You are Immortal.

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Try to figure out how I could reverse the process. I probably wouldn't reverse it immediately, but I'd want to know how to do it both to understand my own limitations and because, let's be honest, being stuck living alone after the heat death of the universe would be a fate far worse than oblivion. And given that I have no idea how hard reversing immortality would be, I'd want to get on it ASAP so I'm less likely to run out of time. ("Sorry, but the remedy requires a plant that has been extinct for the last 10,000 years!")

This. Being unable to die from injury will ultimately lead to you being stuck in a crumbled building or something after a huge catastrophe. Not to mention outliving friends and family which should get old pretty quick.

I would not change much at first, probably not for a few centuries. Although periodically I would do something dangerous and exciting. Maybe saving up to do a Felix Baumgartner and then sabotage my chute when noone can see, I can just imagine the camera crews "oh no, oh god no his parachute has failed, his reserve has failed too!! -Footage is cut off-" and then getting up while out of sight of the rescue approaching with their buckets and sponges, acting all dazed and confused and concussed. That would be endlessly amusing to my sick sense of humor with everyone around wondering how I survived and all the experts listing the unusual and infrequent cases of people surviving falls with failed parachutes.

Other than that as a hedonist with no real worries about to much of something killing me or getting locked up to often I would have some real big parties. After all getting dancing naked and off my face in the Fontane di Piazza San Pietro a few times a century and getting arrested is not much of an inconvenience.

Take a nap.

I've got all the time in the world, I can sleep however long I want.

1st: Get depressed at the realization that I will outlive everyone I love and will ever love.
2nd: Get even more depressed that when the world eventually ends, I will be floating in space for all eternity - unable to die.

3rd: Go bungee-jumping with liqourice.

I think had a good article on this...sure, it'd be all laughs in the short term, but what happens when humanity out evolves you or you go stark raving nuts from the inevitable isolation?

Stage my death, rob a few banks, spend money like a mad man!

Jump into the event horizon of an exploding star and hope that does the trick. I think I would get very bored after a couple thousand years.

Awesome. I love being alive. It is the best thing in the world. Think I would go play XCOM. Maybe Baldur's Gate. Just carry on like normal you know.

Sink myself to the deepest parts of the ocean an' see what's what...
Maybe get some big torches and prove the nonexistence of Atlantis or R'lyeh...

fins others who are immortal and band together with them to create an new Ent-like society with a rich language and culture and breed like hell, then overthrow all mortals and make them our slaves after a couple hundred years.

oh except for the escapist staff. i would like to create threads asking people what they hate most about the oppresion, then hunt them down and torture them. and i would want Yahtzee to review our games 'throw mortals into volcanoes', 'blow up the ISS', 'throw mortals into the shark tank' and 'give a group of mortals guns so we have an excuse to kill them legally'


So, do you feel pain with this type of immortality? If you live until the end of the world, is there no escape from such endless torture as that?

Circumnavigate the world on foot. Visit every continent. Go places that humans or living creatures in general can't normally or easily go. Learn new trades and live out consecutive lives in different places.

travel the world... go where no humans have ever been before.. deepest oceans the darkest corners of the world

Donblas Justicebringer:
I think had a good article on this...sure, it'd be all laughs in the short term, but what happens when humanity out evolves you or you go stark raving nuts from the inevitable isolation?

Neither of those is necessarily a bad thing, for a start if humans evolve so far from our current template technology would be around that would allow cloning and AI tech. The more evolved humans might create company for you, hell if techs advanced enough regressing into an "ancient human" might even be thing. As for inevitable isolation its not so inevitable, if the world ended within a few centuries it might be so for the next 200 years would be a scary time but after that chances are you would either see a time where we met other civilizations or you could build yourself a spaceship and stick yourself in some form of cryostasis or something and go find some. Or just build yourself a race of clones or AI robots. if society pisses you off that might even be appealing on some level. As for the entropy of the universe? What is a few billion years worth of entertainment worth anyway?

Professor Lupin Madblood:
Fight crime.

Honestly, what else could you do?

Start investing.

Seriously, if I'm going to be around forever I can't exactly be getting by on my current, meager salary.

Well, okay, sure, that too, but I mean really, people.

I'd fight crime - then keep the criminals' money.

In short order, I'd make Bruce Wayne look like the kid out on the curb with the rickety little lemonade stand. Then MORE crime-fighting, but with high-tech zero-disclosure gadgets!

I'd jump off of a building and fall onto a spike, wait until everyone is all shocked, then raise up off of the spike and ask people for hugs in a really creepy voice.

Finally have time to work on my experiments into creating legions of Thunder Warriors, using them to perfect my cloning and genetics research and then create some Astartes..........hey its a good plan......but I'm going to kill Horus as a baby....I'm not falling for that again!...or maybe just Lorgar...that guys a creepy dick!

Simple I would observe, cataloging history and occasionally stepping in to make tiny changes when I see a pattern start to emerge that might not lead to a favorable outcome.

You have just discovered that you are Immortal. The simple kind, no having to repair any injuries, no aging just the best kind of immortality. What do you do first.
Myself, I go to the middle of London (my closest big city) and start to advertise the fact, jumping of buildings playing in traffic, all that stuff. Why? To see people react, do they call it a trick, am I heralded as the messiah or devil. How long before the government turns up. And if I am carted off so what. I just sit around for a century or two and then walk out of whatever ruin I'm in.

I think I'd be careful about letting people know you have that ability. You could end up trapped in a block of ice or launched out into space. I think I'd be a historian, keeping tabs on world events though if I had that ability.

Does this immortality bypass the limiter on our brains where they believe we can only store like 1000 years worth of data before out brains lose the ability to store info?

If so id prolly keep it on the DL to keep myself from being consumed by rich bastard who think it will make them immortal.

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