Favorite Album Covers

So there isn't really much to say here, we all have album covers which hold special places in our heart, just because our vision spheres have a particular fondness for whatever's on the front, back, or inside. But I'm just interested to see which covers the people of The Escapist call their favorite(s)

So! For me, it's the cover for Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I just absolutely love the usage of colours and I think the entire concept in general is just absolutely great

so that's me! now your turn :D!

I'll start with the obvious.

And then I shall use the insanely awesome.

I love all the Bat out of Hell covers, but Back into Hell is my favorite.

I dunno, all of that orange and blue... /satire

OT: For pure strangeness, it would have to be:

For an orange and blue pick of my own:

For reasons I can't really explain:

For playing off the simplicity evoking Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon:

And for a sense of soul-crushing dread:

EDIT: Oh, I always loved the way this one worked too:

Wow, plate of shrimp moment!
I was just researching the artist for mastodon's amazing album artwork.
so yeah, pretty much anything by mastodon.

Also, KMFDM's artwork is pretty cool.

Here's a few which I think are awesome.

Also I might as well chuck in a few EP covers as well, because they are also good.

I'm dating myself here, but this has always been one of my favorites:

Bonus cool thing: the runes around the outside of the picture spell out the opening lyrics of the "Broadsword" track.


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