Favourite Webcomic!

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LICD, LFG, and Graham got me into Olgaf when he mentioned it in a vidcast last year

Just remembered another great one. Dead Philosophers in Heaven has its moments of witty philosophy jokes. Though they've been rather inactive lately.
But some of them are just exellent...

What is wrong with all of you!
Has no one actually said "Manly Guys Doing Manly Things" yet!??!?!

Shame on you all!
Here it is! http://thepunchlineismachismo.com

man! you take manly men from me, and someone nicked mcninja!

All i have left is Darths and droids!

Anyway, links to all 3, but just read the first like 3 strips for each (seriously the first 3, they all have overarching stories, though the first much less so than the latter 2) and then go on with your day because you may waste a large part of your time there.




But for a more serious Webcomic, Jack.
Yeah yeah all the characters are furries, but HOLY SHIT did that comic make me feel. Good feels, bad feels, genuine humor on occasion. Its like a TV drama, but good, and in webcomic form.

This one you really want to start from the start, and read the first 3 arcs, at least. Be warned, if you are not stoic, there will be some bad feels.

Off the top of my head, in vague quality order:

I only follow VG Cats and Critical Miss

I think they're both absolutely hilarious ^_^ I find it really hard to get attached to webcomics, most strips people show me just don't click with me at all

Looks like Off-Topic is down.

I'll throw in my old favorite Homestuck.

It's good stuff, getting close to 6,000 pages now, and finally winding down to the ending.

Thats not a webcomic! thats EVIL!

Sinfest is my personal favorite.

that LotR comic Shamus made a few years ago.

Are you by chance referring to DM of the Rings? If so, I would doubly recommend it.

As for personal favorite, hands down The Order of the Stick. A mix of excellent characterization, witty humor, and fitting filler makes for an enjoyable experiance. The beginning only really works if you're a D&D fan (though not being one myself, I can't say for sure) but transitions really well when the drama starts to come. FYI, it clocks in at over 700 strips, each one usually a page long. Hope you've got some spare time :D

God this thread makes me feel like a hipster
I'll have to say: http://www.thewotch.com/
I hope I'm not the only one...

Jesus christ you guys! Stop posting all these webcomics! Gawd, it like I don't have enough of these already, and here you guys come and post more of them! And not just more of them, but more of them that I like! That I now have to follow! So now my fucking list if like 20+ webcomics long! GAAAAWWWWD!

OT: Dark Legacy Comics
Phuzzy Comics
The Meek
Scandinavia and the World

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