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Simple; as a new user I was curious to see what everyone else did when they first joined. If you can, recount your first tentative comments or threads here on the Escapist for us.

Well, mine wasn't that long ago so it's fairly easy to recall.
My first post was in a pony thread.
Someone--Daystar maybe? Yeah it was Daystar, had posted the opinion that
pony threads tended to devolve in to flame wars, and suggested questions
like the OP's should be confined to the pony chat group.
My response was to the effect that it was through a couple of regular forum
threads that I had discovered MLP:FIM,...which I love...and so I liked it
when people made regular pony threads.
Daystar was quite the gentleman, and replied that people could make posts
of whatever they wanted as far as he was concerned, he just wanted everyone
to be aware of the risks of such a thread.

First post: Anonymous are wankers (something along that line)
First thread: I was wondering if it was legal to eat your own flesh, so I asked.

First post: (thread: What's the most depressing book you ever read) On the Beach - Nevil Shute
First Thread I really can't remember

as a new user

Welcome to the Escapist
Hope you enjoy your stay here :)

As for me
My first comment after lurking for some time was about someone asking for help to quit WoW
Can't remember my first thread I made thou, I think it was about 1.5 years after my first post so it took some time :P

first post quitting smoking
content: advise from my own experiences

My first post consisted of brief praise for the atmosphere in Bioshock.

First post was in a thread where someone aksed what we would do if we met a girl that was with someone better.

Obviously, with my ego, no-one is better so that's what I said there.

Haven't started a thread of my own.

First post was on my favortie jrpg *cough*Finalfantasy6*cough*.

My first thread was on the existance of perfection .

I was young and naive .

Capcha: there is no spoon . Noooo! You lie! Why do you liiiieeeee!

first post ... this one :P

Depressive music is usually the most creative, interesting and beautiful. I also think that it works better than happy music as a way of lifting your mood for a lot of people.

I went through a phase like that, and I pulled my curtains closed, put Linkin Park in my CD player, and just stared at the ceiling.

Is Linkin Park depressing? When I think depressing, I usually think of stuff like this-

I swear most of my posts are to do with music anyway

I haven't made a thread yet. Gaze on my purity.

First post I remember was well thought out and quite a long one. I can't remember the topic though.

going through my comments datalog, i posted some memes on a thread called "Memes or whatever you want to call them" on 17 Jul 2010 9:50 am.
i am not sure if that is really right. i could swear i posted something back in february..

My first post...seems like just yesterday. Back when I was a bright-eyed, bushy tailed youngster. I hadn't yet seen The Escapist basement...the much blood.....

I'm not 100% on this, but I thought that when a game is released with DLC, the ESRB states that the DLC's rating needs to either match or be below the initial games rating (so M, T, or E for GTA).

I'd like to believe that I have continued this trend of being a very helpful user (someone was questioning why a "Hot Coffee" like DLC could be downloaded. My very next post was in the same place but with some actual research done with quotes and everything!).

I don't recall what my first thread creation was though. I was always very careful about repeat threads since "USE THE SEARCH BAR!!!" was something everyone had copy/pasted and ready to scream out the moment you did anything even remotely related to a thread that once existed at some point in time so I'm guessing it was the thread I did about Stadium Funding.

I asked people for their quotes and words of wisdom. I don't know how the thread is doing right now...I think I lost it, if that's even possible. I think I may have wasted everyone's time again. Shit.

First off, welcome to the Escapist.
Enjoy your stay.
Just be sure to stay out of the basement.
Cookies are served at 01:00 am.

OT: I can't for the life of me remember my first post, but my first proper thread was an announcement that Jersey Shore had been cancelled. There was much rejoicing that day.

First post: Defending FF13
First thread: I have no idea how to make one so no

Simple; as a new user I was curious to see what everyone else did when they first joined. If you can, recount your first tentative comments or threads here on the Escapist for us.

Someone is making a lot of threads!

OT: First post...uh, I think it was a "Little things that annoy you thread"

First thread, it was a "What is your favorite Elder Scrolls race"

Also, don't you owe me your loyalty.

Let's see, according to my post history, my first post was in a thread about cheating AI.
My first thread was in the r&p forums. Fortunately, I quickly escaped.

My first post was on a thread about in game fears.

As for thread, I am sure I will make my first one, maybe next year.

