Taking sperm from dead people

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I was having a rather interesting conversation with a friend on the concept of posthumous sperm retrieval, the act of taking sperm from (human) vegetables or recently deceased males. Specifically, we discussed whether or not it should be legal. There's a lot of sides to consider, such as the point of overpopulation (we live humans already procreate too much as is, why should we let that increase by including the dead?), and probable single parenting... the list goes on.

So we thought why not ask the wonderful people at the Escapist?

Discuss away.

That's an... odd topic of conversation.

I'm with Topaz on this one. If he consents to it before his death, fine. If not... Well, you'd have to wonder what he'd say from beyond the grave if he could intervene as a ghost during the process.

I see it much the same as organ donation.

If a guy agrees to have this procedure done after his death, so be it.

It shouldn't be done to random dead people though...

This post reminds me of someone...
Keep that syringe away from me man, I know exactly where it's been!

Can't think of a particular reason for it to be illegal, at least given similar guidelines as organ donation. The reasons you mention would be motivation not to get carried away with it, but would not strictly speaking be an excuse to single out the practice from other procreation methods.

On the other hand, there isn't much benefit either save in a handful of cases.

I simply must ask, what's the point?
You've only mentioned re population, and why would we want assured single parents? I doubt the man would want to wake up from a 3 year long coma and be notified that he now has 20 sons and 20 daughters all of which require child support. It should be legal but only under certain circumstances, you can't just go ahead and take some comatose chap's sperm. Either the individual allows his body to be used like this or his family gives permission, much like organ donation.

I don't see why you would want male gametes though... female eggs can produce stem cells (cells that can turn into any other cell so theoretically it could heal nerve damage) while for all I know male sperm is just dna to decide what the kid looks like.

Take it for research take it for the widow but don't give it out willy nilly.


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