American Horror Story, envision where you would shoot the next season

I recently finished season 1 of american horror story and started season 2 and I'm hooked on the show. One thing that really intrigues me are the locations, everybody has probably heard about "real life hauntings" and envisioned walking into the place and exploring, experiencing the dreaded history behind walls and locked doors. Well American horror story feels like that in my opinion more so than your average horror movie, it feels like this anthology is able to get across some real exploring where as a movie is just intent on trying to get the most scares in before the show ends.

So first off if you haven't seen it and like the idea go see it now, it's on amazaon instant video prime and netflix I believe.

Now this thread isn't just to spluge over a good show it's to get the escapist's opinions on a dark and terrifying new setting, basically think about those places you always wanted to "visit" because of the horror factor involved. I know there have been clues dropped about the next season and where it might be but that's irrelevant, give me your ultimate horror destination.

My opinion, the old south. Louisana, Georgia, or South Carolina some time during reconstruction after the civil war. The North has won and the South is in a royally fucked up situation. The ghosts of dead soldiers, the racial issues in a south with little to no law, Union soldiers or old confederate bandits terrorizing the populace, plantations with the scars of slavery still apparent, and a rich white class forced to their knees because they bet on the wrong pony in the war.

Apparently I heard rumours that next season might revolve around witchcraft, if you rewatch episode 10, The Name Game, there's a clue about what the next season will be, they did it with season 1. If they were to do witchcraft, a good place I think would be Salem during the witch trials and I can definietly see Jessica Lange being the head of the coven. I got the clue after Mary Eunice played the song, "I Put a Spell on You" on the Jukebox for Sister Jude, of course it's hard to tell, they're very obscure about it


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