minute before baking a weird screeching noise and going black again. Looks like I'll be buying a new TV tomorrow!

It's absolute Sod's Law that I buy a new game for the first time in over a year and my TV decides to konk out so when have YOU been a victim of Sod's (or Murphy's) Law?


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