Would You Want To Know?
82.4% (14)
82.4% (14)
11.8% (2)
11.8% (2)
Only if I felt that I was already at risk to develop a certain disorder/disease
5.9% (1)
5.9% (1)
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Poll: Would You Want To Know Your Genome?

Currently, there are a number of companies (Such as "23 In Me") that can analyze your entire sequence of genes for relatively low prices (ex. $99). From this, they can determine your approximate chances of developing certain disorders or diseases. Many have compared it to knowing your future, and my question is simple. Would you like to know this information?

Personally, I would like to know this information only if I feared that I was at risk to develop something. For example, cancer is, unfortunately, fairly common in my family, so I might want to know my genome for this reason alone. Of course, cancer is not only controlled by genes, but certain sequences might point to an increased likelihood to develop certain types of it.

Sure - it would probably be another push to trying to be healthier. I could also start working towards avoiding things in the future, like eating certain foods or taking vitamins or doing certain exercises and such.

I'm pretty ripe for many, many issues though as my mother is not a healthy woman, so I will not be surprised if I end up with something pretty bad.

There are already so many things I'm expecting to get as I get older that I don't think it would matter if I knew or not.

Arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease, gout, osteoporosis, susceptibility to strokes, calcifications in dangerous locations, high blood pressure, and now I'm not looking forward to aging, again.

I think I need to go look at pictures of kittens now, or something.

I guess the major problem with that kind of knowledge is that you run the risk of getting people who will probably stop caring about their well-being, and perhaps more uncomfortable, those who don't care about others well being.

Speaking for myself, however, I already have a roundabout knowledge of my disorders and diseases I'm capable of: I will have gout (like my father, and probably my Grandfather), I have depression (Like my Father and my siblings), I will have to deal with Obesity issues over my life (From my mother's side), Premature Balding (Mother's side).

I don't know how much more would benefit me researching that sort of thing, so I guess I would say "no".

I already know that I have the most common allele for one common repeating unit, so I know a very little bit of my genome. As soon as the technology becomes cheaper, widespread, and actually sequences the entire genome (including non-coding regions) I'll get it done. It'd be mostly for curiosity, but would also be useful for the unknowns that aren't covered by my family history.

Given that both cancer and diabetes run in my family, yep, I'd like to know.

Some might say, 'ignorance is bliss', but I dunno. I don't like being ignorant...

To be fair, ignorant would be not having a family medical history. Like if you were adopted.

Which my mom is, and we've always been curious as to what her ethnicity is, because she doesn't look vaguely European at all despite being half Irish. So I think my entire family would like to know.

I'd love to know

I'm just curious, so it'd be interesting to see the results

I'd love to know everything about myself, including my weird genetic quirks.

No thank you, genome analysis only tells you if you might develop certain conditions. You would most likely turn into a compleet paranoid hypochondriac if it said you were high risk for something like cancer and then even if you did everything right to reduce your risk you could still wind up getting sick and then what would be the point?

No. What if you learned you were going to develop something awful? It might ruin you with worry, waiting for it to happen. What if they were wrong?

Nobody has a perfect set of genes - we ALL have something deleterious, and we all have things that we might or might not develop. I don't see how having them in a list will help.


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