You're God. What do you look like?

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To those who piss me off.

To normal people, I'd kind of look like Reaver, with his snazzy white suit with coatails, and some kind of awesome walking stick like the Wabbajack. I'd keep my long hair though.

Whatever at the time to be honest.
Something symbolic everytime. Although appearing as Morgan freeman would be appealing... Maybe greek it up a bit, appear as a minotaur, or a swan, just without the manditory rape. Damn the greek gods were freaky....

Going with a humorous note, I'd say Stephen Fry.

But seriously speaking, I'd like to be a person whose appearance is constantly shifting. Eyes changing color, nose differing in size, always growing slightly taller or shorter, voice constantly changing. At least that's be the kind of God I'd like to meet.

If I'm feeling serious: the burning bush that Moses saw.

If I'm feeling funny:
-Morgan Freeman in Samuel L. Jackson's body with James Earl Jones's voice
-A spider-woman

Samantha Burt:
Hmm... recently was directed to a string of pictures of a girl called Kashiwazaki Sena by my fiancée. Apparently that's how she sees me or something, so I'm gonna go with that. (:

She desires your Meat (it's a joke in the show in case you haven't seen it).

sextus the crazy:
so that others may have hope!

In all seriousness, that is one of the few anime depictions of a goddess to make me feel a sense of "godliness"

I'd probably look like a guy.

...yep. That's the most likely incarnation. And I'd surround myself with naked hot babes, pile them up and sit on a throne between them looking all bored and shit. So I can be that guy.

You ask that as though I don't already look like a god. <FLEX!>

I'd look like me. Just better looking and in a snazzy white suit.

Then when I get pissed off I look like me. Just pissed off and in a snazzy white suit.

Gandalf the White, because he looks pretty godly.

I'd imbed an image in spoiler tags but i don't know how, and I'm sure you all know what he looks like anyway.

I didn't know how to do that until I found this

Well, there's two options. I could go with the stereotypical "Greek goddess" look to do an homage to my obsession with Greek mythology...

...Or I could just go with my normal, everyday self. Because I'm pretty darn awesome. And having a chill looking god would probably be both rather amusing and rather fun.

I'd look like Galactus...

Just so all my fellow comic junkies could collectively say "Not such geeks now, are we?"


the god deer..thing from "princess mononoke" image

Whatever individual people envision me as. Like a chameleon.

Like the Great God Om!,r:6,s:0,i:100

Make sure not to forget to create laws such as "Thou Shalt Bloody Well Pick Up Any Distressed Tortoises and Carry Them Anywhere They Want Unless, And This is Important, You're an Eagle" beforehand.

OT: I'd just be a human. And live as a human. And forget I was anything but human. Being a god would be way too lonely, and morally difficult.

Gandalf the White, because he looks pretty godly.

I'd imbed an image in spoiler tags but i don't know how, and I'm sure you all know what he looks like anyway.

You called?

OT: Probably Optimus Prime, because Optimus Prime is damn cool.

A black Chinese man with blonde hair, blue eyes and an Irish accent.

If I remember correctly, this is what I said I thought God looked like during a GCSE RE class.

I'd be a really gross looking schlong. Because (if that last sentence didn't already clue you in to this) I'm immature and religious monuments and art dedicated to me would be hilarious to me.

I would only manifest myself through spectacle of torment and pain, turning the concious flesh into a horrific instrument of communication.

Just me, but with more beard and muscle :P
Maybe a few extra feet in height would be nice.

Honestly, I'd probably look like Dr. Manhattan, with powers to match. And just to fuck with people I'd say I'm nothing like God.

just to screw with everyone, I'd either be my avatar, or one big foot. Because then every religious person has a thing for feet then. hehehe

I would be a shape-shifter; but my default/most recognizable forms would be myself or a draconic form of some kind. That way, I could appear as my followers wished while still maintaining an icon that is recognizable by the masses.

Obviously there is only one correct answer for this.


The answer to end all other answers.
You cannot hope to top that appearance. Not even Gandalf can top that appearance.


If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

Damn you ninja!

But yeah, Morgan Freeman, sounding like Samuel L. Jackson.

Why would you look like Morgan Freeman without the voice? Sounds redundant. Personally I'd go with Whoopi Goldberg sounding like Morgan Freeman...

Anyone here seen Haruhi Suzimiah?


Just because (now picture this):

You walk through those pearly gates. The trumpets are sounding, you're in an ugly white dress and the light is so vividly bright it's almost blinding. You see a huge oak door and two angels dressed in black robes either side. They push the door too and you see me, The Godfather. That would fuck your mind up good. :D

A floating, miniature Sun, whose rays give everyone in the area cancer in mere moments.

That or Gwyndolin from Dark Souls. Yes, Gwyndolin. That works better.

I'd have to go with Wing Gundam or Deathscythe as my Godly form, but I'd take a more reserved form for my day-to-day business.

Not the most original, but probably a war deity with an epic beard that hangs to my waist (sometimes braided), long dark hair of equal length and the most glorious, yet hideous, scar across one half of my face. I'd appear wearing a great shirt of bronze mail and a sturdy round shield boasting my holy symbol (no idea what that would be). The object I'd be commonly associated with would be, unsurprisingly, an iron longsword.

Something like that.

One word: Batman.

I would have no constant appearance and instead appear to each individual as someone/something comforting or joyous.

Though they could clearly see me, they would later not be able to describe my appear to others, therefore, avoiding any future conflicts on my image or form.

I look like a normal person, living my simpe life, never doing anything out of ordinary.
Except that when someone makes X vs Y thread I set their skin on fire.

Like the Great God Om!,r:6,s:0,i:100

When facing link of this size, for your own safety, please use url like this or use direct image link, not google search of that image.

We are all thankful for your future shortage of links.

Well of course it only makes sense that i would look like Morg...


If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

I thought we already knew what god looked like image

Son of a Bitch!

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