What would your last meal be?

Say you find out your exact time of death and a couple hours before you have your final meal before passing on. What do you pick?

I would take as big a plate of spaghetti as possible with 2 slices of toast with garlic spread on it.

A whole roast duck with gravy and roast potatoes. Followed by a chocolate fudge cake with a dark chocolate icing.

A massive medium rare rump steak with mushrooms, chips and pepper sauce.

My last meal would be breakfast. A 6 egg ham and cheese omelet with peppers and onions, 10 pieces of bacon, 8 medium-sized sausage patties, 12 sausage links, 4 toast with butter, a large cup of strong hazelnut coffee, and a large glass of milk. Mmmmm.....makes me hungry just thinking about it...

A nice NY Strip Steak. or maybe a juicy, tender lamb. And definitely a smoothie.

Just some baked beans, toast and fried eggs.
To be specific, I'll quote my self from the Best on Toast thread.

Eggs on toast, cook'em as you like but You get bonus points for the following;
+3 Heinz Baked Beans
+2 Avocado
+1 fried onion
Use extra chewy thick bread (sourdough preferably) and have a field day with it.

It's the food of the gods I tell you.

i pretty much eat what i want when i want so the big last meal doesn't appeal to me much
i did give up butter and margarine as well as any form of non diet soda but over the years i've grown to hate the taste of em

capture: sodastream
don't know how you do it capture

I don't have the slightest clue man!!

Frankly, if it was possible, I'd like a buffet of various items until I couldn't eat anymore.

Or maybe keep eating until I die of overeating. Since I'm gonna die anyway.

The largest cheeseburger I could find.

Yep, that's about it.



Hard shell tacos with ground tofu as the protein, and some black beans and rice. I fucking love Mexican food. Maybe some crazy drug like PCP, might as well see what it's like and what the fuss is about if I'm about to die anyways : )

Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of waffle fries... that's about it... according to science eating comfort food is equivelant to sex or drugs... so yeah... sounds good...<.<

My mother's pepperoni pizza, because it is the stuff of legends.

My mum's cheese and onion pie, home made chips and mushy peas, with a huge mug of tea

A bunch of chocolate stuff, like chocolate cake, ice cream, pudding. All laced with poison so the news can say death by chocolate.

the antidote, so i can live in a paradox for the rest of my life :D



Oh c'mon, you're telling me you wouldn't want to at least TRY panda before you died?

A massive fucking lobster as I have a shellfish allergy. Take that electric chair!

Pokemon chow of course. (It's not like I really have a lot of choice.......)

Nothing, I'd be way too nervous to be able to stomach any food, I'll just face death on an empty stomach. I'm not too fond of eating anyway, don't get me wrong I can enjoy good food but most of the time its just a chore for me, a means to an end.

Some barbecued chicken and deep fried potato wedges from my local Zehrs.

I usually eat so much that I get sick and would probably welcome death.

Holy fuck do they make some fantastic chicken and wedges.

Probably the same thing I've had on my birthday for the past 10 years. Hamsteak (slice of ham), mashed potatoes and cream corn cooked by my father. It would either be that or a plate of perogies with sour cream.

A bottomless pit of BBQ ribs, buffalo wings, seasoned fries, coleslaw, corn and garlic bread.

Give me that and I'm ready to go.

Chicago Ted:


Oh c'mon, you're telling me you wouldn't want to at least TRY panda before you died?


Because seriously, what the fuck must those things taste like?!

If (insert god/evolution here) has a sense of humor it will taste like strawberry jam or some such.

Really though I would say a really nice cut of Kobe veal cooked rare



Because seriously, what the fuck must those things taste like?!

Probably very fatty.

OT: Probably macaroni cheese, because as a kid I was a really fussy eater, and that was basically all I would eat, so it became something I really like.

Although I would eat just about anything now, so maybe I'd try and think of something a bit more interesting.

I dont know. I tend to eat whatever I like everyday so I would not regret not eating anything in particular.
But maybe oysters. the most expensive high qualities cooked in as many different ways as possible.

Something laced with hallucinogens. Probably a nice medium rare rump steak with mushroom sauce, where by the time I am done with it I am having a psychedelic trip to who-cares-where.

2 cross-fired Radeon 7970 GPUs.... Eating DirectX11 is good for my internal systems...

If it had to be organic squishy human food then something from the likes of Epic Meal Time, although without the Jack Daniels and more bacon (and maybe being edible too).


Probably Saltimbocca with Potato Gratin Dauphinois, long stem broccoli, some green beans. Maybe some Zuccotta for dessert.

That would be tasty.

A unicorn. At least I'd have plenty of time to contemplate life while they try to find it, until they give up at least.

In reality, probably something ridiculously simple. Like Bacon, although because I'm getting the death penalty, I'm assuming we're in America in this situation, so I make sure they get British bacon. Perhaps a Donner pizza as well. And I'll wash it all done with a tall, cold glass of cider.

Not sure what I would have for desert though.

If I was super rich and everyone wanted me to have whatever I could have, I would eat a near extinct animal that doesn't have documentation on what it tastes like. Because then I could take that secret to the grave for me and people will forever wonder what I experienced

A massive medium rare rump steak with mushrooms, chips and pepper sauce.

You stole my thing My second would be Surf and turf a massive fuck of steak with a creamy sauce and prawns on top and well cooked potato's and medium rare of course

A bottle of whiskey and a 12 gauge round.
No real reason, I just like being spiteful.

'Long pork', in the form of my executioner. Let's see what they say to that.

Animal-style In'N'Out Cheeseburger, medium Del Taco french fry with plenty of ketchup, and a large apple soda; and perhaps a small glass of ice-cold milk and a few chocolate-chip cookies for desert.

A big ol' gourmet burger. Lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic mayo, relish, peanut butter, bacon, and bananas.

Have a poutine on the side. Fresh-cut unpeeled potato fries, cheese curds, turkey gravy, and rattlesnake meat.

For dessert, The Sultan's Golden Cake.

And for my drink I would have water. Yes, ordinary water, laced with nothing more than a few spoonfuls of LSD.


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