Poll: Men! How do you shave your face?

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I personally have used a safety razor since I was 14, but I recently switched to a straight edge razor. Aside from a nasty cut I gave myself, it's quite possibly the best shave I've ever had.

I really don't see why shaving technology has advanced to this:

When this:

and this:

are pretty much the pinnacles of shaving technology. What purpose does five blades serve, other than to get stubble stuck between them?!

Anyway men, how do you shave?

Captcha error! Apparently I couldn't describe Oreos as 'delicious'... That's insane!

Shave? Face? Excuse me a moment while I laugh at you.

I stick with a safety razor, mainly because I am very groggy in the morning and night which is when I shave. I'd quite like to try a cut-throat razor but am not sure how well it would work for me...

I usually shave using an electric razor, although most of the time i can't be bothered because my facial hair doesn't really get out of control. It just grows and then stops.

With my lightsaber!

Would you believe I never actually looked up an actual razor, since I'm pretty sure I'd like it far more than the fucking BULLSHIT safety razors that dull after 2 uses.

Kinda thinking of growing a beard and trimming it, so I might get one of those fancy electric ones.

Usually just electric so I can keep that "stubble look" that the girls like. I never clean shave my face...why? Because I'm old and my face is starting to get creases and having a stubble face covers those up really well.

If I were to shave my face, it would be with a razor and water. Never cut myself shaving before, don't expect I will anytime soon, not even when I shave down below.

I don't shave very often, but when I do I just use my electric hair clippers and usually I just shave my head and my face at the same time, but because I use the closest setting on both my head and face (0.5-1mm), I don't feel the need for a closer or smoother shave or a dedicated face razor.

I do have a razor, but I normally use electric clippers.

This thread is a lie. Real men do not shave their face!

They shave their beautiful, beautiful calves.

Safety razor. I can't use electric razors, I've too much beard for that (also they suck) and I've used a cut-throat a couple of times but I've never bought one for myself. Safety razors are fine for me. Also, much like Esotera above, I stick with safety razors on account of being groggy and/or hungover in the mornings when I shave and not cutting my face to pieces is somewhat important to me.

I put electric because I use clippers most of the time but for interviews and the like I will wet shave with a safty razor.

Norelco electric. My facial hair tends to be too soft for safety razors. It gets the job done when I can be bothered to shave. Right now I haven't shaved in quite some time and I think my bosses are getting annoyed by it.

Electric, because it bypasses all that extra shaving foam and crap that comes with a regular razor, although I haven't shaved in about 2 weeks at the mo, just cause I couldn't be bothered.

It's definitely not a close shave, and you'll always have little black stubble dots everywhere, but it's sooo much easier and quicker, and you can just pick up the electric razor whenever, whatever you're doing and give it a quick run over to catch any missed hairs.

I take a straight edge razor. I'm not touching an electric one with a ten feet pole, as I don't want my beard coming back every three days instead of two weeks.


When this:

and this:

are pretty much the pinnacles of shaving technology. What purpose does five blades serve, other than to get stubble stuck between them?!

Because you can get as smooth a shave as you can really want with five blades kind of design but in like 2 mins if you shave daily and you don't have zoidberg claws.

If it is smoother shave, not for me, not looking to get my face like a baby's arse lol

The question people sould be asking is when are those laser razers coming out from the films!

I love shaving!

I used to use a Gillette Mach 3 for like... 8 years, or whatever. Switched to an Edwin Jagger double edge safety razor last spring. Using that with a cheap badger brush and that awesome Proraso shaving cream.

My Mach 3 used to chew up my face quite a bit, switch to the DE razor and I've had a much better experience. And even just switching to making my own cream with a shaving brush really improved things. Feels good man.

I want to switch to a straight razor now. But I'm still sitting on the fence about which one to buy.

My facial hair is ridiculously course. It would make a really good leader on a fishing line, or if it would grow long enough I could probably replace the expensive copper wire in the walls with it.

Right now, however, I'm unemployed and I'm sporting my best Grizzly Adams, because I can.

Also, this thread has now reminded me of a certain cartoon about manly shower products:

Or, here's the slightly less cool English version:

I use a Gillete Mach 500 cold fusion reactor, 100 bladed razor for the smoothest shave yet! (with optional icing feature) for general shaving. But I use an electric shaver to trim it down and trim down the bits I intend to keep first.

Pinnacle of shaving technology? I don't believe you even know what you're talking about, I'd cut my throat within days with one of those "classic" things.

Would you believe I never actually looked up an actual razor, since I'm pretty sure I'd like it far more than the fucking BULLSHIT safety razors that dull after 2 uses.

I don't know what you do with those, I keep the same blade for about half to a full year...

I use the cold fusion reactor razors! Seriously tho they're quick, easy, there's basically no chance of cutting yourself when you're doing it fast. Seriously I'm that lazy. Shaving is a chore that I have to perform once or twice a week, so I'd rather it be quick and easy. Electric razors haven't really worked for me because they just don't get everything the first time. So yea, go technology! I'm proud of being lazy

Pretty much the safety razor however I wouldn't called it safe when I first used it (I was an idiot and try sliding it sideway on my finger and yes I was a kid when I try it)!

I used to have exactly that Gillette razor, but I'm awful at shaving so I was given an electric one for christmas. My face doesn't get butchered every morning any more, it's quite nice.

Due to me waking up at 5am for work, and therefore very tired and irritable, I use a safety razor. Before that however, I used a straight-edge razor and it was glorious.

I'm not allowed to have a beard, damn clean-shaven policy.

What is this "shaving" of which you speak? I know not of it.


Seriously. I haven't shaved since November, and my face is covered in a majestic beard that apparently makes me look two to four years older than I am.
When I do shave, I just use an electric razor. It hurts, but it's easier than anything else, though the cleanup is messy if you don't do it over a garbage can or something.

I use a safety razor. I'm considering trying a straight razor but I'm terrified I'd end up slitting my own throat with it. I try not to shave too often though, I don't want to have to do it every day, so I wonder if the straight razor would be worth the money I'd send on it.

I use one of those Gillette fission reactors. It's not all it's cracked up to be (or all the ludicrous Adonis on the advert promised).

I trim my beard with an electric razor when it starts to get to Grizzly Adams proportions, but I shave the "neckbeard" portion with a razor in the shower (no need for shaving cream and any cuts I get just wash down the drain), square off my jaw line and all that crap. Would that be "Other" since there isn't a "Multi"?

Erm... where's the 50 cent cheap-ass razor option?

Ya know, the things that look somewhat like this or possibly even crappier.


I use a straight edge, because it makes me feel extra manly.

P.S. I'm not manly.

I use an electric, as it's the best for keeping my beard sharp but still present.

I use an electric razor. Safety Razors scare me. At least with Electric Razors I know I won't cut myself. And there so useful with all the attachments you can put on them for all your shaving needs. Right now I am trying to grow a goatee and so far the electric razor has done a serviceable job.

I use an electric razor because I can't be bothered to deal with shaving cream and whatnot. Manual razors are a much better shave, but I just don't care enough about the difference to be willing to stick with them.

I have a safety razor atm because my electric one is on the fritz. Normally use that though.

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