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Title says it all, what's your favourite webcomic? Personally, I'm partial to Questionable Content, Megatokyo and Girls with Slingshots.

I think this should be in Off-Topic.

Anyway, while there are other webcomics that I like, I don't actively follow any except for The Escapist's own Critical Miss, so I guess I'll go with that.

I guess my other choice would go to Bear Nuts, which is just too adorable. And at 352 pages now. Wow.

Besides Critical Miss here, I try to read Awkward Zombie and Rare Candy Treatment at least semi-regularly.

One of my favourite strips is this.


Looks like Off-Topic is down.

I'll throw in my old favorite Homestuck.

It's good stuff, getting close to 6,000 pages now, and finally winding down to the ending.

I've listed some of my favourites fairly recently, so apart from Unsoundedcomic.com (So beautiful! So well written! Works better in chunks than weekly though) and Life Ain't No Pony Farm (serious, check out how cute the art is http://sarahburrini.com/en/ also in German if you're interested).

I'd like to mention some of the completed webcomics which are just incredible stories all the way through.

Phoenix Requiem - Victorian Fantasy Romance/Horror-Adventure satisfying and intriguing beginning to end

Freak Angels - A very down to earth, dirty character-focused story set in a flooded broken future London with civilisation in tatters, following a bunch of angry teenagers who all got given powers they weren't mature enough to handle

Juathuur - Art style gets better quickly, fantasy story with very complex motivations, I ended up feeling sympathy for everyone. Has a sequel in progress

Darken-Fantasy comedy, with a cast of characters all with good independent motivations. Basically follows the bad guys on their quest to conquer the world

Errant Story - Comedy/Fantasy Drama

Dreamless - Also by the authour of Phoenix Requiem, it's not quite as good, but it was about one page of from being fantastic. When the protagonist goes to sleep she enters the life of someone else and ends up attached to her sleep person although they've never physically interacted

I feel like I#m missing some good ones, and in particular if anyone else has got other completed stories to recommend me, I'm in the mood for them

EDIT: Actually what am I doing pimping out old webcomics when it's the new ones who need to find a fanbase?
This image is actually a mild spoiler, but I don't think it hurts the story much if you don't read the pages around it.


Supernormal Step -Superhero comedy/fantasy drama, has got a very clean energy

Gaia - Fantasy, but with a lovely cutesy artstyle



Nerf NOW!! because fanservice it's light, funny and I love the art, and Servants of the Imperium, which I discovered through the the forums here the last time this topic came up... so thanks to whomever it was that pointed me to that one.

I used to really enjoy Looking for Group but the pacing has got really bad. It updates twice a week but for a while now it feels like one page of story development for every ten pages of arsing around.


Rarely have I laughed as much as I have reading through PBF when bored in class. It's gotten me in plenty o' trouble as well.

And though I haven't been following it lately http://axecop.com/ is bloody hilarious.

I'd have to say 8-Bit Theatre.

Alright, not the prettiest webcomic, and it takes a little bit to get into stride. But then the character's traits go up to eleven, and then not a single strip went by that I didn't find at the very least amusing. I was rather sad when it finished, but I suppose it's for the best.

What? No one mentioned Cyanide and Happiness?

Here's a recent strip:

Looks like Off-Topic is down.

I'll throw in my old favorite Homestuck.

It's good stuff, getting close to 6,000 pages now, and finally winding down to the ending.

That is one crazy fandom though

but I find the gods almighty to be very fuuny, its similar to critical miss int that a girl hallucinates Norse gods. And no they are not the ones from Avengers

My all time fav is 8-bit theater, but I'm also partial to SMBC, Cyanide and Happiness, questionable content, xkcd, and oglaf.

8-bit Theater for sure, it starts a little slow but when it finds its groove it is amazing. Warbot in Accounting and Penny Arcade are pretty funny as well.


That is one crazy fandom though

but I find the gods almighty to be very fuuny, its similar to critical miss int that a girl hallucinates Norse gods. And no they are not the ones from Avengers

Yeah, I can't really deny there are some annoying parts of the fandom. But it's not unusual for a fandom, and it's not too difficult to avoid the more irritating fans. The worst of them haven't read the full comic because they don't have the patience for it, they just jump into the fandom and cosplay en masse at unrelated cons because 'everyone else is doing it'.

In the end, though, it's worth putting up with for the story. I've read lots of other webcomics, but none of them have really matched the stuff I've seen from Andrew Hussie, whose stuff I've been reading for over 4 years. He just keeps getting better, and it's been interesting to watch him grow as an artist.

I can understand that his stuff isn't for everyone though.

How can there even be a question that it's Bug, a 5-per-week cavalcade of crazy comics

And also, Happletea. Mainly because it's a comic focused on world mythology with good accompanying text twice a week and I'm a sucker for that sort of thing.

What? No one mentioned Cyanide and Happiness?

Here's a recent strip:

DAMN NINJAS! But C&H is fantastic, it's the only webcomic I follow frequently

Goblins is probably one of my favorites, alongside Awkward Zombie, Looking For Group and Supernormalstep. I visit a couple dozen webcomics, but these are the ones that I visit every update instead of just waiting for the updates to build up.

Penny Arcade, Slinkers, Noblesse, & that LotR comic Shamus made a few years ago.

I'm really dying for another one that will make me laugh, but humor is a very subjective thing. I'm pretty big on macabre humor, gay jokes (between men), nostalgia, geek chique, mean spirited pop culture spoofs, mean bitchy girls, pairing up an insane, stoic, or exceedingly angry person with a blithering idiot or very hyper person, D&D, general insanity & mindf**kery, crapsack world, cast of jerks, creepy children, cartoon violence, gender confusion, inappropriate humor, accident magnet protagonist, cast trolling, & running gags.

