Marvel civil war: what is the general consensus?

So I only recently got into comics (due to a person who works on this very site whom I should think goes without introduction) and having grown up on Marvel cartoons I started to pick up Marvel comics. So, having been one of the only things I had heard of in terms of comics I gave Marvel Civil War a look, and I loved it. I thought it was a fantastic story and I have read through it several times.
I also started to watch some Linkara, because I found him funny and somewhat insightful, but then he went around to dis Civil War in an off-hand mentioning and I wondered if that was just him being his usual angry self or the general feeling of all comics readers. The reason I ask is because I vehemently disagree with the things he disliked about the story, but I want to know what was generally thought of it. So since I know of no rotten tomatoes for comics: What is the general consensus on marvel's Civil War in terms of quality?

I've heard most people who read it hate it.

My personal thoughts on it, the whole heroes fighting heroes for no good reason thing is pretty weak for a crossover event. I couldn't build up any sympathy for the pro-registration side just because of how much of a massive dick they all are about it. And at the end, the good guys just give up, and the douch bags win the day. Weak.

I enjoyed it however this is coming from a guy who isn't into comicbook as an whole (I had little knowledge of the previous story arc and characters background).
Regardless I did felt the whole "Civil war" was unnecessary for it to happen, what ever to simply talked it out instead of fighting each other?


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