Stupidist things youve heard people say

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Anything that has ever come out of the mouth of a Men's Rights Activist.

Such a thing exists in the first place? Oh for...

Not so much existing. More like "Thinly veiled excuse for paranoid, antisocial dickheads to spout whatever sexist garbage they can and try to claim the moral highground at the same time"

Sounds about right.

Anything a feminist or other liberal has ever said, well not everything, like please pass the salt, but everything besides that.

Anything that has ever come out of the mouth of a Men's Rights Activist.

Somehow I disapprove both of these comments.

On topic: See quotes above.

Ok, just to chime in on the whole "Men's Right Activist" and "Feminist" topic:
Yes, there are places in society (and I talk specifically of the small subset of society that I live in, namely Germany) where one gender is discriminated against. However, I just can't stand people taking it too far. I would be ok with a "Men's Rights Group", if they weren't just radically stupid. There are things where men are discriminated against. Not as much as women, but there are places. Example: being a kindergarten teacher. Try that as a male. You will get more than one disapproving look and even a few people asking if you are a paedophile.
Discrimination is happening on both sides, and just because women have been discriminated against far more extreme in the past does not give anyone the excuse to turn it around.

Back to topic: I was listening to metal in school on my MP3-Player. A classmate took one of the earplugs (and didn't even ask), and after about 3 seconds she yelled "you are a Satanist, aren't you?!" Ok, sure, the text wasn't exactly uplifting praise of Jesus Christ, but come on girl.

Edit: Just remembered one that I personally didn't here. My then-girlfriend was on a student exchange in America (where else...) and was asked "do you guys have electricity in Germany?".

No, we bend and weld the metal of Volkswagen and other famous german car companies with OUR BARE HANDS.

'We're still at war with Germany, right?'

'Jesus was born here in England, weren't he?'

When I was 13 and living in America, I mentioned to one of my classmates that I was born in Germany. Her first question was "do you love Hitler?!"

Another golden moment was when I told my classmates that I'm Canadian. Several people asked me to say their names in Canadian.

Two from the same guy in school: He put a piece of paper on an overhead projector and asked "WHY IS IT NOT PROJECTING?"

And on the topic of global warming, he said "The oceans are rising because the earth is crying!". He even drew a little picture of it.

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