My very first post? Let's see, according to my profile it was in a thread called "Female Characters: The Good, The Bad and The Sexist"

Haha! Yes, those were already popular in 2008.

My first noticeable post, though, was this.

I don't make threads.

My first post was in a Skyrim thread about funny stories of your adventures or something close to that. The first thread I made was asking Escapists what their current game was.

My first post was in a thread about Anarchy.
My first thread? I've no idea.

My first post in the thread "Quitting WoW" - 4th Sep 2009:

No... THE BEST way to stop playing WoW is to cancel the automated payment the game does, thus when Blizzard stop recieving your money, they block your account.

In truth I had to stop playing WoW (after 3 years) because I couldn't afford it anymore. But after that, when I could afford it, I just ignored the crazy moments where I'd just want to play it again.

Simple really.

Although I also played Guild Wars as a backup for a month or so to ease the transition, plus it's free. and when I realised it wasn't as good as WoW I stopped playing that as well.

Now as replacements I spend my time teaching myself Guitar and playing my Xbox 360.


My first thread is a little harder to find, if I even remember correctly, because I requested it be deleted. It was formed by the less-mature me. Since then I've had a change of judgement, which is why I refrain from making posts that are stupid or outright insulting.

Since I can't give you my original thread, here's another one:


If i remember correctly, my first post was in a thread where people were asked how much time did they spend on videogames, weekly. So my first post was nothing special, I´m afraid.
And my first thread....well, haven`t made one yet. Haven`t gotten any good ideas, to be honest. Tho I´ve thought about it.

I don't remember my first post.
My first thread was me going on a rant about current music, I thought myself super-duper clever.
What?! I was young and naive.

My first post was in a thread relating to good/favourite boss fights and I mentioned the fights against Vergil in DMC3, particularly the second fight. Not sure why but out of the three, that's my favourite.

My first post:

i really hope that they introduce a sniper that can penetrate people.... soo many times have i had a perfect shot on an enemy sniper then have a retarded friendly scout jump infront of me just as i click to shoot and then get sniped right after....

Was in a thread that was speculating on what the Sniper Update would bring in TF2.

My first thread:

I was bored, also curious because I did this shortly before the next wave of Zombie scenario threads. It did end up getting me a few badges which was cool.

Also, hooray for not needing memory due to the site having links to every post you've made in your profile!

My first post was about my very first game that I played. My first thread was asking whether the world of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout was better. Yeah, I started very humble.

My first post was a FAIL...


Okay, but I'd say that MY first post may be the stuff of LEGENDS!!!

That's right...on my very first post at the Escapist I demonstrated how techno-illiterate I am was by posting on the wrong thread! How 'fail' does that rate me?!?


Yeah, I figured...

Anyway three days later I made my first thread. It was Can YOU manage to be sincerely EVIL in games??? Either/or Video/table RPGs...

What do you think of that?!?




My first post was in a thread called "Upcoming Games: Best/worst thing that could happen":

Infinity: Quest for Earth (Info)

Best: It becomes literally the biggest Space Sim game ever (and probably wont be surpassed in size), the community goes into the scale of World of Warcraft, and it is the best space sim since Freelancer in terms of gameplay.

Worst: Its Starport: GE in full 3D...

As you can see, Infinity is still not out yet, but apparently has made some behind-the-scenes progress. Also visible, my first post was made when I was still bitter about how disappointing Starport: GE was to play, and how much I hoped (and still do somewhat) Infinity would be what it promised.

Captcha: "fait accompli"
How fitting.

My first post was on a "Your Favorite Webcomic" thread. I answered Darths and Droids.
My First Thread was a thread about The Walking Dead (The Video Game), and peoples reaction to the Ending of the final Episode. Didn't really gain speed but for a first thread, it was a good one.

My first post was about my desire to see a Tie Fighter or X-Wing sequel or reboot. Such great games that have gone forgotten.

My first post I think had me asking what a Broney was. I don't recall. And I have never made a thread, I just don't like making them.

I'm pretty sure my first post was in a thread about Project Eternity, Id lurked for a while but this was a Kickstarter Id invested in, so I had to get it together and actually register.

In a fit of insanity I think my first thread was about Mass Effect 3's ending. I'm not going to state my opinion on it again and, god forbid someone reopen it, lets leave this argument buried.

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