I probably won't recheck this forum, so please send me a message if you know something I should try. ^__^

I'm a fan of http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com and http://www.completelyseriouscomics.com (Most recent CSC isn't great though..)
The sheer strangeness and hilarity of some of them really help get the day to a good start!

Schlock Mercenary takes the cake for me. It's great even in the parts I found like they dragged on too long. It's humor is witty and very quotable, and the author is a very experienced user of Chekov's arsenal, for one.

Did I mention it never missed a single day since June 2000 when it started? You're in for a serious reading if you want to start from the beginning (it looks rather crap at that point, but he gets better, or in his own words, "marginally less bad")

Oh, and XKCD. Can't have a webcomic thread without XKCD.

if you're inro DnD, then Goblins is definately recommendable:

if you're into DnD and starwars then: http://www.darthsanddroids.net/

EDIT: crap how did I forget this one: http://fancyadventures.com/
comic about a dude fighting hackers... that can hack reality.

Let me tell you about Homestuck.........

Also, I really loved 8bit Theatre. Still reading Oglaf (quite often nsfw. fantasy sex jokes) and get a roomie.

^Roomie is near and dear to my heart.

I also religiously following Scout Crossing (really good art and storytelling), Sister Claire, Menage a 3, Something Positive, and Sequential Art.

Nedroid and Buttersafe are the only ones I regularly follow, although Lego Robot (or Plastic Brick Automaton as its now know) has got to be one of the funniest yet most terrifying comics I've read.

8-bit Theater.
Because it's great.

Oglaf hasn't been the same since the first arc ended. CTRL+ALT+DEL has been pure garbage since

So my two favorites right now are Whomp! http://www.whompcomic.com/2012/12/05/drug-interactions/
And Sequntial Art http://www.collectedcurios.com/sequentialart.php?s=540

I still consider myself a fan of Order of the Stick, but the Giant has been really bad with regular updates for the past two years or so (sometimes sinkin, and then it ground to a screeching halt when he got injured. So I'll probably wait a year and then go on an archive binge.

Perry Bible Fellowship is a guaranteed laugh, and it restarted after a long hiatus some time ago, so that's up.

Other than that, I can definitely recommend Darths & Droids. It was inspired by Shamus Young's DM of the Rings and is just as good.

Penny Arcade (updates rigurously, makes me chuckle), Girls With Slingshots (updates every day, whoo), Dr. McNinja (makes me LOL), Johnny Wander (slice of life without the QC melodrama), Perry Bible Fellowship (updates every Blue Moon) and Oglaf (NSFW).

Oglaf hasn't been the same since the first arc ended. CTRL+ALT+DEL has been pure garbage since

I didn't realize there was a time CTRL+ALT+DEL was not pure garbage.

Order of the Stick- a fantasy webcomic... with stick figures. It starts off as a parody of role-playing games... and moves on to something more.

Darths and Droids- basically the Star Wars movies were a tabletop RPG. It manages to explain some of the weirder aspects of the prequels (even Jar-Jar) by having them be the creations of a little girl's imagination.

8-Bit Theater- An 8-bit comic poking fun at the first Final Fantasy game. It has some pretty dark humor, but it's still fun nonetheless.

Bob and George- another 8-bit comic, this one based around the Megaman games. Funnily enough, the 8-bit portion of the comic was meant to be a placeholder for a hand-drawn comic... but it soon became the regular comic with the title characters interacting with the other characters.

Jack- an anthro comic based around the afterlife in a world of anthro animals. Very dark, but that makes the poignant moments shine all the more. Remember, just because it has funny animals in it doesn't mean it's for children. DEAR GOD IS IT NOT FOR CHILDREN! It might be a bit polarizing, but worth a look for anyone who is brave enough to give it a shot.

Scandinavia and the World- basically, it's about anthropomorphized nations.. yes, just like Axis Powers Hetalia, though it focuses on the Nordic countries. And as a fan of the Hetalia anime/manga, I really enjoy this one.

Breakfast of the Gods- a dark and edgy tale about a world of breakfast cereal mascots. trying to stop the schemes of the evil Count Chocula. No, really.

Digger- a terrific fantasy epic about a wombat (our titular character) ending up in a place far from home, and in order to get back, she must first kill a dead god. It's beautifully drawn, well-written, and engaging.

Tales of the Questor- A story about a about a young Racoonan (anthro raccoon) named Quentyn, a daydreamer who wants to become a Questor- a hero-for-hire, if you will. There is a bit of religious undertones, but think of it more as a Narnia-esque allegory.

The Adventures of Doctor McNinja- A fun comic about a doctor, who's also a ninja, and all the weird adventures he gets himself in. That's pretty much it.

The 10 Doctors- basically, a Doctor Who fancomic wherein all the Doctors (at the time, at least), are brought together under unsual circumstances, and have to figure out what's going on while facing down their various foes. A great comic for fans of the show.

White Ninja and Nedroid.

So much trolling.
So much awesome.

It's kind of a shame that Girl Genius doesn't get more attention in threads like these, since in my opinion it has the best artwork of any regularly updating webcomic that I've seen. Seriously, it updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, like clockwork. Even when the colourist has a heart attack.

Adventure, romance, mad science! Just follow this elegant and finely crafted link.

What is wrong with all of you!
Has no one actually said "Manly Guys Doing Manly Things" yet!??!?!

Shame on you all!
Here it is! http://thepunchlineismachismo.com

I think this should be in Off-Topic.

It... is. And has been the entire time...

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