You're God. What do you look like?

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You know one of those ancient Egyptian furry gods? Aye, something like that. Some sort of anthropomorphic unicorn decked out in bling, and a big throne I can slouch around in.

It'd troll a lot of the planet's internet dwelling populace, and even better, if they whine about it, I can pour lava in through their chimney!

Oh, and I'd demand a monthly sacrifice quota of... Whatever comes to mind, really. Being a deity certainly have some perks, eh?

Probably as myself. It's highly likely though that I would lose my followers real quick, seeing as no one wants a rail thin, frizzy haired, slouchy lady in a gray hoodie as a god.

So in that case, maybe I'd appear to them as Mewtwo.

But that would undermine Arceus' position as the god of the Pokemon world.

Hmm... need to think on that one a bit more then.

I'd appear as a centaur and make terrible puns about being hung like a horse. I'm freaking God, whose gonna object?

Well... either I'd be myself (I look a lot like Jesus)

or I'd look like

I have three forms in mind.

#1: A flaming golden paragon of human perfection bursting forth from the maw of a giant serpent.

#2: Some demonic H.R. Giger-esque monstrosity.

#3: 60's Spider-man.

I'd probably go with #3.

Who has no one mentioned the South Park version of God?

That's what I would look like.

I'd look exactly identical to Richard Dawkins. For the irony.

I would appear to look like the sound of mangoes, with a voice that feels like lego bricks mixed with a thought and an aura of shadowy light. All near me would taste purple and hear the scent of 'hot'.

Hey, if I'm God I'm gonna fuck with all your senses.

Do you mean "The" God, or a deity? Cause if I am "The" God, then technically I appear different to anyone who views me. The diety answer?


I'm a God, am I? There's only one appearence for me!

Alternatively, my old avatar, which I cannot find anymore. But it had pink hair and cat ears, so... yeah.

Oh, I'd switch my forms around just to mess with people. I think it would be especially amusing if I were to shift between...less than noble forms during a given encounter. ESPECIALLY if I regarded the person in question poorly. For instance:

Jerk: Asita please hear my prayers!
Asita Yes, what is it little one?
Jerk: I'm in trouble, Asita! I just don't know what to do!
Asita: Now now, calm down and tell me what happened.
Jerk: I don't just went downhill so quickly. What did I do to deserve this?
Asita: Surely you must know, yourself. I am certain that deep down you must realize exactly what the cause of this is.
Jerk: What if I really don't know?
Asita: Then I'm afraid that you'll have a hard time ahead of you.
Jerk: You aren't going to help me?
Asita: I'm not going to solve this for you, no.

Though for a more commonly used form...I dunno. Sid Caesar maybe?

A lean built young white guy with straight blond hair and green eyes wearing a fully white double breasted suit with a pink top hat(with a white band) along with 6 angelic wings.

If your answer isn't Morgan Freeman, you are wrong.

I just came in to say that. Morgan Freeman all the way.

This sexy beast.

I'm god, what more do you want?!


I'd look like myself, beard and all. I'm just used to my body, even if I was a god.

A single 5cmx5cmx5cm cube of tofu.
Because why not.


What did you expect me to look like?


Well, I guess I'd look like one of the Doctors; either the 10th or 11th.

That, or...


I'll go something unconventional yet very agreeable for all.

Screw pope, he can go for god.

Probably like this. If Man is made in God's image, this man was down to earth and helped his fellow man.


Nothing, I would be formless taking any form that suits my purpose or taste

Warhammer 40K: The Emperor! (Pre Heresy of course)

Some sort of half man, half velociraptor hybrid.

Fear my infinite wrath, and my screwdriver!

I'd appear as a Beholder from D'n'D. Fear my many eyes and infinite power!

Edit: Or alternatively, Shenron.

Hmm, if I was omnipotent, I would appear as a 4 dimensional entity.

Just so that whenever I manifested, I'd give people aneurysms trying to understand what they are seeing.

Edit: Though if I had to actually interact with someone, I'd steal the idea from the poster above me and appear as Shenron, because who doesn't want to be a several-dozen-mile long dragon?

Like myself. Nobody ever sees God, coming out and publicly showing up on the news would screw up religion forever. Even people who interact with God never see him directly, (and if they do they get their face melted). Why bother being some elaborate thing when nobody will ever see you?

Definatelly something cliche. Like an Emo God.

Brian Blessed, Amazing yet underwhelming, perfect!

I'd look like myself. But slightly taller.

Exactly like I do now.

Well, maybe with a six pack too.

Oh, and Goa'uld voice and eyes.

If I were some sort of omniscient creator of all things, I'd appear as something completely different to each person looking at me, and I'd be able to change what they see me as at will. My default for each person would be something unsettling but not frightening to said person, tailored quite painstakingly to their subconscious sensibilities.

The downside: I'd probably see an extremely tall, slightly overweight middle-aged woman who has undergone popular facial cosmetic surgery if I applied the rule to myself and looked into a mirror. To plagiarize a comedian... instead of looking like a 50 year old woman, I'd look like a 27 year old lizard.


Kneel before thy god!!!

Chuck Norris. Wait...He's already a God

basicly, I'd look like what you get if you replaced everything below the beard with more beard.

I would look like L from Death note. Only I would be 6'5 and not 2D.

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