You're God. What do you look like?

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Okay, while having some power fantasies, imagining myself as a God-like entity, I suddenly got to thinking, "How would I appear to my worshippers?". After a little bit of thinking, I decided on either Cthulhu (yay imaginative and un-originality!) or as a British gentleman with a top hat, monocle, cane and suit, because why not.

Now I know that the people on the Escapist have better imaginations than me, so my question to you all is:

If you were God, what would you look like?

Edit: In fact, I might end up appearing as the flying spaghetti monster just to mess with people.

Imagine a magnificent unicorn with a coat in a colour you've never seen.
That is me.

This is my god and what a tasty god it is!

If I was god, I would look just like me.

Just so that when people finally get a look, they can go, "...Is that it?"

Hmmm... I'd be a shapeshifter, see what it'd be like to have tits and all that... ¬_¬


Just so as people go 'awww'... the fools, they know nothing! *insert silly laugh*

Like myself

Because I like being a narcissist in this situation >.>

I don't know if I'd bother taking a physical form if I were a God (unless it was absolutely necessary as part of the bargain). But whatever it was, I'd probably go with some sort of flight & outer-space breathing powers.

This baby right here:

Nobody could harm such a thing, not even if they could get it down from the ceiling. Thank you, Mr. Dilkington.

Like me, I guess. At least, depending on the situation... If I felt like it, I could take a more terrifying form...

I always thought about wearing some sleek, alien looking sort of full body armor. Kind of like Sauron, but without all the spikes and drab metallic black. And definitely a less tacky helmet.
I think I'll have to go through some drafts.

I would also never directly speak while in said armor. Instead, I'll mentally project my will to designated underlings, and they will relay my wishes.

To my true followers, I'd appear as myself, except dressed like Rob Zombie.
To the sinners, I'd appear as the most horrifying thing the could ever imagine.

A mixture of Hugh Laurie, Joel McHale and David Tennant. Those magnificently handsome bastards.


What did you expect me to look like?

Because who said God can't have a sense of irony.

With four arms, like Sheeva from Mortal Kombat. Because why not? Otherwise normal, though. None of this "two toes and three fingers" stuff. Also, without the head-spikes. Just a human woman with four arms.

Also, many of my statues will include me kicking a dog in the face, because dogs suck. Do you hear me, dog in the kitchen? You suck and I hate you!

Whatever I want to look like at the time. I'm indecisive that way.

I would look "the best" to each person.
Which is to say, each different person would likely see a different me.

whatever. whenever. obviously. being a dynamic entity has that advantage.

Whatever I want to look like at the time. I'm indecisive that way.

I feel sorry for whoever gets the job of building your statue then ;)

If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

so that others may have hope!

Vegeta off course. This would give the Big Bang Attack a whole new meaning.

*points at profile picture*

Something like that...maybe without the snorkel...maybe.

Holding the image of a man made from solidified fire with flames emitting from the eyes in white. From the waist down is a clothing of flame that hides the feet. The form sits on a throne of saphire, carved from a great slab held by four figures that never turn. Each figure holds the image of man clothed in white with the face of a man pointing to each direction of a compass. To the other sides of their heads, the images of an eagle, bear, and lion so that they may see all that comes before them. In the center of the formation, a wheel of flame levitates behind each of the supporting figures containing yet another wheel that turns in yet another. The wheels hold their souls and power the locomotion of the throne.

If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

I thought we already knew what god looked like image

Hmm... recently was directed to a string of pictures of a girl called Kashiwazaki Sena by my fiancée. Apparently that's how she sees me or something, so I'm gonna go with that. (:

Seems I've been beaten to it, but my answer, of course, is Morgan Freeman.

Myself riding a motorcycle with a hoodie/jacket combo,aviator sunglasses and smoking a cigarette I will have a guitar on my back and a broken bottle of Jack Daniels that I will use to smite sinners.

Something extremely abstract, just because it would really freak people out.

If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

Damn you ninja!

But yeah, Morgan Freeman, sounding like Samuel L. Jackson.

I would be the classic deer-head man in a suit.

I'm a god now? Cool. And if it is a polytheism I could hang out with other gods. Personally I would be a shape-shifting god. Probably looking like a human in their late teens early 20' most of the time. My worshipers can deal with it.

So, in a day, I've gone from becoming Batman to becoming a literal god?

Jeez, wonder what'll happen to me tomorrow...

Well, if I'm a god, I'd snap my fingers and whip up a Batman suit. Saves all of the cost and time of development.

Gandalf the White, because he looks pretty godly.

I'd imbed an image in spoiler tags but i don't know how, and I'm sure you all know what he looks like anyway.

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